WWE Wrestlers Concerned Over COVID-19? | Report

Many wrestlers under contract with WWE have become concerned about the company’sIt handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to this report from Sean Ross Sapp, WWE hasn’t given employees an answer for how many tests they performed. Additionally, WWE has not given the names of any wrestlers who have tested positive.

WWE reported their first confirmed COVID-19 case in mid-April this year. The company did not reveal the employee’s identity but did confirm they were a non-wrestling personality. In a statement released to Pro Wrestling Sheet, WWE said the employee entered quarantine shortly after testing positive.

Just last week, we learned that another batch of WWE employees have tested positive. Renee Young, Kayla Braxton, Jamie Noble, and Adam Pearce confirmed their status on Twitter. However, no wrestlers came forward about the batch of testings, leading many to speculate. “We’re at literally, like, six to 10 sources right now, all saying that we’re talking 20 to 30 [positive cases] minimum.” Bryan Alvarez said in a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Live.

WWE Wrestlers Concerned Over COVID-19

More disturbingly, a developmental wrestler spoke with WrestlingInc about WWE’s handling of COVID-19. On condition of anonymity, the unnamed developmental wrestler said that WWE were muzzling in-ring talent. “Talent relations told us not to discuss our illness with anyone besides those we live with,” the wrestler said in a letter. “We are FORBIDDEN to talk with anyone else, nor can we come forward publicly to make statements.” The wrestler then outlines several flaws in WWE’s testing policy. They say the testing consists of temperature tests and a questionnaire, which a significant number of people lied on. The unnamed wrestler also adds that producer Kevin Dunn requested members of the crowd not to wear masks.

The picture we’re getting from all these reports is of a company with little concern for worker safety.


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