ZERO1 Under New Management

A few weeks ago, it was announced that Japanese promotion ZERO1 was on the brink of shutting down. This was due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It doesn’t help that some of their top people like Takaiwa, Sato, and Ikuto Hidaka have departed. There were rumors of them shutting down in August with their Tenkaichi Junior Tournament. However, it appears as though ZERO1 is under new management.

On the anniversary death of ZERO1 owner, Shinya Hashimoto’s death on July 11th, they held a press conference. The press conference was about the promotion’s future. It looks like they have a backer to keep them afloat to live another day. Here’s come keynotes as to what transpired.

The following was shared by Yahoo Sports Japan and Proresu Today.

ZERO1 held a press conference at the Yasukuni Shrine, as they announced that they will be under a new company, (株)ダイコーZERO1 / Daiko ZERO1 Co., Ltd.
株式会社ダイコーホールディングスグループ / Daiko Holdings Group, Inc, an IT Company, were responsible in aiding ZERO1 during the issues surrounding Corvid-19 and look to continue doing so into the future.

Hiroshi Kaminaga will be the new Representative Director and Chairman, the new President is Jin Koso, and Shinjiro Otani will be taking on a role as a Director. Kaminaga stated that he was originally connected to pro-wrestling through Atsushi Onita, but that led to financial issues, and it nearly soured him on wrestling in general. Though thanks to Shoji Nakamaki, retired pro-wrestler, he sees a strong opportunity to turn ZERO1 around. Thus he is giving them full support from this day forward.

ZERO1 Under New Management

ZERO1 BASE Project will be a new platform made available to the fans, including international fans, or in other words a fan club in a way. Members will have access to special services, including the ability to vote on matches. This is all being done to bring together fan interaction and, in turn, growing the community. More details will be released soon.

Then ZERO1 x アクロディア / Acrodea was announced. Which will see ZERO1 working in smaller areas in which they will offer free corona antibodies tests and showcase pro-wrestling at the same time.

Hartley Jackson, who recently returned to Japan after being a coach in the WWE Performance Center, will be taking over as the lead coach for ZERO1. Hartley made a point that the dojo is open for anyone and everyone from all over the world.

Then Megumi Kudo will continue to act on under the Cho Hanabi / Super Fireworks shows. Current champion Hiroyo Matsumoto and Aja Kong were also present. Aja Kong was announced to be the new president of the group as Kudo wants to focus on training new students, which she hopes to see them debut by March of 2021.”

On top of this is that they’ll also be giving away free COVID testings to their audience. This is for those that will come to their shows. ZERO1 has been around since 2001. It seems like they’ll be able to make it to their 20th-anniversary show after all.

If you wish to follow for more information, then please read the links below and follow their twitter. This is a great day for wrestling fans. Another promotion survived from shutting down during this pandemic.