205 Live Landscape 8/15/19 (Gulak vs Lorcan REMATCH)

Hello, one and all! Grab a chair and settle down while I talk you through this past weeks 205 Live including this week’s main event. And this main event is what the SummerSlam main event should be! Yup, it’s a rematch between Oney Lorcan and Drew Gulak for the Cruiserweight Championship. And it is everything I said it would be in the SummerSlam preview! Trust me, when we get to the main event, I’ll try and keep myself in check! So without further ado, let’s see how the landscape fairs on 205 Live!….

Akira Tozawa vs Jack Gallagher

We have The Brian Kendrick accompanying Tozawa to the ring. The two have struck up a friendship over the past few weeks. Not to mention the fact that Kendrick also has a history fo bad blood with Jack.

From the initial lock-up, Gallagher takes the action to the canvas, grounding the action. Akira responds with locking Jack into a head scissors but he easily escapes. Concentrating on the arm, Jack picks him up and then puts him back down with a succession of shoulder tackles. Tozawa somehow puts Jack into a nasty octopus hold with the added bonus of some chops to the chest. The action then spills outside.

Tozawa is sent strongly into the post outside, busting him open. The referee checks up on him as Gallagher waits on patiently. That was a mistake as Akira (seemingly incensed from seeing his own blood) fires up and retaliates with some strong style strikes. But Jack cuts him off again and takes him back to the mat while delivering some vicious knee strikes of his own. Tozawa makes his way back to his feet and hits a Hurricanrana and a beautiful Shining Wizard.

He jumps up to the top turnbuckle to hit a senton, but Jack moves out the way and hits his patented headbutt. A Gory Special attempt by Gallagher but Tozawa escapes. Again he heads to the top turnbuckle and hits a missile dropkick for a two count. He follows it up with a TKO and a basement dropkick for yet again another two. Akira then tries for a suplex but it’s countered by Jack with a simple dropkick. A Vertebreaker attempt from the top is luckily stopped when Tozawa knocks him back towards the mat. The top rope Senton finishes the match….well apart from Kendrick knocking Jack’s foot off the ropes!

Winner – Akira Tozawa

Another great match up from two of 205 Live’s stalwarts. A hint of heelishness (it’s a word trust me) from Kendrick opens up an avenue of possibilities for future storylines. Long term booking folks!

Backstage promo time now as Oney Lorcan speaks about his upcoming rematch in the main event. He comments that he should have won and had the match in the bag at SummerSlam. That was until he took a throat punch from Gulak that changed the tide. The fight between the two isn’t over until he puts Drew down….for good.

Ariya Daivari & The Singh Brothers vs Kalisto, Lince Dorado & Humberto Carillo

Gran Metalik was “taken out” earlier in the day, hence why Carillo is with the Lucha House Party for this match.

Humberto and Daivari start the match off, with Carillo taking the early advantage. He cuts off the ring and tags in Kalisto for some double team action. Another quick tag and we see Lince join the fray. He hits a springboard cross-body block on Daivari. Quick tag back to Kalisto (he refused to tag in Carillo folks. Remember that 😉 ) and more double team madness ensues. Carillo jumps in but he’s not the legal man and is ushered out of the ring.

That gives Sunil Singh fights back with multiple chops to tag back in Daivari. More strikes and a backbreaker gives us a two count. Like Gallagher from earlier, he grounds the action to the mat, slowing the pace of the match. Finally allowing his opponent up to hit a nice Double-A spinebuster attempt. He tags out to Sunil who hits some great elbow drops and covers for another two.

Sunil tags out and Samir joins the action. Kalisto and Singh battle back and forth which knocks Dorado to the floor. Carillo tags in for the hot tag and goes batshit crazy on Samir. Chops, right hands, kicks. The guy just unloads. He hits a moonsault for a two count as Daivari dives in to break the pin.

A Salina Del Sol from Kalisto takes out Daivari with some superkicks from Dorado and Humberto for good measure. Ariya has had enough and walks to the back which allows Carillo to hit a corkscrew top rope splash. As he gets up to make the pin, Lince Dorado tags in. He hits a shooting star press and gains the win for his team.

Winners – Kalisto, Lince Dorado & Humberto Carillo

So….who took out Gran Metalik earlier in the day? Could it be Carillo? After what he’s been saying the past few weeks about the Lucha House Party it’s a very strong possibility. I’m all for this folks. 205 Live is evolving from just a plain old wrestling show to a show that has storylines. Bring it on!

Another backstage promo, this time from the WWE Cruiserweight Champion Drew Gulak. A short and sweet promo saying that he’s here to slay the ghosts from his past, like Oney. The ghosts that keep haunting him. He will vanquish so he can progress to a better 205 Live.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Oney Lorcan vs Drew Gulak (c)

No time is wasted as Oney rushes Gulak and begins to beat down on him. It doesn’t take long for the champ to get out of the ring to re-compose himself. Which he does eventually and he slowly makes his way back into the ring. That seems to be pissing Lorcan off, so to hurry him up he hits a Half and Half suplex, to then throw him back outside! Super quick start!

Oney then hits a tope suicida on the champ and immediately throws him back into the ring. A top rope Super Half And Half attempt is next up but Gulak knocks Lorcan to the outside to stuff that move. The champ makes his way down to the outside and thrusts Lorcan’s throat onto the edge of the announce table! He rolls back into the ring and awaits his countout victory.

Oney rolls into the ring at nine and three quarters and is met by Drew who whips him into the corner. A few corner clotheslines later and a chin lock is slapped onto the challenger, wearing him down and slowing the pace. After the throat shot, Gulak is zeroing in on Lorcan’s neck. A modified triangle choke and a rear-naked choke are next from the champion. With the will of the crowd – SHOCK! The crowd is into the match! – Oney gets to his feet and exchanges blows with Gulak.

With Drew in the corner, Lorcan hit multiple running uppercuts. But with the last one, Gulak countered it into a powerslam. A torture rack attempt didn’t plan out well for the champion, so Gulak settled for a powerful lariat instead, which garnered a two count. You can sense that Drew is getting annoyed and frustrated now as he took Lorcan to the top rope. But Oney reversed what the champ had in mind into the Super Half And Half! But unfortunately for the challenger, Gulak was too close to the ropes and the subsequent pinfall gave the champ a chance to put his foot on the bottom rope. A chance he took with both hands.

Drew slowly rolled out the ring as Lorcan looked to the skies in despair as the crowd willed the challenger on. He changed it up and went for a ground and pound attack, but the champ covered up and got to his feet. Another Half And Half was attempted by Lorcan but Gulak countered by bouncing him into the corner and slapping on the Gu-Lock for the submission victory!

Winner – And STILLLLLLL Cruiserweight Champion, Drew Gulak!

Now THAT ladies and gents is what their SummerSlam match should have been. This match was outstanding. Physical, technical, paced really well….Just another in a long line of great 205 Live matches flying under the radar.

The story of Gulak working the neck worked so well and Lorcan using every ounce of strength and will in his body to fight on was just as great. Two great “dance partners” that I could watch time and again. It now seems that Lorcan is at the back of the queue which makes you wonder….whose up next?

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