WWE WrestleMania 35 | Preview

Mark: It’s that time of year ladies and gents! The time where even the most casual of casual wrestling fan comes out the woodwork and pays attention…….Yup, it’s WWE WrestleMania 35 baybay! Even with an insane number of matches on the card, I, “Smart” Mark Blake, and the rest of Pro Wrestling Post management have burnt the midnight oil to preview these matches. To whet your appetite for the Show Of Shows. So sit back, put your feet up and read the hows, whys, and when’s of WWE WrestleMania 35…..

Brandi: It’s finally time for the granddaddy of them all, WWE’s WrestleMania 35. Minnesota may be the land of 10,000 lakes but it seems Mania is the land of 10,000 matches. Okay, maybe not that many but the card is truly gargantuan. With three matches slated for the pre-show, that leaves 12 matches for the main show itself. This will be a marathon, not a sprint!

Marc: On Sunday, April 7th WWE Wrestlemania 35 from Metlife Stadium. The company no longer acknowledges how many years the event has been around, dispensing with the Roman numeral that followed the name, and focuses on the title and spectacle of it all. This year’s event features a first, as it will be the first time a women’s match will be the main event.

There is no denying the symbolic nature of this achievement, but rather than simply focusing on what should be focused on are the competitors and the multiple championships at stake, as Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and Ronda Rousey square off to see who will have bragging rights. Other featured matches include a longstanding rivalry between Triple H and Batista coming to a head, and Seth Rollins hoping to slay the beast as he contends for the WWE Universal Championship against Brock Lesnar. Here is our preview of Wrestlemania.

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WWE WrestleMania 35
WWE Raw Tag Team Championships

The Revival vs Hawkins/Ryder

Mark:  Nothing like remembering that you’ve got a tag team championship, not on the card eh Uncle Vince?! This hastily added match comes in with no build whatsoever, which makes me wonder why we should care. But care we will as it’s Mania (baybay). Does The Revival get proper Kenta’s (an inside term for being jobbed out….honestly) to Ryder and Hawkins? OR….does the unthinkable happen and Hawkins breaks his incredulous losing streak on the biggest night of the year? I hope for the sake of all that is right, that The Revival walks out still champions. It’s amazing that the best team on your entire roster is possibly the most mistreated too. Also…..keep this under your hat, I’ve heard that a certain Rob Gronkowski could show up with his buddy Mojo Rawley and interfere in the match. All conjecture at the moment but if it happens, you heard it here first!

Marc: In a match that some may argue came about at the last minute has, in fact, had weeks of alluding to it in various forms but not necessarily on-screen. With the winless streak of Curt Hawkins reaching over 200 consecutive losses the belief is that there is no chance for Ryder and Hawkins in this match. However, how compelling a story could this be that all they need is three seconds to end a streak that has to be as associated with as it is to carry with. One should anticipate a side of Ryder and Hawkins that has been missing for some time.

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Fatal 4-Way for the WWE SmackDown Live Tag Team Championship
The Usos (c) vs The Bar vs. Ricochet & Aleister Black vs Shinsuke Nakamura & Rusev

Mark: Oh man, this could be a really great match or a complete cluster. With the talent on show, I’m erring on the side of great. The makeshift team of Rusev and Nakamura are, in my eyes, not gelling. Too many theatrics and no substance for me I’m afraid so let’s count them out the running. Cesaro and Sheamus seem to have become a veteran tag team in the shortest time possible! These two have worked so hard to gain that all-important chemistry and have become a legit well rounded and respected team. Saying that I can’t see the point in putting the belts on them here. Scratch them. Ricochet and Aleister Black have been a revelation as a team not only on SmackDown Live but Raw and NXT too. If they don’t win the NXT Tag Championships (as widely predicted) at Takeover NYC, then they have a great chance of doing it here in this match. But when it comes down to it, The Usos are one of the top teams in the entire world, let alone WWE. The way they stepped aside to let New Day carry on in the Tag Gauntlet shouldn’t be punished and therefore are my pick in this possible great contest.

Brandi: This match was made official this past week on SmackDown Live. The Usos had teamed with Ricochet and Aleister Black against The Bar, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Rusev. The eight men put on a great match and none had any announced WrestleMania matches yet. Alexa Bliss came out after their match to inform them of their addition to WrestleMania. These teams are all highly talented and this could be a grand tag team showcase match.

