WWE NXT Preview for 3/10/21 (Championship Edition)

In the latest WWE NXT edition, several questions appear to be asked going into the night’s action. There is one instance where revenge for one’s actions may be what motivates someone’s partner and friend to fight on their behalf. There are also two separate titles on the line as well, with both the men’s and women’s NXT championship are on the line. WWE NXT Preview for 3/10/21 is here!

In the case of the women’s the albatross is hanging over the head of the champion. She faces a challenger that she has yet to defeat one on one during their time together in NXT. For the men’s title, we have witnessed an undisputed end to a faction with one man seeking to walk alone. However, will those he sought to once walk with be who ultimately cost him his championship opportunity? Also, Kayden Carter will seek to put down Xia Li for her ruthless attack on Kacy Catanzaro.


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Xia Li vs Kayden Carter

On last week’s edition of NXT, Li showed that she is no longer a “friend” of Kacy Catanzaro. The line in the sand between friend and foe has been drawn. While Catanzaro was more concerned with mending the broken fence that is their relationship, Carter appeared more guarded. In listening to the commentary last week, it was clear that Catanzaro just wanted her old friend back. However, to see Li and her character’s complete transformation is a quick reminder that is no longer going to be the case. Carter will be coming for blood as she not only seeks revenge for what happened to her partner but to see Li straight. To see the path that Li is currently on suggests that she won’t step down.

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WWE NXT Preview for 3/10/21
NXT Women’s Championship

Io Shirai (c) vs. Toni Storm

The growing animosity between champion and challenger has reached a fevered pitch! While they both respectfully shook hands upon Storm defeating Shirai during the Mae Young Classic finals, that isn’t the case now. In their recent NXT Women’s Championship match, Storm was unsuccessful against Shirai. However, that contest was a triple threat matchup for the title. In that title match, it was Mercedes Martinez that was pinned. With that happening, it also planted the seeds for this matchup to happen. Toni Storm is holding her success over Shirai over her head. It is that proverbial carrot that is dangling over her head that she is determined to snatch in the process, ensuring that it will be Storm zero for Toni Storm.

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WWE NXT Preview for 3/10/21
NXT Championship
Finn Balor (c) vs Adam Cole

There was no room for anyone other than Adam Cole to challenge for the NXT Championship. It is clear that in leading up to this match, everything Adam Cole said that showed ‘support’ for Kyle O’Reilly was nothing but a facade. With each ‘apology’ Cole gave for his actions, another dagger was driven into the side of the NXT Universe and Undisputed Era brother. With both, Kyle O’Reilly and Roderick Strong betrayed, the question of whether or not Bobby Fish will be implicated in this matchup remains.

Fish is currently out of action tending to an injury, so it isn’t likely that he will be involved (although stranger things have happened). Finn Balor is an island all to himself. Whether or not he receives support or not during this match is irrelevant. All that matters is that the Prince has his eyes firmly focused on Adam Cole. And at any moment, he is prepared to pull the trigger.

What to Expect:

  • Will Imperium continue to try and recruit Timothy Thatcher? And will Tomasso Ciampa continue to be the one to steer him clear of them?
  • Will Cameron Grimes continue to have ill-fortune?
  • Will we hear from MSK after being attacked by Grizzled Young Veterans?


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