WWL High Voltage for 04/20/19 | Review

Catching up on the slowly growing WWL High Voltage for 04/20/19 as they seem to be starting a new direction. Some stars are being pushed up the card, top stars are switching roles and the Tag Team scene, while not booming like before, it is gathering more bodies. A conspiracy seems to be afoot as Mike Mendoza, now a heel has been contacted for something. The Champion BJ, however, seems to not be paying much mind to it.

A music video recaps the “Fuera De Control” TV taping and thanks to the fans.

Commentator Axel Cruz welcomes us to the show from his radio studio and runs the card for today which sounds like a lot.

After recapping Mendoza being contacted on the phone and meeting with the booker (not named as such) Tommy Diablo, we see them meeting in the locker room area. They talk to Mighty Ursus who is not pleased as Mendoza just beat him. However, Diablo gives him the phone, someone talks to Ursus and he gets papers. He laughs, meaning he’s sided with them now.

Willie Urbina is in the ring for the big contract signing between BJ and Mike Mendoza for their upcoming World title match on May 17. Mendoza is introduced and Willie exclaims that Mendoza “half-answered” his question about betraying Angel Fashion. Last week Urbina claimed he didn’t answer. It was pointed out that he actually did answer the question so they’re meeting us halfway here.

Urbina asks about Diablo and the phone call but Mendoza says it’s none of his business and heels on the crowd. BJ comes out for some trash talking. Absolute charisma and confidence pour out of this man, saying it’s great Mendoza is so motivated now but it won’t do him any good. He’s the best no matter what anyone thinks otherwise he wouldn’t hold the gold and has not only beaten every challenger, he’s scared them off the company. This coincidentally happens to be mostly true as Fashion is focusing on US bookings and his previous opponents Mecha Wolf, Manny Ferno and Electro all left. They sign the contract with Mendoza slapping it in BJs face and running away. More on this later which is quite detailed.

Back from break, Sweet Nancy who is a very Monster Ripper-ish wrestler is in the ring demanding competition. Mendoza student (and the seeming bundle of joy) Yaide comes out saying Nancy may have destroyed her last time, but she’s not afraid to try again. Nancy tells her she should be afraid but accepts the rematch.

WWL High Voltage for 04/20/19
Yaide vs Sweet Nancy

Yaide plays keep away but very foolishly tries a Belly To Belly. Nancy destroys but Yaide keeps trying to fight. Nancy slams her down over and over again but keeps neglecting to pin Yaide. Eventually, though, Nancy just applies a Coquina Clutch covering Yaide’s mouth (which is illegal) to win by submission. A simple squash here as Yaide is only about 4 matches into her career to be doing much.

Nancy won’t let go and Genesis, a more experienced wrestler, comes in for the same and gives us a program for Nancy as the company slowly builds up a Women’s division.

We get a rare edited-down match. It’s Mark Davidson vs Hombre Bestia for the Americas title. We’re told it will air completely in the coming weeks with this serving as a preview. This is, in fact, a move to counter their issue of running their tapings dry. Hombre Bestia retains. We’ll touch that one when it’s complete.

Time for the Heel Corner from Axel’s radio studio. He recaps the show so far and confirms LAX vs West Side Mafia with the details to come next week. He also recaps the apparent conspiracy going on with Tommy Diablo and Mike Mendoza.

Next week: The Light Brothers vs “Los Apostadores” (The Gamblers).

WWL High Voltage for 04/20/19
Mighty Ursus vs WWL World Champion BJ

No real match as Mendoza hits BJ with a steel chair as he comes out. He throws BJ into the ring and the bell sounds. Ursus hits a BIG Moonsault flattening BJ and pinning him.

They keep attacking BJ and throw the ref out (killing the idea that the ref is in on it) when the returning Justin Dynamite appears with a steel chair. He fends off the heels and helps BJ. He was telling him “he’s not alone” as a stretcher comes in to take him.

Backstage Mendoza is furious but Diablo tells him to calm down, they have bigger fish to fry and Mendoza WILL win that World title with due preparation. Ursus will take care of Dynamite and adds that their benefactor is paying a lot to see all this through.

They’re going for a big angle here to spike attendance. The reason is that sadly good wrestling by itself is not raising the business to an optimal enough level. The idea seems to be a faction war as an unknown person is gathering up heels while BJ is getting aid from friends. The thing about BJ is he was always presented as a guy willing to do anything to win a match, cheating and being proud of it. However, now all that cheating is moot because now there are worse people coming in with enforcers and influences, reversing the roles. BJ now has to defend his company rather than just fend off challengers.

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