Marc: If a match could ever be announced at the eleventh hour it would be this one. While Black and Ricochet competed for the NXT Tag Team Championships this past week, they are legitimate threats to walk away with the Smackdown Live tag team championships. All eight of these men are going into this match with the exact same goal. Whether they have been together their entire life or a few months, each of these teams will lean on their ring knowledge to ensure an exciting match evolves and that mutual respect could be what each of these teams achieves.

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Raw & SmackDown Live Women’s Championship Winner Takes All
Charlotte Flair (c) vs Becky Lynch vs Ronda Rousey (c)

Mark: Oh boy! This match (well a portion of it) has been bubbling away since Survivor Series last year. Becky v Ronnie is what I’ve been personally looking to this since then. The addition of Charlotte seemed unwarranted, and the lack of booking after she was injured didn’t help. Add to that the knee “injury” of Becky’s and the crowd became very apathetic. But in the past two weeks, with Flair winning the SD Live championship and this match now becoming a “winner takes all” match, things have definitely picked up. As much as I want Becky to win, what I really desperately want, is a great main event caliber of a match. Think the Becky v Charlotte match at Evolution, but times it by 10. C’mon shows the world why you deserve that main event. Knock it out of the park!

Brandi: For the first time in history, the women’s championship match will main event WrestleMania. Becky Lynch has been through hell and back on this road to WrestleMania. She lost the SmackDown Women’s Championship to Asuka at the Royal Rumble. Becky then took the injured Lana’s spot in the Women’s Royal Rumble and won the whole thing. She set her sights on the woman she’s had an issue within the last few months, Ronda Rousey. Becky, her Irish temper getting the best of her, got herself suspended by attacking Ronda. Mr. McMahon then got involved, taking Becky out of the match and putting Charlotte Flair in. Becky then warred her way back into the match she rightfully won.

Ronda has also undergone a character transformation. Since her debut, she’s done everything right. She smiles and waves to the fans. Performs in matches honorably and does everything asked of her. Despite all of this, the fans boo her. They cheer the woman who continually attacks her, Becky. So, Ronda decided to stop caring about what the fickle fans wanted. She would do what she wanted on her terms. Charlotte recently won the SmackDown Women’s Championship an in effort to prove she deserved her own spot in the match. This past week on Raw, Stephanie McMahon upped the ante once again. In fact, she went all in. This match will be winner take all. Whichever woman gets her hand raised will be both Raw and SmackDown Live Women’s Champion.

Marc: This women’s triple threat championship match has had a lot happening leading up to it. Once Becky Lynch was reinstated and granted the opportunity to be a part of the main event that she was taken out of, the dynamic became two heels in the bout, with an anti-authority figure being the face. A number of rumors have hinted that this will be Rousey’s last match in the promotion, at least for a while. If that is the case, then fans can be assured that this will be Rousey’s first defeat in WWE. For as much as Flair has done to assert herself prior to this match, it certainly feels like the primary dynamic has been the collision course Lynch and Rousey have been on, rather than the inclusion of Flair. Fans can be assured that this match will bring out a whole new level of violence.

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WWE WrestleMania 35
Universal Championship

Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar (c)

Mark: I’m praying to the wrestling gods here….Please let Seth win!! Send Brock back to UFC for a payday and a knockout loss to Daniel Cormier, but for the love of all things, wrestling LET SETH WIN! I am in the majority that think a champion should at least show up twice a month on RAW. Doesn’t even have to defend the title, just show up. The figurehead of RAW is the one that the fans want to see. They pay their money for a ticket and get deflated time and again. Put the strap (hey Uncle Vince!) on Seth and he will fill that void. I honestly believe that. The match? Brock will turn up with his wrestling boots on and will give a great showing here. He’ll make Rollins look even better than ever before.

Brandi: Seth Rollins won the 2019 Royal Rumble. And he set his sights on the most difficult and rewarding opponent, Brock Lesnar. Brock is not your typical opponent, in fact, the beast is one that few have defeated. But some have done it. And despite Paul Heyman’s assertions that it is not possible, Seth is here to prove that it is. Rollins will be looking to burn down Suplex City at WrestleMania.

