Zeus Wins the Champion Carnival

On October 5th, All Japan Pro Wrestling’s Champion Carnival would come to a close as the finals took place. The tournament consisted of five shows due to the blocks being cut in half. We were able to see who came out on top with great matches that were full of surprises. Zeus wins the Champion Carnival tournament.

For the A Block, Jake Lee and Zeus were the only people undefeated with three wins while they defeated all their opponents, including the Triple Crown Champion, Suwama. When the two finally faced off, Zeus would come out the match’s winner, ending his block record with 4-0 going into the finals.

Photo / AJPW

As for the B Block section, it was more even compared to others as it came down to who would win halfway through with a better average. Both Kento Miyahara and Shuji Ishikawa would have two wins and one loss, each going into the final match. After the match was over, Kento Miyahara would defeat Shuji Ishikawa to win the block and be scheduled to face Zeus in the finals.

Zeus Wins the Champion Carnival

This would be Kento’s third consecutive time in the finals. In comparison, winning it last year while this being Zeus’ second time going to the finals. After an incredible match between the two, the leader of Purple Haze, Zeus, would come out as the winner of the Champion Carnival. This is Zeus’ first time winning the tournament. It was needed to help elevate him back to the top and make his unit, Purple Haze. The process would then make him look more like a threat.

Now that Zeus has won the Carnival, he has an opportunity to fight the Triple Crown Champion, Suwama. This takes place for the championship on October 17th in Zeus’ hometown, Osaka. Zeus made the champ tap during the tournament and injured his arm. So how can he defeat him again where it counts? Congratulations to Zeus on winning the Champion Carnival; hope to see him win the title again and get a proper reign.

Photo / AJPW


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