WWE Raw and Smackdown Live Recapatory for 7/25/19 (Raw Reunion)

We kick off Raw Reunion with John Cena, who cuts a promo on how he loves the WWE. The Usos come out and ask for Dr. of Thuganomics.  Cena rhymes about The Usos getting arrested. Before Cena can leave, The Usos bring out their dad. Rikishi comes out and tells Cena to get back in the ring and as they prepare to bust a move, The Revival comes out, then brings out Devon Dudley before they cut to commercial. Hulk Hogan is shown in the back talking to Jimmy Hart about wanting to fight since they’re in his hometown of Tampa. 

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Back from commercial, Booker T comes out to join the announce team and call The Revival versus The Usos.  After an outside sequence that saw Rikishi jawing with Devon, The Usos picked up the win with a superkick/splash combo at Raw Reunion.  

Backstage, Alicia Foxx and Dana Brooke and Candice Michell Torie Wilson show up to greet the ladies and Santino Marella does as well. They ask about his ‘sister’ and ‘The Cobra.’  Drew McIntyre interrupts the proceedings with a dirty look, then says, “Legends,” in a condescending tone before he makes his way to the ring to face Cedric Alexander.  

Backstage interview with R-Truth and Carmella and they play a video of the two at Comic Con.  During the video segment, The Hurricane shows up and tries to roll Truth up for the title. Drake Maverick, dressed as a banana, then tries to roll Truth up as well.  Drake’s wife shows up and begins insulting Truth. Carmella then gets in her face to talk to some trash. While the ladies are arguing, Drake rolls Truth up and wins the 24/7 Title. The Godfather then appears and does a little dancing with Charli at Raw Reunion.  

Out comes Drew for his match. As Cedric comes out, Drew tries to attack him before the bell rings. The brawl on the outside for a while until Drew gets the upper hand.  He then hits an inverted Alabama Slam into the ring apron to finish off the beatdown. No official match ever happened. 

Drake Maverick runs into The Boogeyman backstage who scares the crap out of him. Pat Patterson shows up and pins Drake Maverick to become the new 24/7 champion.  Captain Charisma himself, Christian is out to join the announce team. Lilian Garcia is the ring announcer as The Viking Raiders come out. They take on Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder and destroy them in a matter of minutes. Beating former Raw tag team champions gives them a somewhat credible win going forward with their ‘Bludgeon Brothers’ type build.  

Mike Kanellis is backstage talking to Eve and Eric Bischoff when Maria shows up to further emasculate him. After she leaves, Ron Simmons aka Farooq enters the picture to do one thing and one thing only; first he grabs JImmy Hart’s megaphone then delivers a hearty “DAMN!”

Back from commercial, The OC is backstage claiming they run Monday nights and run down the legends trying to steal their spotlight. AJ says he’ll beat Seth Rollins tonight to show the world they’re the most dominant group in the WWE. They’re calling themselves The OC now. Backstage Jerry Briscoe is standing over Pat Patterson (we missed the three count) and is the new 24/7 champion. As Briscoe is walking away, he passes Kelly Kelly who rolls him up to take the 24/7 champion and become the fourth different champion during the broadcast.  

Samoa Joe is out with a mic.  He calls reunion shows a ‘plague to the WWE’ and insults the WWE Universe and their addiction to nostalgia.  As he shifts to talking about The Usos, Roman Reigns interrupts him. They begin to brawl and as they shift to the outside of the ring, Joe injures Reign’s shoulder.  Joe beats down Roman for another two the three minutes before suffering a Superman Punch as he’s trying to climb back into the ring. Joe grabs a mic and says that they should do it the right way but the people don’t deserve it. Roman counters by calling him a coward. Joe agrees to the match as we go to commercial.  Roman picks up the win after taking a beating the entire match but finally unleashing a spear on Joe for the 1-2-3. 

MizTV is up next with former WWE Universal Champ Seth Rollins as his guest. In the midst of the segment, out walks Paul Heyman, advocate for the current Universal Champ Brock Lesnar.  He and Seth exchange words before Seth threatens to come up the ramp and beat him up. 

Backstage, Sami Zayn trashes the WWE legends and Hall of Famers which leads to a match against Rey Mysterio.  During the match, Sargent Slaughter, Kurt Angle, Rob Van Damn and The Hurricane all show up at rindside. They get involved physically but Rey picks up the victory with a 619.  

Backstage Candice Michelle pins Kelly Kelly to win the 24/7 championship. Melina was the ‘referee’. As Candice was celebrating, Medusa (Alundra Blayze) choked her out from behind to become the show’s 2349th new 24/7 champion of the night.  

The Street Profits are backstage and they put over the legends and hall of famers in attendance.  

Alundra Blayze comes out to the announce table with the 24/7 title in her hand to attempt to recreate her dumping the WWF Women’s title in a trashcan on WCW Monday Nitro twenty years ago. Before she can, The Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase shows up and buys it from her, because “everybody’s got a price.” Dibiase is the new 24/7 champion.  

The OC came out for Rollins versus Styles. The match was short and ending in disqualification which leads to DX, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash all coming out to ringside. The only member missing was Billy Gunn, who works for AEW now. A brawl ensues before Seth, DX and The Klique send The OC running.  

Backstage as Dibiase got into his limo, there was a loud thump or two and Drake Maverick emerged as the new 24/7 champion.  The other superstars chased him.  