Marc: As soon as Seth Rollins won the Royal Rumble, speculation was that he was going to face ‘The Beast’ for the WWE Universal championship. While he teased the possibility of facing Daniel Bryan, ‘The Architect’ was steadfast about facing someone he thought didn’t match up well with him.  Soon after announcing his decision, Rollins had to recover from being hit with no less than 6 F5’s leading to the champion standing over him. Rollins is a former WWE, Intercontinental, United States and tag team champion, but the WWE Universal championship has eluded him. He is clearly the underdog, though in the past he has proven he can win the big one. Against Brock, Rollins gives up size and strength. Will those be a big impediment to his capturing the championship? Only time will tell. Were he to win this championship, it would certainly be a story of redemption and would be the first world championship he has won since he tore his ACL.

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WWE WrestleMania 35
WWE Championship

Kofi Kingston vs Daniel Bryan (c)

Mark: Us wrestling fans can’t always get what we want. Yup, Kofi finally got the match he’s deserved for so many years. But I’m gonna break it to you….Kofi isn’t winning. No way is Uncle Vince letting us fans have three champions we all wholeheartedly want. What I imagine is Kofi losing a hard-fought contest against Daniel Bryan, and is consoled by his New Day teammates Big E and Xavier Woods. When suddenly they will turn on Kofi for not winning the big one. They got him there and he’s let them down. Thus setting up an angle with the blow-off at SummerSlam later this year. It’s a shame that Kofi finally got his chance when The Man is on fire and wanted by the masses as champion, and Brock is leaving the company.

Brandi: After 11 years, Kofi Kingston finally has a singles title shot. It took a lot for Kofi to get here, going through multiple gauntlets. Even those superhero performances couldn’t convince the evil Mr. McMahon to give him a shot. In the end, it was the love and effort of his New Day brothers, Xavier Woods and Big E in their own gauntlet match to propel him to this. The New Daniel Bryan is not impressed. He believes Kofi is complacent, pandering to the fickle fans, and not truly worthy. Bryan will look to turn this match into what he would call a “teachable moment.” Kofi is all too willing to prove he is ready to claim his spot as a WWE Champion.

Marc: After weeks of going back and forth about whether it would happen, Kofi Kingston is now officially facing Daniel Bryan for the WWE championship. There is something poetic about it being Bryan that will oppose this longstanding member of the WWE roster. Kingston has had to overcome gauntlets, indecision, and being told that he isn’t all that good. The response by not only the roster but the fans towards Kingston finally being granted a title match has been tremendous. The final step was the gauntlet match win by the New Day, creating an opportunity for Kofi Kingston. That match appeared to reach its turning point when the Usos decided to forfeit their segment of the gauntlet because they wanted Kingston to go to Wrestlemania. For those watching, anything less than a championship win for Kingston would be nothing short of a disappointment. Could this be the night that Kofimania finally runs wild?

WWE WrestleMania 35 | Preview
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WWE WrestleMania 35
No Holds Barred Match

Triple H vs Batista

Mark: Rumored for the past few years, this match finally takes place. It’s possibly a few years too late in my opinion, with a combined age of 99, this could have been a train wreck. But I think someone may have been watching Chris Jericho in NJPW, as his best matches in years have been ones without rules. This match under No Holds Barred rules could go either way – really good or really bad. I’m hoping that it’s at least passable. Remember that Batista has been out the ring for how long? All that ring rust to shake off, and Trips only coming back from pectoral surgery too. I’m really hoping…..

Brandi: Batista also returned to the WWE in this WrestleMania season. His goal was clear, he wanted Triple H at WrestleMania. He even took out his old mentor, Ric Flair, on the night of his 70th birthday party. In an additional caveat, Batista has demanded that Triple H put his in-ring career on the line. If Triple H loses at WrestleMania, his career is over. All Batista has ever wanted was to end his career on his terms. Now if he gets his way, he’ll take Triple H’s out with him.

