205 Live Landscape 9/19/19 (Nese Vs Lorcan)

Hello, one and all! Grab a chair and settle down while I talk you through this past weeks 205 Live with a main event of former Cruiserweight champ Tony Nese against Oney Lorcan in what you can imagine will be a hard-hitting spectacle. Enough of my faff, let’s get to it!

The show begins with a highlights package of Drew Gulak retaining the Cruiserweight championship at Clash Of Champions against Lince Dorado and Humberto Carillo.

Lince Dorado vs Ariya Daivari

Is it me or does Daivari begin every 205 Live show now?

Both men in the middle of the ring jaw jacking to each other but it’s not long until the action spills to the outside. Dorado takes the upper hand and is beating Daivari all across the ring area. Ariya takes control after he’s rolled back into the ring with a nice DDT as Dorado was stumbling out of the corner. That registers a two count.

The crowd is on Daivari’s back as he takes Lince to the mat with a chin lock takeover. It’s great to see a crowd actually invested in a 205 Live match, so I’ll happily take that right now! The crowd noise helps Dorado as he escapes from the chin lock and rolls Daivari up for a two.

A great handspring kick followed by some stiff chops and a cross body turns the tide back to the LHP member. A failed high-risk attempt from the top rope ends in disaster for Dorado as he eats nothing but canvas. A nasty Uranage keeps Lince down but not out as he kicks out at two.

A few minutes later and Daivari takes Dorado to the top rope to hit a Superplex, but is knocked backward for his troubles by Lince. A beautiful Shooting Star Press from the top by Dorado gives him the win.

Winner – Lince Dorado

A nice little opening match that actually got the crowd involved. A major feat recently for the 205’ers.

In readiness for tonight’s main event, a recap is shown from two weeks ago. The night that Tony Nese beatdown Oney Lorcan. An intense Lorcan is shown backstage after the package. He merely states that after he’s finished with Nese tonight his attention is going back onto Drew Gulak.

The Brian Kendrick vs Jack Gallagher

The first five minutes of the match was really a cat and mouse style. Every time one man got the initiative, the other instantly turned the tide and forced his will instead. It was a portion of the match that I really couldn’t get into, to be honest.

It wasn’t until the match left the confines of the ring that it picked up. Outside Gallagher stood face to face with Akira Tozawa (Kendrick’s second in this match, so to speak) and it looked like Jack was about to turn his attentions to him.

Instead, Kendrick found a kendo stick and completely went to town on Gallagher! A good solid 45 seconds of a kendo stick beatdown. Tozawa intervened by getting Kendrick out of the way and then tried to see how bad the damage was on Jack. The Brian Kendrick seemed incensed and decided to beat the snot out of his “friend” Tozawa with the same kendo stick, leaving both men in a painful heap as he left the ring.

Winner – Jack Gallagher (by DQ)

Well, that came out of nowhere, didn’t it?! Not really if you think about it. Kendrick has been a bit bored of having Tozawa by his side recently and it was only a matter of time before he flipped his lid and went to town. Obviously this sets up a Tozawa vs Kendrick match down the line, which I’ll quite happily watch.

Tony Nese vs Oney Lorcan

With the bad blood between the pair, it was obvious that Lorcan would shoot out the traps at 100mph. As soon as the bell rang he tackled Nese and began to ground and pound him into the mat. Nese escaped and went outside to catch his breath, but Lorcan was onto him like a flash. More hard strikes and a scoop slam on the outside. The crowd is really rooting for Lorcan.

The match stayed outside and Nese got his wits about him enough to get back into the match. So much so that he whipped Lorcan into pretty much every ringside barrier, and even put him through the announce table to the delight of the crowd.

Tony rolled into the ring and awaited a countdown victory, but Lorcan climbed back into the ring with mere moments left on the ref’s count…..and crawled straight into a chin lock. Then quickly Nese transitioned into body scissors, about to squeeze the life outta him, much like a boa constrictor. With Oney visibly weakening, Nese began to throw strikes on his weakened opponent. A good old throat thrust and a hotshot. and Lorcan looks ripe for the picking.

A failed moonsault by Nese and again the match spills outside. This is Lorcan’s playground and he shows that here. Brawling with Nese all across the area, throwing him into every barricade insight. Eventually, Lorcan throws Nese back into the ring and hits him a huge lariat that turns Nese inside out. But as is always the way with a babyface, Oney took too much time and he accidentally gave Tony too much time to recover.

Nese takes the fight to Oney. Strong strikes and corner work is the name of the game here. But at the end of the day, it’s not Tony Nese that wins the match for Tony Nese. It was Drew Gulak.

As Lorcan was looking to hit a Half And Half Suplex, Gulak appeared from nowhere and grabbed Oney’s leg, distracting him enough for Nese to roll him up with the biggest handful of tights imaginable.

Winner – Tony Nese

I’ll be the first to admit that this wasn’t the most stellar episode of 205 Live in recent weeks. But it did its job in advancing storylines and producing entertaining matches. And as a fan, that’s all we ask for.

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