WWE Smackdown Synopsis for 5/29/20 | Review

A new wave of energy ripples through the familiar Performance Center. WWE has added a slew of trainees to create an audience, to do some cheerleading and brandish WWE merch. We await the emergence of new stars, someone who can stir up the hot sauce like the Gunn Club or even Pineapple Pete. We are told everybody has been tested and that social distancing will be respected. This is the WWE Smackdown Synopsis for 5/29/20.

Tonight, we begin though with some shocking developments, breaking news!

After weeks of very good but conventional programming, Smackdown kicks off with a major and shocking plotline. This is akin to nasty breaking balls after a slew of batting practice fastballs. There has been a hit and run incident adjacent to the Performance Center. Elias has been struck and lays prone on the road. He is promptly attended to and carted off by ambulance to a medical facility.

Meanwhile, Jeff Hardy is accosted by law enforcement officers and whisked to the station for questioning. The plot thickens of course. Both Hardy and Elias were slated to participate in the I-C title semi-finals tonight. Where do we go from here?

Backstage is where we go to. A scrum ensues between the talent and management on hand. A.J. Styles and Daniel Bryan have very conflicting views. The leader of the Yes! movement wants to compete and qualify nonetheless while Styles claims his right to an automatic berth in the finals.

WWE Smackdown Synopsis for 5/29/20

Battle Royal

After a bit of brainstorming and the kind of diplomacy that can win one a Nobel Peace Prize, a compromise was reached. Styles will compete in the Intercontinental Championship final match while a Battle Royal will decide who will face Bryan later on tonight.

Ten participants in the Battle Royal: King Corbin, Shorty G, Dolph Ziggler, Jey Uso, Cesaro, Sheamus, Shinsuke Nakamura, Drew Gulak, Gran Metalik, and Lince Dorado.

King Corbin commences the Battle Royal in a kingly appropriate fashion. He quickly eliminates both members of the Lucha House Party as well as the newly re-signed Drew Gulak. Next on Corbin’s list is Dolph Ziggler. We’re getting Brock Lesnar Royal Rumble flashbacks, wild!

Jey Uso making a rare solo appearance would then end Corbin’s chances. We are now down to five participants. The pressure and stakes growing higher by the moment.

Shorty G who we haven’t seen since getting waylayed by Sheamus in the late winter would then eliminate both Cesaro and his acolyte from the Artist Collective, Shinsuke Nakamura. The latter was livid and complained to the official. All the while, the already eliminated Cesaro benefitted from this distraction and threw Shorty G over the top rope. That highly uncalled for gesture would lead to a match later on.

We are now down to our final two competitors, Jey Uso and Sheamus. Both men were actually tossed over the top rope but neither had both feet touch the floor. During a battle on the apron, Sheamus was on target with a Brogue kick and earned a semi-final date with Daniel Bryan. Jey Uso obviously eliminated.

Winner: Sheamus will face Daniel Bryan

WWE Smackdown Synopsis for 5/29/20

Sonya DeVille vs Lacey Evans

A Woman’s division encounter was next. The red hot Sonya Deville turning her attention away from Mandy Rose to tackle yet another blonde, Lacey Evans. Evans relied on her mat skills early on. She executed a fine Double Leg Takedown before being decked with a clubbing right by Deville. After being faceplanted by Evans, Deville was smothered by Evans with the ring apron. The level of hostility is more than palpable. The pair battled outside the ring resulting in a double count-out. The ground has been laid for a new rivalry between a well-matched and hard-hitting pair.

Winners: Neither result double countout

The Forgotten Sons then appeared on another vignette conveying the message that they will no longer turn the other cheek.

A Moment of Bliss with The New Day

We roll on with a summit of tag team champions. After a rough week, why not a moment of bliss. Alexa and her best friend Nikki Cross are delighted to greet the New Day. The parties exchanging gifts, Nikki offering Big E and Kofi homemade Scottish pancakes while the New Day reciprocated with coffee beans from the land of Jahbooty. Don’t rush to take out your atlases for that one.

