WWE Raw and Smackdown Live Recapatory for 7/10/19 (Rollins and Lynch)

Raw opens with “The Man” Becky Lynch out first as she and Seth Rollins prepare to take on Andrade and Zelina Vega in a mixed tag team elimination match. Rollins comes out second. The announce team mentions how big this match could be for Vega and Andrade since they’re taking on the respective Universal and Women’s Champions. The ladies start out before Vega makes the tag to Andrade which brings in Rollins. Before Rollins goes to do a suicide dive on the outside to Andrade, Becky Lynch tags herself in and makes Vega tap out with The DisArmer.

Lacey Evans appears at ringside before Lynch runs out to attack her. Lynch climbs back on the apron, which technically makes the remainder of this match a one on one. Graves reminds us that Sunday’s matchup with Evans and Baron Corbin is an Extreme Rules match where if one loses, they both lose their championships against Rollins and Lynch. They also mention Lynch and Rollins’s real-life relationship. Rollins and Lynch pick up the win after Rollins hits Andrade with The Curb Stomp. Corbin and Evans launched a sneak attack as Rollins and Lynch posed on the stage with their titles.

After a commercial break, Corbin and Evans are backstage talking about their match with Rollins and Lynch this Sunday at Extreme Rules. They mention how their relationship is strictly professional, unlike Lynch and Rollins’. They go on to say how feelings will be a liability and Corbin closes by referencing the song, “Love Stinks.” Paul Heyman is in the ring with a microphone and puts over ‘extreme’ and the city of Philadelphia-not a prediction, a spoiler. He also promises a Brock Lesnar MITB cash-in at Extreme Rules. Back to the announce team, as they recap last week’s match between Lashley and Strowman, who speared Lashley through the Monday Night Raw electronic sign at the top of the stage. They also put over their Last Man Standing match at Extreme Rules over Lynch and Rollins?

Miz out next as the first competitor in a six-man two-out-of-three falls match. His partners are The Usos facing Elias and the WWE Raw tag team champions, The Revival. As the show returns from commercial, Elias and The Revival are in the ring; apparently they got no entrance. Back from commercial Shane and Drew McIntrye are ‘looking for a partner’ for Roman Reigns before their tag team match later. They talk to one of the janitors backstage. The announcers also inform us that there’s a stipulation in place that says if The Undertaker interferes in tonight’s match, he will lose his spot alongside Reigns this Sunday at Extreme Rules.

Back in the ring and The Usos make their way to the ring doing their usual ‘Uso Penitentiary’ schtick. As Miz tries to chase down Elias, The Revival hits the Shatter Machine on Jimmy Uso and pick up the first fall before the commercial break. Back from commercial and Elias has run off on The Revival and it’s now a 3-on-2 handicap match. Miz picks up the second fall on Wilder after hitting the Skull Crushing Finale. The Usos face The Revival and The Miz takes on Elias this Sunday at Extreme Rules.

Cole, Renee, and Graves recap the Drake Maverick, his newlywed wife, and his 24/7 Championship saga with video from their honeymoon. Maverick poses with the title everywhere while upsetting his wife. After the video segment, they’re backstage and he pops out of one of the production crates, checking to see if the coast is clear. He promises to show the world what kind of 24/7 Champion he is, promises his wife he’ll show her what kind of husband he is, and give her the honeymoon that she deserves. He then gets chased by about ten superstars.

Cutting to commercial, they show Rey Mysterio, who’s returning from injury and will issue an open challenge when they return. Back from commercial, Shane and McIntyre are backstage talking to the beer guy (who is also oddly backstage) about being Reigns’ partner. Back in the ring, Mysterio issues his challenge and it’s answered by Bobby Lashley. The announce team talks about Lashley’s toughness and how it’s amazing that he’s even competing after what happened last week. It’s a quick match and Lashley picks up the win and continues to brutalize him after the match. He tries to throw him through the Tron but three referees come from the back and stop him. After a pause, he throws Mysterio on top of the three referees and walks away.

