WWE Raw and Smackdown Live Quick Hits Recapatory for 7/3/19 (Styles vs. Ricochet)

The latest edition of the WWE Raw and Smackdown Live Quick Hits Recapatory is here featuring Ricochet and AJ Styles. We begin with what is now the Paul Heyman regime and what will become the Eric Bischoff regime on Tuesday’s Smackdown Live. A falls-count-anywhere match begins the show between Strowman and Lashley. It’s moved beyond the arm-wrestling and tug of war competitions into a whole level of competition. These two take this fight all over the arena. It doesn’t take long for the fight to get to the outside area. The match continues over the barricade and through the crowd. Both men are beating on each other as they move through the crowd.

Braun then charges through the screen into Bobby Lashley to which Corey Graves even said HOLY S**T! Pyrotechnics went off causing it all to come to an end. Fans could be heard saying that as well and fire extinguishers were on site to put out any potential fires. The way it appeared as though from the camera angle was pretty extraordinary actually. It looked like a stationary camera was set while both men were being attended to below.

After a commercial break and everyone being attended to, we still see both men being taken care of with a hush over the crowd.

The Viking Raiders take on The New Day after another commercial break. What initially begins as a tag team match ends up, resulting in outside interference by Samoa Joe on Xavier Woods. The match became a six-man tag match involving all members of New Day and now Samoa Joe as well. After the commercial break, the match restarts with Joe laser-focused on the WWE champion, Kofi Kingston. The Viking Raiders and Samoa Joe are victorious.

We then get a shot of Drake Maverick and his ‘wife’ backstage who are attending Monday Night Raw and his obsessions with the 24/7 title. R-Truth pops up and a warm embrace between Maverick and his wife seems to have lit a fire over him.

Backstage Styles, Gallows and Anderson are suggesting that the Phenomenal one won’t win. This then leads to a conga line by No Way Jose, but the Raw locker room runs down and chases R-Truth back. Cesaro beats down No Way Jose on the outside with no match actually taking place.

Street Profits are engaging in a chat backstage with Charly Caruso.

Hour two began with an interview with The Miz addressing Shane McMahon and how it has led to Shane believing he’s ‘the best in the world’. After this, Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre came out and address The Undertaker. After being called out by McIntyre and McMahon, we get darkness and pyro from what would be the Undertaker. This is followed with the ominous gong as the Undertaker emerges from the backstage area. Taker lays down his threat towards McIntyre and McMahon.

We then see the combination of Corbin and Evans’ backstage referring to Rollins and Lynch and is risking everything really worth it for their relationship. After a commercial break, we see Evans face Natalya with Corbin at ringside. With the outside interference of Baron Corbin, Evans picks up the win.

Gallows and Anderson interrupt an interview with Ricochet telling him that he should fear AJ Styles.

Another commercial break passes and we get Gallows and Anderson approaching Styles and said he needs to show them the AJ Styles that they know. This leads to an exchange of slaps between Ricochet and the Phenomenal one.

The Miz then interrupts Elias’ introduction with him approaching him and attacking him with the first fall win after a skull crushing finale. The second-fall leads to Miz and Elias having a more stand up contest against one another until Elias hits the drift away equalling it at a fall a piece. They then go to commercial break. After the break, Elias turns an electric chair drop into a powerbomb. Elias turns up the intensity taking the fight to The Miz. The third fall has both men more desperate and going for more pinfall attempts. The Miz goes for a figure four leglock and then gets Elias to tap out.

Charly Caruso interviews Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch and the dialog between them is a little goofy and that the decision to have this match was impulsive. Maria Kanellis interrupts the interview and takes offense to them talking about how good they are. Maria then challenges them to a mixed tag match.

Rollins and Becky Lynch come to the ring as they face-off against the team of Maria and Mike Kanellis. They come to the ring with Mike and Seth starting the match off. Maria is on Mike to get back in there and take the fight to the WWE Universal champion. Rollins forced Mike to tag in Maria who screams she’s pregnant and Becky walks away to which she screams that she didn’t Mike isn’t man enough to get her pregnant.

Heyman comes backstage for an interview with Carly Caruso. He says it could be a good night for Brock Lesnar to which the Street Profits interrupt it and try to cozy up to him who said he didn’t have time for this. After a commercial break, Alexa Bliss has an edition of A Moment of Bliss takes place with Nikki Cross as the special guest. Carmella interrupts this interview segment to say that she’s taking advantage of Nikki Cross. Bliss is challenged to face Carmella who is quickly rolled up, and beaten Alexa. After the match, both Nikki and Alexa are on the outside unsure at what just happened. After the commercial break, another match took place between Cross and Carmella as Alexa issued this challenge. Carmella gets the early advantage, but Cross hits her swinging neckbreaker for a three count.

Maverick sneaks up on R-Truth recapturing the 24/7 championship who was dodging the entire locker room, Drake and his bride leave the backstage area.

The main event of the evening taking place up next is for the U.S championship between Ricochet and AJ Styles. Styles came to the ring first followed by Ricochet. The match had hard hits on a competitive spirit between them. We get a three count by Ricochet’s foot was under the rope. Referee John Cone came to the ring to show the referee in the ring how Ricochet’s foot was under the rope during the phenomenal forearm strike.