Marc: ‘Give me what I want!’ Those spittle-inflected five words rang out as Batista laid down a challenge to Triple H, stating that he wanted to face ‘The Game.’ In turn, the CEO was put in a position where he was motivated to accept the challenge. Batista’s attack on 70-year-old Ric Flair was done because ‘The Animal’ wanted to get the attention of the ‘King of Kings.’ In response, an impassioned Triple H made clear that the man behind Drax the Destroyer had brought back the side of him that made him the ‘Cerebral Assassin.’ He was initially apprehensive about giving the man that ‘quit’ a couple of times the match he desired. But Batista has made this feud personal in his quest to once again defeat his former mentor. The seeds for this feud were planted last fall, but it went on the back burner due to an injury to Triple H. But now what has become a very personal animosity will culminate at the ‘Show of Shows.’

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WWE WrestleMania 35
Women’s Tag Team Championship

Nia Jax/Tamina vs The Iiconics vs Divas Of Doom vs Boss & Hug Connection (c)

Mark: Ok I admit, I called the Elimination Chamber match as a possible cluster fuck and was proved totally wrong. It was a great well thought out match. And because of my misgivings a few months back, I have nothing but high hopes for this one. Nia and Tamina will bring the power along with Natalya and Beth – who I hope finally gets to tussle with Nia – while Peyton and Billie will undoubtedly bring the humor (I adore both these women and it’s high time they’re being recognized) while Sasha and Bayley will ring the intensity that only the champions can bring. I’m hoping for an IIconic victory but have a sneaky suspicion that Banks and Bayley will retain.

Brandi: Sasha Banks and Bayley wrote another chapter of WWE history at the Elimination Chamber. They became the first WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. Now they have begun a journey of defending the titles across all brands and all comers. Now they face themselves with three sets of opponents. Beth Phoenix has come out of retirement, appalled by the actions of Nia Jax and Tamina. She has reunited with her best friend Natalya as the Divas of Doom. Their dream has still been to be tag team champions, and now perhaps, their dream can come true. The IIconics currently hold a non-title victory over The Boss ‘n’ Hug Connection. Nia Jax and Tamina are favorites in terms of their sheer power and size advantage. They still haven’t gotten over Sasha and Bayley winning the titles either.

Marc: This championship match pays off what has been unfolding over the past few weeks. After Banks and Bayley retained their titles at Fastlane against Jax and Tamina, a new problem began to emerge. During a confrontation at ringside between Tamina and Beth Phoenix, the foundation was laid for a future championship match. Natalya came to Phoenix’s aid, appearing to set up a triple threat match involving these three teams. However, the IIconics made a challenge to Banks and Bayley to come to Smackdown Live, and the result was a non-title win for Billie Kay and Peyton Royce. As a result, they were added to the championship match, making it a fatal four-way. What has been the most remarkable thing to note is how Beth Phoenix appears to have not lost a step after being out of the ring for as many years as she has.

WWE WrestleMania 35 | Preview
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Falls Count Anywhere
The Miz vs Shane McMahon

Mark: Is it or me or has the build been a bit flat about this match? We were all looking forward to the eventual turn of Shane, which was great, but since the turn, he’s been a bit…meh? He talks about how he liked the feeling of brutalizing Miz. But is then flanked by wrestlers and security? Nahhhh, not for me boyo! The Miz will exact his revenge for his father in, I think a very short match. Anything less just wouldn’t be cricket would it?

Brandi: We always assumed that the team of the Shane and the Miz would end with the Miz turning on Shane. However, all of us were truly shocked when it was Shane who turned on the Miz. He assaulted Miz mercilessly in front of the Miz’s own father. Shane has since put Miz through hell on Smackdown Live on their road to WrestleMania. This past week, Miz went through all of Sanity to prove that he is more than ready for Shane-O Mac.

Marc: While being rumored for some time, this feud did not commence until the ‘Best Team in the World’ lost their rematch for the WWE Smackdown Live tag team championship match. Beginning with Shane attacking The Miz from behind, fans were witness to Shane McMahon’s first heel run since returning to the company back in 2016. On the first Smackdown Live after Fastlane, McMahon made the match for Wrestlemania, because he could. What followed the next week was a passionate promo by The Miz, talking about how he felt betrayed. The Miz gave easily the most interesting line of the promo when he said ‘Hard work wins when talent doesn’t work hard enough’. It’s a pretty powerful statement, and Miz has often spoken about how hard it was for him and all the effort it took to make him who he is today. This will be a match where there will be much for The Miz to gain and a lot for Shane McMahon to lose.

