WWL Weekly Review 06/08/19

WWL finds itself in an awkward phase as they have a lot on the plate but the content is still kind of limited. Their FITE TV deal is scheduled to kick off with the upcoming taping this week. For this episode, we get some midcard work and storyline housekeeping.

The show opens recapping the FITE TV announcement and you can see QT Marshall and one of the Super Smash Bros (now called The Dark Order) in the background.

Match #1: Rodrigo Garcia vs El Gentil

This was set up in Garcia’s weekly talk show where he antagonized Gentil who brought up his issues with Fast Forward. For the most part, this was Gentil’s match. Rodrigo showed he was no match for Gentil’s technical skill. Any wristlock or headlock attempted by the Cuban was easily countered by Gentil. Rodrigo tries to take a more physical approach with a surprise attack but he also ends up outmatched.

Returning from break Gentil hits a Suplex and hurts his arm but that seems to go nowhere as he hits a Michinoku Driver. Rodrigo manages to hit a Blockbuster and grabs a pair of brass knucks out of his tights but the ref sees him and takes them. There’s actually a distraction as Rodrigo grabs his Cuban flag. Fast Forward appears and takes the flag from Rodrigo and flips him off for good measure. This lets letting Gentil roll up  Rodrigo with a Victory Roll to win and keep his streak going. It was a fine match furthering the Forward vs Garcia feud which would be a theme of the night.


Match #2: Montes vs Fast Forward

You can probably see where this one is going. Montes has been on a losing streak and was instructed by Rodrigo to take this match. He uses his size to dominate at first but it becomes more of a showcase of moves as the two go back and forth. Montes hits a Northern Lights and Forward responds with a Huracanrana before the break.

Coming back, Montes hits a Power German and Saito Suplexes. Forward applies a Tarantula, as the commentators talk about Tajiri who worked in the island for a few years. After a Pop Up Powerbomb from Montes and a Crossface from Forward, we get another Tajiri tribute with Forward hitting the Handspring Elbow. Forward dives to the outside after Montes and tosses him back to the ring but Rodrigo appears and grabs Forward’s foot. That lets Montes recover who hits the ol’ Anderson Spinebuster to win and break his 7-month losing streak. Again, it furthers the Forward vs Rodrigo feud while also giving Montes a bit of a showcase and an out to go do something new.

After the match, Rodrigo asks Montes to help attack but Montes just bails, saying he just wanted the win.


Time for the Heel Corner with Axel Cruz. He’s at a park in the town of Cabo Rojo. No corner’s in sight though. He sums up BJ vs Mendoza II with Tommy Diablo as guest ref as well as the press conference.

That takes us to our main event. An interview! Willie Urbina sits down to chat with Tommy Diablo about an investor who’s paying to make Mike Mendoza champion. Diablo sums up his time in WWL coming in as a backstage producer with a vision for pure wrestling with no shady characters. This investor had the same vision and has worked together in the past, he wants to further that vision here.

The interview implies the man in question is WWC producer and longtime wrestler Ray Gonzalez, but I feel that’s just a red herring. Diablo explains the FITE TV deal is this man’s doing (really crossing out Ray who is very likely to have no clue what FITE TV even is) and Urbina tries to get to the bottom of who it is but doesn’t get an answer. It’s not the most interesting thing in the world but it does help give context to what it is. They also mention Angel Fashion who hasn’t been seen since Mike Mendoza betrayed him which might be a future match.


That was it for the one hour show. It doesn’t sound like much, but for an hour I found it fine enough. The monthly taping schedule is really showing itself on this episode.

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