WWE Raw and SmackDown Live Quick Hits Recapatory for 6/17/19

Welcome to the revamped weekly edition of the WWE Raw and SmackDown Live Quick Hits Recapatory…Wow, that’s a mouthful…just like the plethora of amazing WWE content, we get to enjoy every week. My name is Chris King you’re new recap technician and I will be taking on the responsibility for this delivery of each weeks’ Raw and SmackDown Live shows.


The Raw portion kicks off with Elias in the ring about to deliver another classic hit for the WWE Universe, he removes his jacket to reveal a cutoff referee shirt. He announces he will be the guest referee for Seth Rollins vs. Baron Corbin this Sunday at WWE Stomping Grounds, The Universal Champion sneaks right behind him and smashes him with some chair shots. A fired up Rollins says all these games by Lesnar has pissed him off, and he understands that Corbin wants the title. He declares that anyone who joins Corbin will receive the same level of punishment as Elias just did. I’m digging this aggressive side of Rollins… maybe a heel turn down the road?

He leaves as soon as The Miz’s enters for the Fatal-5-Way match for the #1 contender for the United States Championship.

All five competitors come out back-to-back and deliver their finishers on Elias before we head to commercial.

The Miz vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Ricochet vs. Cesaro vs. Braun Strowman
Fatal-5-Way Elimination Match

We’re back live as the bell rings. Strowman immediately bulldozes through all the competitors, we see a mini-alliance formed by Lashley and Cesaro to take down the ‘Monster’ but to no avail. He powerslams Lashley on top of Cesaro to make the first elimination. Lashley hits a suplex but Strowman is not fazed and lands another Powerslam for the second elimination. ‘The Monster Among Men’ sprints around the ring and shoulder tackles through Miz and Ricochet like bowling pins.

Cesaro and Lashley come back in the fray and instruct Ricochet to deliver the 630 Splash as all three men eliminate Strowman. It’s down to Miz and Ricochet as we head to commercial. We return to see Ricochet with a Tijeras up and over; Miz attempts a baseball slide but no one home, Ricochet nails a Tope con Giro. Back in the ring; Miz counters a rolling thunder dropkick into a figure-four that has Ricochet writhing in pain as he attempts to reverse it. He finally releases the hold via rope break.

Ricochet send Miz on the ring apron; Miz springboards but eats a Codebreaker, followed by ‘The One and Only’ ascending to the top to execute a beautiful 630 for the one…two…three. Before Ricochet can celebrate Samoa Joe blindsides him and goes on the attack, but the new number-one contender sends Joe outside and nails him with a dive over the top rope!

Winner and new number-one contender: Ricochet

24/7 Antics: The camera spots R-Truth and Carmella in the front row in disguises; a flood of superstars come down to attack, Truth slips under the ring but when pulling someone out from under…it’s Titus O’Neil…Truth and Carmella sneak away through the crowd.

We cut backstage as ‘The Man’ Becky Lynch is heading to the ring.

Becky and Evans Scuffle: When we return Becky is out to hype her match this Sunday against Lacey Evans for her Raw Women’s Championship. Evans comes out and taunts Becky while giving us a history lesson of her past trials in life. She claims being a U.S. Marine taught her dignity. The Man is tired of the games and drops Evans with a Bexploder and runs away with her hat and kicks it into the crowd as we head to commercial.

We return as Daniel Bryan and Erik Rowan are insulting the Los Angeles crowd; he says he will entertain us by annihilating the Universal Champion, beating him will prove one half of The Planet’s Tag-team is better than the entire Raw roster.

The Viking Raiders come out…have a stare down with Bryan and Rowan and destroy Randy and Russ Taylor in under a minute.

Winner: Viking Raiders

Living Like Kings: Backstage we see The Revival joining Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre in a private VIP lounge drinking champagne.

Backstage With The Lone Wolf: Baron Corbin is interviewed…He gives his insight on what occurred earlier to Elias, he claims he’s got several friends and a replacement lined up already. He will reveal it later tonight on the Kevin and Sami show. A relentless Rollins blasts him from behind with hard chair shots and tells Corbin he’s got a daunting task ahead of him.

Owens and Sami make their entrance as we head to commercial.

Unexpected Guest: As we return there’s a knock on Shane’s door…it’s Heath Slater who asks for a raise and gets denied. Shane sends McIntyre to sick him, he tricks Slater with some cash before beating him senseless.

The Big Reveal: We return to the ring as KO welcomes us to the special edition of the show alongside Zayn; they welcome Corbin to the show, he reveals EC3 as the special guest referee for Sunday…. Rollins blasts EC3 with repeated chair shots…back to the drawing board for Corbin.

