WWE Smackdown Synopsis for 5/15/20

The return trip from Stamford was particularly smooth for Otis. Showing off his hard-earned  MITB briefcase to the flight attendants. He and Mandy were moved to business class. As if that wasn’t enough, the big man was offered an unlimited quantity of smoked almonds and cheese pretzels. He sat back, relaxed, and visualized the road to Backlash. Welcome to the WWE Smackdown Synopsis for 5/15/20. Let’s see if the MITB winner will receive anything close to similar treatment tonight when he guests on Miz Tv.

We will also witness the start of the tournament to crown a new Intercontinental champion after Sami Zayn was stripped of his title. The “Great Liberator” last competed on April 3rd. He sat out the last two PPV events. While absence may make the heart grow fonder, it doesn’t bode well for belt holders. Zayn has taken to social media contesting the move. He underscores never having lost the belt. Royalty in the house tonight as well. The Queen, Charlotte Flair will visit the Performance Center, NXT belt, and all. We are beginning to see more talent crossovers from brand to brand. King Corbin set to appear on Monday’s Raw.

Otis on Miz TV

Otis gets the proverbial rough ride though as he kicks off the show appearing on Miz Tv. The Miz joined of course by John Morrison. A great line early on. Otis referred to as a..” clumsy stuttering muttering bafoon”. We see a few pictures from Otis’ childhood and found out he weighed over 12 lbs at birth. The Miz and Morrison ask themselves if….” anyone would want to tag with a human Shrek”. A tag team match is set to take place later on.

Next up we were shown the brackets for the Intercontinental title. The matchups a nice mix of existing yet not stale feuds and interesting encounters. Bracket A consists of Daniel Bryan vs Drew Gulak as well as Jeff Hardy vs Sheamus. While Bracket B consists of Shinsuke Nakamura vs AJ Styles along with King Corbin vs Elias.

WWE Smackdown Synopsis for 5/15/2020

Elias vs King Corbin

Elias and the good King lead things off in a tightly contested match. Tensions stoked here as Elias hit Corbin with a guitar shot last Sunday which cost the latter a MITB victory.

This match was all about Elias’ resiliency. He was pounded repeatedly by Corbin yet resisted three counts and submitting. At the outset of the contest, Corbin went to work on Elias’ arm and neck. He also drove some elbows into his chest.

When Elias bounced back thanks to a Mule Kick, he was able to toss his opponent outside the ring and hit him with a high-risk leap from the top rope. Fortunes reversed though when Corbin managed to throw Elias into the barricade.

Then Corbin grabbed Elias’ guitar which woke up SD’s minstrel in residence, albeit briefly. He seized control and even went Old School with a nice strut across the top rope. The King thought he would trip him up and poor Elias was flung onto the broadcast table.

Corbin dominated but could not put Elias away. Like a five on three powerplays where you do everything but score.Clotheslines and Spinebusters but only for counts of two.

Frustrated, Corbin shatters Elias’ guitar which proved to be counterproductive. Elias became enraged and benefitted from an adrenaline rush. He parlayed a knee lift into a roll-up for a count of three. Elias set to take on the winner of the Nakamura vs Styles match.

Winner: Elias

The moral of the story, steer clear of your opponent’s guitar.

Backstage, Otis approached Sheamus and asked him to tag up with him. The expected answer… “not a chance Fella.” Mandy Rose then appeared and told her beau to ask Braun Strowman. The Universal champion replying …” I ll think about it,”

We then renewed acquaintances with the mystery hacker. The guessing game goes on as to his identity and when exactly will the truth be heard.

It’s a moment of truth though for Naomi. The glow she carries with her is fading somewhat because of a losing streak. Tonight she attempts to turn things around against Dana Brooke who beat her two weeks ago in a MITB qualifying match.

WWE Smackdown Synopsis for 5/15/20

Naomi vs Dana Brooke

Naomi flew out of the box hitting a pair of two counts. She continued her onslaught with a top rope Cross Body Press which was intercepted. Dana Brooke then fell on Naomi and emerged victorious. The vanquished Naomi, baffled and distraught.

Winner: Dana Brooke

More ring royalty to follow immediately. Talking of course about Charlotte Flair. The Raw competitor and NXT champion refers to herself as…” the hardest working woman in the industry” and adds that …. “people want to see more of Charlotte Flair”.