Styles Ricochet
Photo / The Ring Report

After the commercial, Anderson and Gallows came to the ring and the match was restarted. Ricochet hits a creative combination of strikes and AJ Styles is sent to the floor. Styles hits another phenomenal forearm to the floor. Styles hits a brainbuster, but Ricochet kicks out from that. Styles hits the rack bomb, but Ricochet kicks out from that. Ricochet ties up Styles and makes the pin retaining the title in the middle of the ring.

Styles Ricochet
Photo / Sky Sports

After the match, the two men shake hands. Styles is being mocked by Anderson and Gallows who then turns and decks Ricochet. In the process, Styles is turning heel with all three men beating down on the United States Champion. Styles beats down on the champion as the Club rides again. Styles then hits a styles clash from the second rope completely wiping out Ricochet.

Photo /@wwe.com

Smackdown Live begins with the announce team sharing the events of last nights Strowman and Lashley stage explosion incident. This then leads the host of the Kevin Owens show being introduced who was going to interview, Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre. The manner in which he reads his cue cards is actually quite amusing. During the interview, it appears as though Owens is poking the bear suggesting that McIntyre and McMahon were scared of the Undertaker’s appearance. This ultimately leads Dolph Ziggler coming out and saying that he deserves a title opportunity and Owens says he deserved a title opportunity as well.

Owens wanted to focus on their reactions which appeared on their faces after they announced that it was going to be a no holds barred match. Ziggler and Owens were going to be a tag team competing for a championship opportunity if they win a match later in the evening against Heavy Machinery.

After the commercial break, we get Big E facing Daniel Bryan. While the match is one-on-one the result was a win for Bryan with the help of Rowan on the outside.

We then get to see R-Truth from the night before with Drake Maverick attacking R-Truth and winning the 24/7 championship. Alexa Bliss then tells Nikki Cross that she should host A Moment of Bliss with Bayley as the special guest. Bayley comes out and by the end of it, Cross challenges Bayley to a match that was going to happen next. Bayley wins the match and we’re left wondering how long will Alexa Bliss continue to manipulate Nikki Cross?

Ali airs a vignette when he says when he becomes the WWE champion that he’s there to make a difference and to change fans minds. The idea about the chase continuing and to allow the change to begin.

Up next Kayla Braxton is in the ring announcing Kofi Kingston to the ring with what would be a face-to-face confrontation with Samoa Joe. They replay the attack that Kingston suffered at the hands of Samoa Joe on Raw and then the previous night on Raw. With Kingston in the ring, the champion was awaiting the challenger Samoa Joe to come to the ring. Kingston shares what Joe has done for himself. He talks about how Joe is too big to be playing hide-and-seek and calls him jealous. Joe asks for Kingston to shake his hand as a gesture because of what he put the champ through the previous week. Kingston’s answer was a finger in the face of the challenger and trouble in paradise to knock out Joe in the middle of the ring.

Heavy Machinery is in a backstage interview with the awareness that they will face Dolph Ziggler and Kevin Owens with the winner to be added to the Extreme Rules Smackdown Live tag team championship making a triple threat.

The announce team share what took place on Raw the night before between Strowman and Lashley with the massive spot between them. Lashley aired a video to Twitter with the all-mighty saying what he will do the next time he sees Braun.

Andrade and Apollo Crews are going one-on-one with each other. It is an outstanding matchup between the two with tons of spots taking place between both men. Crews brought the fight to Andrade, but Zelina Vega got involved causing a win for El Idiolo.

Owens and Ziggler and exchange jabs, but ultimately come to the consensus that the two should be a team with one another. After a commercial break, we get a vignette of Aleister Black sharing of his challenger ‘showing up’. Whoever is knocking on Black’s door that is the person that picks the fight with him.

Mandy Rose and Ember Moon face each other. This has been a few weeks in the making as Rose and Deville guilty of laying into Moon. Moon hits the eclipse on Rose after laying into Rose throughout the match. After the match, Deville comes in to console with her.

We then get Shelton Benjamin being asked who he thinks will win the WWE Championship at Extreme Rules. He doesn’t respond, but simply looks around and ends it with a menacing smile. What does it mean? We aren’t sure.

The main event is slated to take place after the next commercial break between Ziggler/Owens and Heavy Machinery. Once we return from commercial break the Smackdown Live tag team champions and New Day are at ringside. The argument at ringside between the tag team champions and New Day at ringside with Heavy Machinery and Ziggler and Owens still fighting in the ring. The match is restarted due to the disaster of what has happened at ringside between the other two teams. Ziggler and Owens get the advantage and are working well as a tag team.

The showoff has Tucker Knight caught in a submission like move synching in a front face lock. A cross body by Knight on Owens turned it into a hot tag to Otis and Ziggler. Otis takes the fight to Ziggler until Dolph hits a DDT. Owens is tagged in and hits a superkick on Otis. Otis recovers and hits a caterpillar on Ziggler, but then gets caught with another superkick. An errant superkick by Ziggler onto Owens leads to Heavy Machinery hitting the compactor and picking up a win and a match at Extreme Rules. After the match, Owens hits a stunner on Ziggler much to the delight of the fans in attendance. The show ends with fans chanting one more time.


With a week to go until Extreme Rules matches are still to be decided and championship opportunities are yet to be announced.