The Promo Master: After Paul Heyman gives a promo assuring Rollins he’s not the replacement for Sunday, he toys with the crowd that Lesnar could be here tonight to cash-in.

Rollins blasts an innocent Eric Young backstage.

The Big Fight: Roman Reigns is out next to hype his match against McIntyre this Sunday, he calls out him and Shane. Shane answers from the VIP lounge; Reigns goes on the hunt and barges in, dropping McIntyre through a table…He chases Shane into the ring and delivers a Spear!

Main Event time as announced earlier in the show, Seth Rollins will face Daniel Bryan.

Seth Rollins vs. Daniel Bryan

The match begins with rapid action as both men take turns sending each other out of the ring. Rollins lands a suicide dive and goes for a second, but Rowan catches him and hits the Claw Slam for a DQ. They start double-teaming Rollins as New Day comes down for the save, more superstars engage in a brawl. Mike Rome announces the match will be restarted, and everyone is banned from ringside as we go to commercial.

We return to the bell ringing; Bryan on the attack with a series of dropkicks, Rollins answers back with a wicked clothesline. Rollins attempts an enzuigiri, but Bryan turns into an ankle lock. Seth gets up, Bryan hits a German suplex and Rollins is sent outside. Rollins hits his signature superplex into falcon arrow combo, but Bryan counters into a Lebell Lock. Seth makes the rope break. Rollins executes a bucklebomb for a two-count. Bryan blocks a frog splash with the knees and applies the Lebell Lock, Rollins hits the enzuigiri followed by the Curb Stomp for the..one..two..three.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Corbin gets his revenge on Rollins, with an attack with a steel chair and stands tall holding the Universal title over Rollins’ body…to end the show.


Smackdown Live begins with The New Day as they open the show and deliver a promo hyping Kofi Kingston’s Steel Cage Match against Dolph Ziggler for the WWE Championship, as well as Big E and Xavier Woods vs. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn this Sunday at Stomping Grounds. Dolph Ziggler cuts them off and mocks The New Day for ignoring what occurred at Super ShowDown. He again reminds us that HE should be the WWE Champion, Kofi doesn’t deserve to be.

They both trade jabs at each other. Ziggler says he’s nothing without his backup and this Sunday they can’t help him, and Kofi will choke on his own. Ziggler goes over his blueprint for being in the cage; rattling off how he will punish Kofi, the champ responds that it doesn’t matter whether it’s pinfall or escaping the cage…He’ll still be your WWE Champion. Ziggler employs Kofi to observe what he’s going to do to Woods tonight.

Backstage we see Bayley adoring a poster of herself.…Ziggler and Woods are up next after commercial

Dolph Ziggler vs. Xavier Woods

The match begins with technical wrestling; plenty of holds and both men feeling each other out. Woods applies a headlock and Ziggler breaks free, nails Woods with a stiff kick and showing his nasty side…raking his eyes on the rope. Woods eats a neckbreaker…two-count. Ziggler back on the attack slamming woods headfirst on the turnbuckle. Irish Whip; Ziggler eats a big boot as Woods executes an Honor Roll, he goes up top only for KO and Zayn to come out for a brutal onslaught. The official gains control and orders them to leave…Woods crashes into them with a dive. When they get back in the ring, Ziggler nails a devastating DDT for a two-count as we had to commercial.

We’re back as Ziggler Irish Whips Woods but it’s reversed; woods evades a lariat, nails Ziggler with a rolling elbow…another two-count. Back and forth action outside, Woods hits a stunning dropkick to Ziggler. Ziggler executes a military press into a double knee gutbuster for a two-count. Dolph eats a Superkick that sends him to the outside. Ziggler takes control in the ring; ties Woods in the ropes and utilizes his arsenal of holds including an armbar…he releases only to hit a ferocious Superkick to Woods for the…one..two..three.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

They show a recap of Rollins’ relentless attack on all the potential guest referees last night.

Everyone Wants The Spot: Backstage we see The B-Team, Shelton Benjamin and Matt Hardy all vying for the role of guest referee.

Alexa Bliss and her new bestie Nikki Cross are mingling and relaxing ahead of A Moment of Bliss…head to commercial.

A Moment Of Truth?: We’re back as Bliss introduces Cross who will be in her corner Sunday for her match against Bayley. She barks for her coffee; Bayley comes out with her own drinking away. Bliss says Bayley has been selfish since her NXT days. She brings up her ‘troubling’ past in NXT…talks about feeling worthless and overlooked; even Bayley contributed…excuse me while I barf. Bayley tries to respond but gets shut down; this all culminates into a brawl between the opponents; Bayley is yelling at Cross…Bliss nails her with a stiff forearm to end the segment.

Andrade Attack: Backstage we see Zelina Vega and Crews talking about Andrade he wants to find him…Andrade blindsides him and throws him into some road cases.