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WWE WrestleMania 35
Intercontinental Championship

Finn Balor vs Bobby Lashley (c)

Mark: The speculation was true as we found out this past Monday. Demon Balor will grace the stage at WrestleMania, and I am pumped! I’ve waited five years for this moment, the moment where the Demon makes his grand entrance. Mania is all about the spectacle, the pomp, and circumstance. Can’t get much bigger than the theatrics that will take place?! The match will involve one of the surprise stars of this year, Lio Rush. Damn, he’s an annoying little shit! But he can back that up, and with Lashley behind him, Finn’s gonna find it tough. But not impossible as Balor will win the IC title for the second time.

Brandi: Lashley and Balor have been warring over the Intercontinental Championship in the last couple of months. Trading title victories with each other, Lio Rush has played a part in it all. Fed up with both, this past week on Raw, Balor has decided to unleash the Demon. So, at WrestleMania, it will be the All-Mighty Bobby Lashley taking on Demon Balor. Will Lio Rush continue to be a factor too? We’ll have to wait and see.

Marc: This match came about as a result of events that occurred on the March 25th edition of Raw. During a handicap match that pitted Finn Balor against Bobby Lashley and Jinder Mahal, the stipulation was, if Balor could win, he would compete for the Intercontinental Championship at Wrestlemania. Initially, it was Lio Rush who was slated to team with Lashley, but due to Rush being wiped out the week prior by Braun Strowman, he was unable to compete. Much to the chagrin of Lashley, Balor pinned Mahal and thus earned himself the championship match. A week later it was revealed that the Demon will be resurrected and in fact be the one to face Lashley. Balor’s undefeated alter ego will prove a steep challenge for ‘The Almighty.’

WWE WrestleMania 35 | Preview
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WWE WrestleMania 35
AJ Styles vs Randy Orton

Mark: To me, this is a serious contender for Match Of The Night, if they’re given 15-20 minutes. The back story is there (jealous of each other and being the best), and a slow burn of a story in the ring culminating with a super-fast finish will be a fantastic ending to this feud. Both men could do it, it’s definitely in their locker. What I want to see is AJ going for the springboard 450 and get hit with the RKO. Will we get it? Only Uncle Vince knows. But the same as the main event, I just want a great showing from these guys. Show them young whipper-snappers how it’s done!

Brandi: This match is born out of professional jealousy. Randy Orton has taken issue with Styles, who he views as a newcomer. AJ views SmackDown Live as the House that AJ Styles built. Randy also ruined Kurt Angle’s final match on SmackDown with AJ, forcing it to end in disqualification. AJ Styles will definitely be on the hunt to prove that he’s a better man than Orton.

Marc: An interesting item to note is that these two have faced each other during WWE house shows, but only once ever on television, but the approach to promoting this match has emphasized they would be facing each other as they hadn’t before. The two men have had sizzling promos making actual comments akin to those made by the internet wrestling community towards the two men. Despite both men being similar in age, it feels like old school vs new school in the booking going into the match. They have two very different styles (no pun intended), but that won’t prevent either man from trying to get the jump on the other. Orton shares a number of traditional beliefs regarding wrestling, which runs counter to Styles whose approach is more modern and in line with what is seen on the indies. A win here will likely lead to a title contender coming out of this matchup. When two legends face each other it is certain to be something special.

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Kurt Angle Farewell Match
Baron Corbin vs Kurt Angle

Mark: Now before everyone gets bent out of shape, yes it’s against Baron Corbin. Why? I have a theory….They have a back story (ousting Angle as RAW GM) and Corbin will make Kurt look like a billion dollars in his last ever match. I guarantee it, folks! Kurt will have the Met Life stadium on its feet with a rendition of “You Suck!” as he leaves, just like the hero he is.

Brandi: This is being touted as Angle’s farewell match in WWE. He’s had sendoff matches on both Raw and Smackdown Live in the last several weeks. Baron Corbin has been a continual thorn in the side of Angle, dating all the way back to Angle’s Raw General Manager days. For Angle, nothing would be sweeter than to finally put Corbin away on the grandest stage. Corbin views this match as an opportunity to embarrass Kurt Angle once more on his way out.