Backstage on Raw, The Club tells Charly they don’t owe anyone an explanation before cameras cut back to the ring as No Way Jose and his party train make their way to the ring. Cesaro comes out next to face Jose after beating him down last week. Jose gets a little offense in, but Cesaro picks up the win after the Neutralizer. Cut backstage to The Street Profits, who put over Sunday’s Extreme Rules PPV.

Bayley and Nikki Cross are on a split-screen interview and talk about the Alexa Bliss (who is not on Raw this week) situation. Again Nikki defends Alexa and tells Bayley that she will win their Beat The Clock challenge to determine the stipulation for Bayley’s Smackdown Women’s championship match against Alexa. Bayley will face Sarah Logan and Nikki will face Dana Brooke.

Carmella and R-Truth are backstage on Raw with Truth talking using lyrics from Jeff Jarrett’s song “With My Baby Tonight” to describe how bad he needs the 24/7 Championship back. The superstar train chasing Drake Maverick runs by and Truth and Carmella oddly run the opposite way. The Viking Raiders squash a local duo (Colin and Devin Justin) as the train continues running through the crowd chasing Drake. Truth slides into the ring and stares at The Viking Raiders, only to slide out of the ring to continue his pursuit.

Charly interviews Reigns in the dressing room and he says that he doesn’t care who Shane and McIntyre pick for his tag team partner in their upcoming match.

Back in the ring, Ricochet talks about the beatdown he received from The Club last week as he prepares to take on Luke Gallows. AJ Styles comes out and they replay last week’s mauling right before the match. Ricochet defeats Gallows with a rollup and Styles instantly challenges him to face Karl Anderson. He then pins Anderson only to suffer another Club beatdown. Styles teases the second rope Styles Clash again but drops him and tells him to ‘stay down.’ As The Club is walking up the ramp, Ricochet tries to pull himself up only for them to have Anderson and Gallows hold him up while Styles nails him with a springboard Phenomenal Forearm. Styles and Ricochet will face off for the United States title Sunday at Extreme Rules.

Backstage Drake Maverick is talking to his wife as R-Truth and Carmella pop up out of one the production crates to continue the chase on Raw. Shane and McIntyre spot a limping janitor backstage and signal that’s the guy they’re picking to be Reigns’ partner. They offer Gary $5000 to participate in the match, telling him all he has to do is stand on the apron, AND wear a mask.

Bayley faces Sarah Logan in a Beat the Clock challenge match on Raw. She picks up the win in 4 minutes and 32 seconds to set the time for Nikki Cross to defeat Dana Brooke. Nikki Cross defeats Dana in 2 minutes and 42 seconds with Bayley sitting ringside. She grabs the mic and announces that Bayley’s match against Alexa will now be a 2-on-1 handicap match. Bayley attacks Nikki with a Bayley-to-Belly and an elbow drop from the top rope.

In the dressing room area, Mike and Maria Kanellis are talking as Mike brings his pregnant wife flowers. She orders him to bring her some ice cream and pickles. Graves interviews Rollins and Lynch, who promise to walk into and out of Extreme Rules as champions.

Street Profits are back on Raw and making their winner’s picks for a few of the matches from Sunday’s pay per view.

Shane and McIntyre are ready to face Reigns and his partner, Gary “The Goat” Garbutt, who is wearing a mask and limping noticeably on Raw. After watching Reigns take a bump to the floor, McIntyre throws Garbutt into the ring only to see him reel off a series of high-flying moves to both he and Shane. He knocks McIntyre out of the ring and nails him with a suicide dive. He goes back into the ring to work on Shane. He gets met with a Claymore Kick from McIntyre and Shane covers him for the win. As Shane and McIntyre are going up the ramp, Gary removes his mask and reveals himself as Cedric Alexander to Reigns’ surprise to end Raw.

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SmackDown Live opens with Dolph Ziggler in the parking lot backstage talking trash about Kevin Owens. Owens pulls up in a car, blows his horn a few times, gets out, and brawls with Ziggler.  Shane McMahon appears to help break up the fight and yells at Owens telling him to leave.