The Planet’s Champions are chatting backstage and to commercial.

We return to see Heavy Machinery preparing to take on The B-Team.

Heavy Machinery (Otis and Tucker) vs. The B-Team (Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel)

The B-Team gets some offense in but Otis and Tucker just are too powerful; the finish is a double stinger splash in the corner to Dallas and Axel…followed by a Trash Compactor for the win.

Winner: Heavy Machinery

Rollins The Avenger: The Universal Champion comes out of nowhere and drills Dallas and Axel with more chair shots.

We see KO and Zayn whining to Shane about feeling unsafe because of Rollins. He tells them to handle their own safety by booking KO and Zayn vs. Rollins and Kofi in a 2/3 falls match later tonight.

Fade To Black: Another ominous promo by the impatient Aleister Black…still looking for a fight. Black declares this isn’t a pity story and whoever does answer the call, will change the essence of them.

A Stern Warning: Back in the ring Shane and The Corporation 2.0 ( Drew McIntyre, and Elias) are hyping McIntyre’s match with Roman this Sunday. He bypasses what happened last night; McIntyre sends another warning to The Big Dog…The Miz enters the fray. He shows a slow-motion of Shane eating a Superman Punch and a Spear…Him and Miz trade family jabs about their dads. Miz says he’ll have a special edition of Miz TV after Roman kicks McIntyre’s ass on Sunday.

The 24/7 champ R-Truth is at ringside…Shane books an elimination tag-team match and calls for an official as we head to commercial.

Awesome Truth (Miz and Truth) vs. McIntyre and Elias) Elimination Match

Elias and Miz start the match; Miz target his injured ribs that are taped up from last night, Truth enters and they land a double running knee into a spinning leg drop. Truth hits the splits until McIntyre is tagged in; hits a stiff knee drop and chokes Truth at the ropes…Elias back in. He gets chopped by Truth; Truth counters an Irish Whip and hits a low bridge and Elias crashes outside. Back in and Elias eliminates Truth with a devastating running knee… two-on-one now; the usual 24/7 chasing antics begin…and they don’t know the rules…pin or no? Truth escapes again…head to break.

We’re back as Miz is in a headlock, and eats a knee strike that sends him outside. Shane gets a cheap shot in; Miz evades McIntyre charging…sends him in the timekeeper’s area; Elias throws Miz into the barricade and sends him back into the ring. Elias attempts a dive, he eats a HARD boot the injured ribs again…Miz hits the signatures; double knees in the corner followed by an Awesome Clothesline and spike DDT…two-count. Elias wants an electric chair but Miz counters… O’Connor roll before he gets blasted with the Glasgow Kiss. The finish is academic…Claymore and the one..two..three. Two Claymore’s for the price of one!

Winner: Drew McIntyre and Elias

Commentary team hypes Sunday’s pay-per-view.

Rise Of The Shenom: Ember Moon is backstage looking for The Iconics; Carmella is searching for Truth. We see Ember catch up to Peyton Royce and Billy Kay…a brawl ensues and broken up by officials…and commercial.

We see a replay of The Firefly Funhouse from last night.

Truth looking for Carmella; Drake Maverick disguised as Mella drives up in a car…quick roll-up and a New 24/7 Champion…Drake Maverick

Main Event time –

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn vs. Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston
2/3 Falls Match

Kofi charges and drills Zayn with a beautiful Trouble in Paradise to gain the first pinfall as we head to commercial.

Rollins and Owens are in now; Rollins hits a Slingblade on Owens, Rollins hits the apron from a back body drop. Owens counters a Springboard from Rollins into a slam. DDT connects on the apron…Paul Heyman is watching from backstage. Zayn in and waling relentlessly on Rollins in the corner. Owens and Zayn utilizing quick tags punishing Rollins. Kofi gets the hot tag…firing on all cylinders; clotheslines and dropkicks to Zayn…Boom Drop Leg Drop for a two-count.

He lands a stunning Springboard cross-body; Zayn counters an Irish Whip into a Blue Thunderbomb…Kofi kicks out. Rollins gets the tag and lays Owens and Zayn with back-to-back suicide dives. Kofi gets the plancha; Owens uses a schoolboy pin, Kofi evades a Superkick…Rollins nails the Avada Kedavra. He wants the bucklebomb but instead hits the enzuigiri out of the corner and connects with a Curb Stomp for the second fall…and the win.

Winners: Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston

Lurking In The Shadows: Paul Heyman is still observing and that’s the show folks…WWE Stomping Grounds this Sunday!

Both Marc Madison and Mark Blake will be here this Saturday with a special Stomping Grounds preview. Keep an eye out for that folks!

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