205 Live Landscape 8/8/19 (#1 Contenders Six-Way Match)

Hello, one and all! Grab a chair and settle down while I talk you through this past weeks 205 Live including this week’s main event. And what a main event this was….a six-way match for the #1 contendership for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. The six most featured stars of the show over the past four weeks taking on each other for a shot at Drew Gulak. Yup, it was good alright. But to get there I gotta start the review, so here we peeps, this weeks 205 Live Landscape…..

The show begins with a video of 205 Live General manager Drake Maverick talking about his victory over Mike Kanellis on last week’s show. He comments that he’s now concentrating on his GM duties and he hopes that it was his last match on the brand. Mike can still compete on 205 Live, and tonight’s main event is a six-way to determine the new #1 contender for the Cruiserweight Championship.

Humberto Carillo vs Lince Dorado w/Gran Metalik

Both men lock and struggle to the ropes, causing the referee to call for a break. Lince fires off some right hands to take the early lead in the match but Carillo returns fire. That makes Dorado bust out a nice head scissors take over, leading to a stalemate. Lince begins to literally kick the crap out of Humberto and covers him for a two.

Dorado now grounds the action, keeping Carillo close to the canvas, but after a few moments, Carillo makes his way to his feet. Lince once again takes him back down before the hold is broken. After being hit with a dropkick, Carillo fights back. Chops, right hands, and a reverse of an arm drag which gives Humberto a cradle attempt for two.

A basement dropkick and a sweet standing moonsault gives Humberto another two count. Lince comes back with a jawbreaker and a high cross-body block from the top turnbuckle. Again, another two count. Another top rope move from Dorado. This time a legdrop from the top, but a top rope splash misses the target and lets Carillo back into the match. Seeing an opportunity, Carillo hots a Disaster kick but can only pick up a two.

Humberto now takes to the top turnbuckle but is met by Dorado. They trade strikes at the tippety top. A superplex to the outside is teased but the crowd is showing no interest in what they’re watching….ugh! Carillo jumps back into the ring and dropkicks Dorado off the top turnbuckle to the floor! He then hits a tope con giro but he overcooks it! He hits the barrier around the ringside area!  The referee counts to ten and this ends as a double countout!

Winner – Double Countout

Strange decision to go with the double countout there. Humberto has been on a tear recently and his hype videos have been proving popular. This match may have just killed that momentum. It didn’t help that the live crowd had no interest in this match. Even the fall from the top turnbuckle to the outside didn’t excite them. Not gonna win a crowd over if something like that doesn’t get them excited.

Quick promo from Tony Nese saying how he is going to win tonight’s main event and face Gulak once more. This time with a different outcome.

Main Event
#1 Contendership Six-Way Match
Kalisto vs. Tony Nese vs. Jack Gallagher vs. Ariya Daivari vs. Oney Lorcan vs. Akira Tozawa

This is a one fall or submission to the finish match. There will be no count-outs or DQ’s.

As soon as the bell rings, Daivari jumps out of the ring to leave the others to battle it out. Tozawa responds by diving out the ring straight onto him. No reaction again from the crowd. These six really have their work cut out to get this crowd involved. Ariya is rolled back into the ring and the other five men stick the boots into him.

Nese then takes control of the match and works over Tozawa, followed by tossing Kalisto onto him. Daivari is then sent outside the ring so Nese can trades chops with Lorcan. Probably not the best idea! Lorcan follows suit and is sent to the outside, just as Nese hits a Sasuke special onto the pile of bodies ringside.

A huge brawl breaks out at ringside between the six contenders. Tozawa gets thrown into the ring post as Lorcan works over Daivari in the ring. Gallagher breaks it up but Tozawa is rolled back in and we get a four-way submission spot! Great stuff! Well, that’s until Daivari spoils it and breaks it up. Kalisto climbs the top turnbuckle and hits a high crossbody block, followed by a back handspring kick. Finished off with a spiked hurricanrana for 2. Great sequence there that wouldn’t look amiss from NJPW.

Nese fights off Oney and hits a sunset driver. Quickly followed by powerbombs Tozawa onto Lorcan. Gallagher hits his patented rebound head butt but only gets a two count. Jack then takes Nese up to the top turnbuckle with some amazing maneuver in mind. Kalisto follows Nese and the pair fight until Lorcan also joins them up top. He gets knocked to the floor and now Kalisto climbs up. Gallagher joins in and Nese hits the spider German suplex and it all breaks down! Great action but once again this crowd just aren’t having any of it. Seriously what have they gotta do here?!

A sneaky frog splash by Daivari and that gets a two count and now literally everyone bar the referee is down. They fight back to their feet, and this is where Lorcan is at his most dangerous. He takes down Ariya with some vicious strikes, but Daivari fights back with some of his own Daivari counters the half and half from Oney and the hammerlock lariat attempt that comes next! Tozawa jumps in with a senton after a Salina Del Sol from Kalisto. Finishers everywhere now as Tony Nese hits The Running Nese, but it’s Oney Lorcan with his half and half suplex finisher that brings an end to this pulsating match!

Winner – And #1 Contender, Oney Lorcan

This main event deserved much much more from that crowd. I still don’t understand how and why crowds aren’t giving the 205 Live roster a chance. That was a great match that could have been a cluster, but it wasn’t. It worked and worked well.

I finished off last week’s review with a call for more longterm storytelling. And this show delivered. You could (and should) have feuds coming out of both matches on this show. The main event itself has three ready made feuds for the taking. And Oney Lorcan taking on Drew Gulak at Summer Slam has me salivating. Ever see them tear it together in the indies? I did! It’s gonna be a great match!

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