They cut to a backstage interview with Shane McMahon who informs the crowd that he has canceled the main event match between Ziggler and Owens but will find a replacement opponent for Ziggler.  

Owens interrupts the show’s opening with a live mic and proceeds to bash Shane. He pretty much says everything that’s on the fans minds and their timelines. And it’s the fact that everyone is tired of Shane. Shane appears from the back and orders production to cut his mic, which they do. He then grabs another mic and continues to bash Shane before Shane orders security to take Owens out of the building. Owens then bailed through the crowd to a tremendous ovation. He is the new People’s Champ. 

The first official match is Nakamura versus the Intercontinental Champion Finn Balor, both of whom have been somewhat inactive on television the last few weeks. Nakamura picked up the win with a knee strike to the face of Balor as he was attempting to get back in the ring and avoid a count out.  

Elias, McIntyre, and Shane are backstage talking about what happened on Raw the previous night. Ziggler appears and is upset that Shane canceled the main event match between him and Kevin Owens. Shane tells Ziggler that since he’s so ready to go he can take on Reigns.

Samoa Joe is next on the screen and he tells Kofi Kingston that he is going to destroy him and take the WWE championship from him this Sunday at the Extreme Rules PPV. 

Nikki Cross and Bayley are in the ring as they prepare to sign the contract for the two on one handicap match for the SmackDown women’s championship. Alexa is still absent but they rehash the same things they’ve been saying about her for the last few weeks now. Before the contract signing can deteriorate into violence, Carmella’s music hits and she comes out as we go to a commercial break.  Bayley is ringside as Carmella takes on Nikki Cross who defeats her with a spinning neck breaker. 

Backstage, Paige and the Kabuki Warriors confront the IIconics. The IIconics claimed that Billie is sick and they can’t defend their women’s tag team championships. Paige basically tells them that they are cowards and clowns and that sooner or later they will have to face the Kabuki Warriors. Paige then slaps Billie.  

In another backstage interview, Reigns says that he’s prepared to face Ziggler and also says that he and The Undertaker are going to make sure that this Sunday, at Extreme Rules, Shane McMahon and McIntyre will rest in peace. 

Big E and Xavier Woods are in the ring preparing for what is being called a tag team summit between the New Day, Daniel Bryan and Eric Rowan, and Heavy Machinery. After Bryan and New Day exchange insults, Heavy Machinery comes out. Tucker and Otis tell the other two tag teams that they are ready and will become the new Smackdown tag team champions. But before that, a triple threat match between Woods, Bryan, and Otis will take place.  Things break down outside the ring as the match is taking place and the referee removes Big E, Rowan, and Tucker from ringside. Otis picks up the win after pinning Woods. 

Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville confront Ember Moon backstage in catering and tell her to find a tag team partner for a match next week.

Aleister Black is up next and it appears his challenge for a fight is going to be answered tonight.  Tom Phillips tells Black that both competitors have signed the contract for the match this Sunday at Extreme Rules but his opponent has chosen to not reveal himself. As Black is talking, a figure on the other side of the split screen walks around the chair that has been placed there. He ultimately reveals himself as Cesaro. 

Shelton Benjamin is backstage again and he is asked about the match between Ziggler and Reigns. He does that weird thing again where he just looks around before saying “well” and then walking away.

Kingston is backstage in another interview segment and is saying that even though Joe might be one of his toughest opponents since he’s become champion, he’s ready for their match at Extreme Rules. 

Reigns is out first as he prepares to face Ziggler in the main event.  Before the match can get started, Shane McMahon comes out flanked by Elias and McIntyre. Shane takes up a position on commentary while Elias and McIntyre circle the ring during the match. As Reigns and Ziggler brawl on the outside, the ref is distracted as McIntyre shoves Reigns into the ring post.  The match continues and after Reigns does an outside dive to Ziggler and McIntyre, Shane leaves the announce position and goes into the ring. While Reigns is distracted by Shane, Ziggler hits him with a superkick. Immediately after that, Kevin Owens slides into the ring and delivers a stunner to Shane. Reigns then picks up the win over Ziggler to close the show.

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