Zuka King retains AML Future Stars Division Championship | #AndSTILL

The main event of the evening saw AML Future Stars Division Champion Zuka King defend his title against Gustavo Aguilar. Gustavo brought the crowd to its feet with his electric entrance. The Latin sensation also passed out a few flowers to some of the young ladies in the audience. In what may have been the biggest “aww” moment of the night, a young fan walked up to get a flower from Gustavo, who’d just given out his last; realizing he was out, he took off his derby and handed her the flower that had been pinned to it. That got a huge ovation from the crowd while he stood in the ring and waited for the champion to arrive. Zuka King retains AML Future Stars Division Championship.


The ring announcer introduced Zuka King, and he made his way to the ring with two championship belts. He looked to be in a pretty foul mood before addressing the ring announcer. Apparently upset that she did not announce him as a double champion. She took to the microphone and redid his introduction. The other championship belt he held was the BattleZone Wrestling United States Championship, which was not on the line. The AML Future Stars Champ then addressed the crowd and told them in no uncertain terms that he didn’t care for their applause and to “hop off the bandwagon.”

Gustavo grabbed the mic and told Zuka King that he was actually a huge fan of his and how much of an honor it was going to be to face the champ. Next, he took off his shirt to reveal a Zuka King “B.A.M. Sucka” t-shirt. The champion was shocked, but when Gustavo told him that he’d found that shirt in the trash, that set him off and delighted the crowd. A “free merch” chant followed next, and it incensed the champion.

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Photo / Halbert ‘Hab’ Richardson

Zuka King retains AML Future Stars Division Championship.

The match got underway, with Gustavo using speed and quickness to his advantage to keep the champ off balance. After gaining the upper hand, Zuka King dominated the match but couldn’t seem to keep the Latin heartthrob’s shoulders down for the three count. Finally, his frustration got the best of him, and he got himself intentionally disqualified. Gustavo was announced as the winner, but since championships can’t change hands due to a disqualification, Zuka King was able to hold on to his AML Future Stars Championship.


Tracy Myers, the promoter, hit the ring and grabbed a microphone to talk to the champion. He said that Zuka King has been just barely getting by in his championship matches of late, and he and the fans are tired of it. However, he had no intention of letting the champion get away with his shenanigans and ordered the referee to restart the match. Unfortunately, the restart almost ended in a flash as Gustavo snuck up behind the champion and rolled him up into a small package for a two count.

The most critical part of the match came about as Zuka King set Gustavo on his shoulders and began what looked like an airplane spin. The referee inadvertently got in the way and caught a boot to the temple, knocking him down. Gustavo was able to counter into a crucifix pin, but the referee was out of position and couldn’t make the count.

Zuka King Hits The Bam Sucka Punch

Gustavo climbed the top rope looking to hit Zuka King with some high-impact offense. But the two-belt champ had other plans. The wily champion caught Gustavo with a kick to the groin just as he came off the top rope. He followed it up with his devastating Bam Sucka Punch, and Gustavo crumbled to the mat in a lifeless heap. Zuka King revived the referee who administered the three count. And still….your AML Future Stars Champion, Zuka King!


Promotion & Undercard

America’s Most Liked Wrestling (AML), an independent promotion based out of Winston-Salem, NC, held their Future Stars Division Live Event with a great card of singles, tag team, and women’s division action. The undercard featured a one-on-one bout between Logan Quindell and AJ Cazana; Hunter Drake took on crowd favorite J.R. Miller. In tag team action, the New Age Villains (N.A.V.) faced off against The Stars Align. In a hard-hitting battle of super-heavyweights, Bojack squared off against TDT. The women’s division saw Kenzie Paige take on Hayden Ramsey.

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