What fun is a party if it isn’t crashed! Sasha Banks and Bayley burst upon the scene and claimed to be “the best tag team on the show.” Alexa Bliss with a stinging comeback ” Five out of the six of us here have belts, Sasha, where’s your championship girl”.

Sasha Banks and Bayley vs Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss

Bayley though took control of the situation and made an impromptu match between Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks. The latter, none too happy, at the moment anyway. Especially after being surprised by a low bridge Dropkick. Bliss was to follow with a set of acrobatic moves before the Boss was to take charge. Banks got no fewer than four counts of two after such moves as a Back Breaker and a pair of Meteoras.

Alexa Bliss would not go down easily. She hit Banks with a stinging right and ascended to the top rope. Bayley was to interfere which caused Nikki Cross to answer in kind. Cross though bumped into Bliss, lost her balance and was rolled up by Banks for the count of three.

Winners: Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss

We were given an update as to the state of affairs following the shocking incident that led off the show. While no mention was made of the term medical facility, we were told that Elias is in stable condition. That precluded me in fact from switching over to Newsworld during the commercial breaks.

WWE Smackdown Synopsis for 5/29/20

Shorty G vs Cesaro

Shorty G who we haven’t seen since St.Patrick’s Day accessories were still being sold in Dollar stores had his chance to have the last laugh over Cesaro. The underdog came out on fire. He actually managed to obtain a pair of two counts before the match was a minute old. Cesaro hung tough and regained his composure. Using his size, power, and experience edge, he administered a Gut Wrench Suplex, a pair of two counts would ensue. A Powerbomb was neutralized and turned into a pinning predicament. Cesaro was incensed upon losing. Shorty G got a tall measure of revenge and has re-established himself as a primetime player.

Winner: Cesaro

Beautiful day for a poolside date. Otis and Mandy soaking up the sun and a ton of sweet loving vibes. Mandy takes a short nap and has a sizzling and symbol filled dream about Otis. Her ecstasy interrupted when Otis cannonballs into the water waking her abruptly. The moment is not lost. The pair enjoy a passionate embrace in the cool chlorine-filled pool water.

Matt Riddle is coming to Smackdown

It’s true, it’s damn true! Matt Riddle, the original bro is coming to the Blue Brand. He was introduced by Kurt Angle and we saw highlights of his career up to now. Riddle for those of you who don’t know him is a former MMA fighter with amazing skills and a very affable “chill” in-ring persona. I’d compare him to a freshly squeezed young HBK.

While Riddle will definitely attain main event status one day, tonight belonged to Sheamus and Daniel Bryan. The two, very familiar adversaries who have shared nine championship titles between them.

Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan

Not much of a feeling out process here. Fast and furious from the start. Sheamus was tossed over the top rope and Bryan followed with a Topé Suicide dive. No one was happier than Excalibur! Sheamus was to seize the advantage by throwing Bryan into the barricade. That was followed up in the ring by a Clothesline from the second rope and a count of two. Bryan in dire straits. Sheamus hit an Irish Curse Backbreaker and administered a Texas Cloverleaf in the center of the ring. Shades of Dean Malenko here. Daniel Bryan made it to the ropes breaking the hold as a consequence.

When the Celtic Warrior looked to put away the match with a Superplex, the move was neutralized by a Head Butt and followed by a Missle Drop Kick. Close but no cigar. Undaunted, Sheamus hits White noise, once again, a count of two.

My friends, timing is everything. Out of nowhere, Jeff Hardy makes it back to the Performance and distracts, in fact, shocks Sheamus and in fact each and every one of us. Daniel Bryan seizes the moment and delivers a Knee Lift to Sheamus’ face. Pursuant to this turn of events,  Daniel Bryan will challenge A.J. Styles for the I-C title in two weeks.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Smackdown leaves the air with Jeff Hardy and Sheamus going at each other tooth and nail. While the show draws to a close, this feud.,  like the Summer weather is just beginning to heat up!

Smackdown Synopsis for 5/29/20
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