WWE NXT 2.0 for 7/12/22 (NXT Women’s Title Match BATTLE)

The upcoming episode of WWE NXT 2.0 for 7/12/22 features three matches for the show. Of the matches included, one is a grudge match, one was a challenge with a former NXT stalwart, and one could see a double champion crowned. With only three matches officially slated to take place, the question is, what else could possibly take place on the program?

What has emerged over the past few weeks the rivalry between Toxic Attraction and Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez has become something more. This puts the rising star, Roxanne Perez, in a position to be a co-holder of the NXT Women’s tag team and women’s championship.


WWE NXT 2.0 for 7/12/22
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WWE NXT 2.0 for 7/12/22
Solo Sikoa vs Von Wagner

Sikoa continues to impress as he’s become a threat for the NXT North American Championship. What has also happened, however, is Von Wagner’s intensity and presence as well. With Robert Stone by his side, Von Wagner has found a whole new side of himself that wasn’t evident when NXT 2.0 first came to be. What began as each man simply trying to jockey for position has emerged into something more.

While this match could be seen as nothing more than a one-off match, it is an important contest between two men looking to have a secured spot on the card as part of a title contention.

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WWE NXT 2.0 for 7/12/22
Apollo Crews vs. Giovanni Vinci

What happens when a former Intercontinental Champion faces a former decorated NXT UK and NXT Tag Team Champion? The answer is a win for the fans. As the former Fabian Aichner steps in the ring with Crews, what fans will be privy to is a battle between someone looking to establish himself as a singles star in NXT and someone to reemerge on the brand that he called home.

For Creed, it is critical for him to beat Vinci and do so convincingly if he’s to move up the card. But if that were to happen, why does Vinci get any push, and if anything, a lose ends up being counterproductive for him. Does Vinci make a statement by defeating Apollo Crews?


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WWE NXT 2.0 for 7/12/22
NXT Women’s Championship Match
Mandy Rose (c) vs. Roxanne Perez

This match has the potential to be something extraordinary for all involved. For fans unaware of Perez’s earlier career, she competed for Reality of Wrestling which is owned and operated by WWE Hall of Famer Booker T. Her rise was nothing short of meteoric as she then emerged in Ring of Honor and became the ROH Women’s Champion. Now in NXT, Perez is proving that everyone familiar with her was right about her.

But unlike her time in places like ROW and ROH, Perez has a locker room full of women that could easily question why does she get this spot? Perez faces someone that has long to establish herself as a credible talent in Mandy Rose. Rose has worked a great deal on her performance in the ring as she has her presence on the way to the ring. What ultimately comes to be with Perez as she challenges for the title for the first time?

What To Expect

  • Toxic Attraction address the loss of the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship
  • Bron Breakker addresses future contenders for the NXT Championship
  • Will Diamond Mine finally implode after last week’s NXT Tag Team Championship match?


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