Marc: In a match that has prompted many dislikes and confused thoughts, Corbin faces the WWE Hall of Famer in his farewell match. WWE has taken notice and broken the fourth wall, their commentators recognizing how this decision was disappointing given who else Kurt Angle could be in the ring for his last match, but the decision still stands. There remains as much animosity between Angle and Corbin as there ever was. It has been clear that Angle’s time in the ring should be coming to a close after seeing him compete recently. He deserves to enjoy the next 50 years of his life spending time with his family, possibly taking on another role behind the scenes with the company that would utilize his knowledge of the sport. It is assured that fans will have a tear in their eye when Angle says goodbye for the final time.

WWE WrestleMania 35 | Preview
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WWE WrestleMania 35
US Championship

Rey Mysterio vs Samoa Joe (c)

Mark: Unlike Kurt, Rey has found that fountain of eternal youth and is looking better than he ever has. His physique is insane for a man his age, and his in-ring work is at levels not seen in decades. But even with all that behind him, Rey will meet his match against Joe. And as the song goes “Joe is gonna kill you”. I’m expecting Rey’s son Dominick to get involved, maybe he gets grabbed by Joe or something similar. But rest assured, the bad man will reign supreme after this match is all said and done.

Brandi: Samoa Joe has been a dominant force in WWE, even more now that he has the United States Championship. Rey Mysterio challenged Joe for a match, viewing that Joe is a bully that needs to be put in his place. The United States Championship is also the one title that has always eluded Rey. However, a recent match Mysterio had with Baron Corbin could put this match in jeopardy.

Marc: This match seemingly came out of nowhere, but there may be more to it than meets the eye. What is intriguing about Mysterio challenging for the United States championship it is the involvement of his son Dominic, who could play a part. Some may or may not know that Dominic has been training for wrestling for years, and is currently training under Lance Storm. That training and preparation suggest that he may be prepared to take a bump in the event that he gets physically involved in this match. Putting this match together seemed like a bit of an awkward decision, particularly after early hints of and speculation about a Joe match against John Cena. Cena not being involved is in some ways too bad. He and Joe have a history with one another, and a chance for a match would have been nice given Cena has gone in a different direction in his life, and is much less involved in actively competing in WWE.

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WWE WrestleMania 35
Cruiserweight Championship

Tony Nese vs Buddy Murphy (c)

Mark: I hold my hands and admit that I hardly ever watch 205 Live, and for that, I apologize. But the times I’ve seen Buddy in action I’ve been thoroughly impressed. He’s a big strong boi and athletic too. Everything Uncle Vince wants in a champ. It’s great to see different challengers to Murphy since he became champ. Cedric Alexander, Ali, and Hideo Itami to name just a few. And he now faces his former tag partner Nese, who he “inadvertently” turned face after attacking him when Tony won the Cruiserweight #1 Contender tournament. As much as Nese is a great competitor, I can’t see a title switch happening here. Buddy for the win!

Brandi: Tony Nese won the tournament to determine Buddy Murphy’s next challenger on 205 Live. The tournament involved all 205 Live talent in a single-elimination tournament that began back in February. Nese went through Kalisto, Drew Gulak, and Cedrick Alexander to earn this opportunity. It will be the Premier Athlete’s first real chance at the Cruiserweight gold.

Marc: After going through a grueling tournament, Tony Nese defeated Cedric Alexander to become the number one contender for Buddy Murphy’s Cruiserweight championship. In the weeks leading up to the possibility of the two men facing one, another Murphy acted quite supportive of his ‘training partner’ Nese. The two men had struck up a friendship and shared common goals. However, when Murphy came to the ring to celebrate and congratulate Nese on his victory, friendship went out the window. While Nese looked at the WrestleMania sign, Murphy caught him with a knee, wiping him out and leaving him looking up at the lights, while Murphy held the Cruiserweight championship over his head. Nese has previously appeared to be the next one in line for a Cruiserweight Championship push, and it’s hard not to cheer for him as he has been with the division since its inception in 2016. His time appears to be finally here, and fans won’t be disappointed.