Out of the blue… brand.., Bayley arrives on the scene with Sasha Banks. A challenge is laid down for a champion vs champion match. Charlotte steals the thunder, by posing the following question to the Boss.

“Are you your own woman or are you just going to be Bayley’s Jackie and happy to be just an afterthought”. The cocktail is stirred, the plot thickens. Bayley and Sasha are inevitably headed on a collision course. The slow gradual tease adding sparks of interest.

WWE Smackdown Synopsis for 5/15/20

The Forgotten Sons

The Forgotten Sons were then featured in a nicely done vignette. They mentioned the sacrifices they made in the armed forces to preserve our freedom. Then, this punchy, no pun intended quote…. “We weren’t welcomed home like heroes. You failed to welcome us with open arms. So, we’ re going to welcome you with closed fists”. It”s refreshing and stimulating when a supposed heel faction addresses us with a legitimate cause of concern.

WWE Smackdown Synopsis for 5/15/20

Daniel Bryan vs Drew Gulak

Next up is the second IC qualifying match of the card, bracket A match up, Drew Gulak vs Daniel Bryan. The table is set for a gem for those who enjoy scientific wrestling.

At the outset of the match, Bryan was able to apply a YES! lock to Gulak who successfully grabbed for the ropes. This was countered with a Gu-Lock but that hold would be broken. The leader of the YES movement went to work on Gulak’s left arm but he did manage to throw Bryan over the top rope.

As we returned from a word from our sponsors Drew Gulak was in the driver’s seat. After hitting a Belly to Belly suplex on Bryan, the latter went on a methodical quest to weaken and hurt Gulak’s s left leg. Bryan administering power slams, german suplexes yet unable to do better than a count of two. Gulak, a very tenacious and able opponent tonight.

Gulak came close to moving on in the tournament when he locked on a Dragon Sleeper on his foe but that devastating move was countered. Daniel Bryan wisely going back to work on Gulak’s left leg.

Ultimately, Gulak would have no choice but to tap into a Heel Hook in the center of the ring. Bryan then interviewed by Renée Young and expresses his desire to win the IC title tournament… “I want that championship to represent the best wrestler in the WWE and I think that that’s me”.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Styles against Bryan would indubitably be a match of the year candidate.

Backstage we go for more juicy quotes. Sonya Deville has the mic, that’s always a treat. She says of her ex-partner and friend, there’s … “only one thing Mandy is good at, that’s being blonde and pretty.” She then added that Mandy will wind up…” in a double-wide trailer, barefoot, with a bunch of kids running around and cooking up some high cholesterol meats.” Next week’s mixed tag team match between Deville -Ziggler vs Otis and Mandy was expertly hyped.

WWE Smackdown Synopsis for 5/15/20

Otis and Braun Strowman vs The Miz and John Morrison

The main event was to follow. Putting an end to the feigned mystery, Braun Strowman did show up as Otis’ partner. Tucker Knight ill in the wilderness and unable to perform.

At the genesis of the tilt, Otis was up against John Morrison. A cute moment of double-teaming when Otis and Strowman. Both did the Caterpillar as they dropped an elbow on Morrison. Suffice to say that Strowman not exactly showing Bolshei like coordination or flexibility.

Corey Graves discusses the possibility of Otis cashing in his contract, winning the title and becoming the “Face” of Smackdown stating… “Otis is inspirational like an NHL mascot, like Gritty.”

After manhandling the Miz, Morrison saved his partner by pulling him out of harm’s way, with a blind tag. This led to Strowman finishing off John Morrison.

Winners: Otis and Braun Strowman

Mandy Rose came out to celebrate and Otis suddenly laid down the MITB briefcase. The Monster Among Men noticing immediately. Otis is doing a doubletake insisting it was just for a laugh, so ended the show.

This was a very pleasant surprise edition of SD. Normally, the first show after a PPV is deliberately uneventful as it merely gets us to look ahead and rehash without trying to re-invent the wheel. The wrestling tonight was very good. This was evident with the Gulak vs Bryan match. We continued to be intrigued by the mystery hacker on tonights episode. This along with the slowly evolving Bayley and Sasha saga.

One can even start the wheels spinning as to whether Mandy Rose was the reason why Otis “bluffed ” laying down the briefcase. More truth said in jest is the other possibility. This is getting fun.

Notwithstanding the pandemic, so much after a few good shows in a row, Smackdown is very much back on track.