Mick Foley was in the ring talking about how much fun he had as a WWE superstar and champion. The lights went out and Bray Wyatt as The Fiend showed up in the ring and used Mankind’s own Mandible Claw to incapacitate the hardcore legend.  

Moment of Bliss with Alexa (and Nikki Cross) is up next and The Man, Becky Lynch is her guest and before the interview can get off the ground good, Nattie comes out which leads to an all out brawl between the two SummerSlam competitors. 

Backstage Drake Maverick gets rolled up again by R-Truth who is again the new 24/7 champion at Raw Reunion.  

Braun Strowman brutalized some young jobber.  

The Raw Reunion celebration closed the show with plenty of legends on the stage. Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, and Stone Cold Steve Austin were the only legends that got introduced with their theme music. Stone Cold received the loudest pop and ovation of the night. He talked about how all the superstars, women and fans are all family. The rest of the legends hit the ring with Austin and enjoyed some beer as the show closed.  

SmackDown Live
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Smackdown Live opens with video segment the Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon feud. They show the SECOND Stunner he received from KO (the first one was horrible).

New day open the show dancing on the announcer’s table. Shane comes out to the ring. He makes the ring announcer do his grand introduction for some heat. He talked about being happy to not see Kevin on the Raw Reunion. KO has challenged Shane to a match at SummerSlam. He accepts the challenge and mentions that Kevin said if he couldn’t beat Shane, he would quit. Shane then shows a clip from Raw from a year ago where Kevin said I quit after losing a match to Seth Rollins. Kevin Owens interrupts Shane and they talk some trash back-and-forth before she puts him in a match later against Roman reigns.

Intercontinental champion Shinsuke Nakamura versus Apollo crews is next.

Backstage with Elias, Shane, and Drew McIntyre. Elias kisses up to Shane by calling him a genius. Shane makes Drew the special guest referee and Elias the special timekeeper. Shane then anoints himself the special guest ring announcer.

Nakamura is out first, with New Day still on commentary. They talk about how big an opportunity this is for Apollo. Crews hit an impressive long-standing suplex then hits a moonsault on the outside onto Nakamura before they head to commercial. Apollo still has the upper hand back from commercial and gets a near fall. Nakamura countered a gorilla press slam with a couple of strikes and his sliding power bomb. Apollo attempted his finisher but missed as Nakamura hit the Kenshasa to finish him off. After the match, Shinsuke attacks Crews and hits him with another Kenshasa outside the ring.

Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville are backstage and apparently have a matchup against The Iiconics.

Ali cuts a promo in a stair well talking about his drive and how hard it’s gonna be to bounce back from his injury. Says he going to rewrite his own story. Says that if the pen runs out of ink, he’ll finish it in his own blood.

MizTv is next and his guest is The Heartbreak Kid, WWE Hall of Famer, Shawn Michaels. They run a video replay of Raw Reunion. HBK comes out and New Day sings his entrance music. As Shawn and Miz are talking, Dolph Ziggler interrupts them and talks trash to HBK and says that his latest return was embarrassing. Miz gets tired of his yapping and challenges him to “do something,” to which the crowd begins to chant. HBK stands in between them and as Dolph turned to walk away, he swung and hit Miz as Shawn ducked. When HBK checked on Miz, he stood up and turned around to eat Sweet Chin Music.

Ember Moon versus Charlotte gets under way but two minutes into the room, Bayley comes out which distracts Charlotte who then gets rolled up by Ember for the quick win. As she’s walking out the ring, she throws Bayley into the ring and Charlotte hits her with a big boot to the back of the head. Ember Moon hits them both with The Eclipse finisher and walks away.

Another Raw Reunion replay before WWE Champion Kofi Kingston comes out to talk about who his challenger at SummerSlam will be. They send condolences to Byron Scott who lost his father earlier in the week. Kofi calls out Randy Orton. Randy accepts his challenge and out comes Samoa Joe. He and Randy pass each other on the ramp and then Randy turns around and walks back toward ringside as they go to commercial.

They play an Aleister Black vignette after the commercial break.

Kofi takes on Joe with Randy sitting ringside. The match ended in disqualification because while Kofi was attempting to hit Joe with Trouble in Paradise, Randy slid in the ring and tried to give him an RKO. Kofi slipped away from it and after they squared off, Joe grabbed Randy from behind only to eat an RKO. The distraction leads to Kofi hitting Randy with Trouble in Paradise.

Finn Bálor is out next. He’s in the ring for an interview and they replay the attack he suffered at the hands of Bray Wyatt on last weeks Raw. He says he doesn’t know what “The Fiend” wants but he’s not backing down. He challenges Bray to a match at SummerSlam and The Fireflies House interrupts him and Bray officially accepts his challenge.

Another Raw replay talking about the 24/7 Championship. Charlotte is backstage complaining about not being on the SummerSlam card. She calls herself the greatest female superstar of all time.

The main event is up next. Shane as special guest ring announcer comes out first. He announces Elias as special guest timekeeper. Drew is introduced as a special guest referee. Kevin and Roman lock up into a rope break twice and Drew forcefully separates them. The second time, they both look at each other and they both tee off on McIntyre before the 3-on-2 beatdown commences. The match ends in a disqualification, obviously. As Shane was mocking Roman Reigns and preparing to spear him, Kevin Owens pulled him from the ring and beat him down while Roman took care of Elias and McIntyre. Shane got two stunners to close the show.

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