WWE WrestleMania 35 | Preview
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Drew McIntyre vs Roman Reigns

Mark: Over the past few weeks, Drew has had the upper hand over Roman. Backstage attacks, vicious beat downs, even going as far as leaving Dean Ambrose in a heap on multiple occasions, all to get inside Reigns head. To bad that he’s going to be on the end of a Samoan ass whupping on the biggest stage! There’s no way Roman is losing this, no chance in hell. Drew has been booked brilliantly over the past month or so, but it’s now time for Roman to shine. That’s not a knock on Drew as I’m expecting him to move on up to the top echelons of the card now. A definite future World Champion folks. Roman? He’ll carry on doing what he’s doing and will be at the top of the mountain sooner rather than later.

Brandi: Roman Reigns’ return from his battle with leukemia was meant to be triumphant. Drew McIntyre rained all over Roman’s happy night of return. The Scottish Psychopath tried to put Roman on the shelf again. Roman has never been one to run away when confronted. Now at WrestleMania Roman will have his first singles match back against Drew McIntyre.

Marc: Reigns competing in his first pay per view singles match since returning will be quite a poignant moment. The booking of McIntryre, where he has suggested that he is more dangerous than leukemia has been a questionable angle to take. However, that statement that he made wasn’t the be-all and end in the lead up to their contest. McIntyre has looked dominant throughout this entire storyline, with the ‘Scottish Psychopath’ getting the best of Reigns and those close to him time and time again. Will this match ultimately end up as the payoff, with ‘The Big Dog’ reclaiming his yard? That would certainly make this a case of Reigns coming full circle. One belief is that, regardless of the result of this match, these two could easily contend for or even hold the Universal championship by the end of 2019.

WWE WrestleMania 35 | Preview
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Women’s Battle Royal

Mark: See this is what happens when you don’t book your main event properly. The former SmackDown Live Women’s Champions Askua has been relegated to this. All because they needed bigger stakes for the main event…..I digress. So many women have been announced – the aforementioned Askua, Naomi, Mandy Rose, Carmella, Zelina Vega and so many more. My pick is The Goddess herself, Alexa Bliss. By all accounts, she’s fit to compete and a sneaky win from her would make people remember she’s a force to be reckoned with, and use it to springboard back into title contention.

Brandi: This will be the second annual Women’s WrestleMania battle royal. It will involve all main roster women not involved in the Women’s Tag Team match or the main event. Outside of this, not much effort has been given in establishing a storyline for this particular matchup.

Marc: The announcement for this match came rather late and almost not at all it seemed. In what appeared to be a last-minute decision  the Women’s Battle Royal was finally set to take place with the winner appearing to be Asuka as the favorite to come out of the match the victor. We aren’t sure who other than Braun Stroman would be considered a threat for the male counterparts but it seems as though it is the empress of tomorrow that seems to be the one that has others running in fear for her.

WWE WrestleMania 35 | Preview
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Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Mark: Is this still a thing? Apart from the trophy, what does the winner ever get? Past winners include Cesaro, Mojo Rawley, and Baron Corbin. But what rub did they get out of this victory?…… Again I digress…..Braun looks the obvious choice but it seems he’ll have his hands full with the guys from SNL, and could be eliminated that way. Which leaves who? I’d like to make a shout out for Sami Zayn. He’s cleared and ready for action. I can’t see Alexa and Sami win their respective matches so pick one and dump the other! 🙂

Brandi: In the sixth incarnation of this memorial battle royal, it is revolving around a central story. Braun Strowman has had an issue with Saturday Night Live regulars, Colin Jost and Michael Che. Jost has invoked the wrath of Strowman, questioning the legitimacy of wrestling and sending a gift not up to the big man’s standards. Strowman then challenged them to join the battle royal, which Michael accepted on behalf of him and Colin.

Marc: In what could easily titled the ‘best of the rest’, the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal still has the biggest threat of them all involved. After Braun Strowman declared he would be in the match, he clearly became the favorite. This is the sixth annual match, but past winners haven’t had their wins elevate them to a whole new level. Cesaro, Big Show, Baron Corbin, Mojo Rawley, and Matt Hardy have either remained the same or faced changes, not necessarily for the better. Big Show is an ambassador for the company, Matt Hardy went on hiatus months later, Mojo Rawley is rarely on television, while Cesaro has been a tag team champion off and on. Baron Corbin has remained relatively the same, not winning any championships. Strowman could ideally be the first winner that could transcend the battle royal win and once again contend for a major championship.