WWE NXT Preview for 8/4/21 (Hit Row vs Legado del Fantasma)

On the 8/4/21 edition of NXT, the program features two former Undisputed Era members facing each other as we preview WWE NXT. Four matches have been announced, with each one having further implications leading to NXT TakeOver 36. One match involves the potential end of a forbidden love; another match involves a feud between two different factions; a third is a grudge match between two former Undisputed Era members & the final match of the first round of the NXT Breakout Tournament. As we preview WWE NXT for the week of 8/4/21, viewers have several matches to look forward to.


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Dexter Lumis vs. Johnny Gargano

With the theme of love her or leave her on the table, this match between Gargano and Lumis has major implications. The ongoing distraction of the star-crossed lovers in Lumis and Hartwell is clearly playing itself into the unity with The Way. In the past few weeks, we have witnessed bickering within the group backstage. It even resulted in Austin Theory throwing up his hands and walking away amongst the arguing among Candice, Johnny, and Indi. With all of this taking place, it was only a matter of time before there would be a breaking point. This proposal to end this forbidden relationship has really forced both competitors into a position to win.

For Lumis, a loss would result in an end to his pursuit of Hartwell. Naturally, that won’t sit well with Indi, and having her continuously wondering what could have been done have far greater implications for her role within The Way. However, a win by Gargano may begrudgingly lead to Lumis’ inclusion in The Way because of Hartwell.

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WWE NXT Preview for 8/4/21
Hit Row (Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott, Ashante Thee Adonis & Top Dolla) vs. Legado del Fantasma (Santos Escobar, Joaquin Wilde & Raul Mendoza)

Enough is enough for these six men. With Escobar and Swerve continuing to challenge one another, it was only a matter of time before both factions came to blows. Fans are well aware of the teamwork between Mendoza and Wilde. Fans are equally becoming aware of the in-ring unity between Top Dolla and Astante Thee Adonis. So when we include the two leaders within the factions in this match, the stakes are raised. While there are no championship implications in this match, it ultimately could lead to them.

Santos Escobar will not rest until he challenges Scott for the NXT North American Championship. With that potentially at stake, Legado del Fantasma will likely resort to anything to win the match. And it should also be noted that the intangible factor playing in Hit Row’s favor is B-Fab at ringside. Will that lead to a win for Hit Row on this night?

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WWE NXT Preview for 8/4/21
NXT Breakout Tournament

First Round
Trey Baxter vs. Joe Gacy

In the final match of the tournament’s first round, we have two men who have long grown to earn a name for themselves. Both men prior to their time in NXT were building traction. Gacy is in NXT with the closure of EVOLVE and presents an insanely intense individual that presents a major threat to Baxter. For Trey Baxter, he has impressed upon his entry into NXT. His match-up against KUSHIDA caught the attention of fans in attendance and those watching at home.

With his remarkable movements around the ring, Baxter can bring an intensity and fire in the ring that does not slow down in the slightest. However, it is clear that in this battle, the smaller Baxter will have to avoid getting caught in the grips of the larger and stronger Gacy.

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Bobby Fish vs. Roderick Strong

Last week it was the team of Fish and KUSHIDA that surprised the Diamond Mine. The duo defeated the team of Strong and Rust. That loss won’t sit well with Strong. Therefore, their singles match this week is sure to have a new level of intensity tied to it. The two former Undisputed Era members will come at each other with a series of strikes and suplexes that they have long been synonymous with.

Since his return from ‘going home,’ Strong has brought a greater intensity level that appears to be everything the Diamond Mine is meant to be about. Several factors could play a part in favor of Strong outside the ring. These factors include; Malcolm Velli, Tyler Rust, and Hideki Suzuki. Additionally, unlike previously, KUSHIDA may very well not play a role in the match leading to a win for Strong.

What To Expect:

  • Will MSK play a part in this week’s episode and address potential threats for the title?
  • Do Karrion Kross and Samoa Joe once again come to blows leading up to their NXT TakeOver 36 matchup?
  • Will Adam Cole seek retribution for Kyle O’Reilly’s previous attack on him?


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