WWE NXT 2.0 for 3/15/22 (Pirotta BATTLES Hartwell)

Four matches have been announced on the upcoming WWE NXT 2.0 for 3/15/22 edition. Fans of the program will witness the debut of NXT UK talent A-Kid as he faces KUSHIDA, a match of two of NXT 2.0’s premier talents in Cameron Grimes and Santos Escobar. They will also see Sarray face Tiffany Stratton and former tag team partners battle as Persia Pirotta faces Indi Hartwell.

Of each of these matches presented, the question is, how will these matches set the stage for that event? Will any of these matches lead to an upcoming title match? Will it separate the threats from the threatened?

A-Kid (shown on the left) battles KUSHIDA (shown on the right) [Photo: WWE NXT]

WWE NXT 2.0 for 3/15/22

If a match could best be described as a potential rollercoaster ride, it would be this one. In this first match on NXT 2.0, NXT UK talent A-Kid comes to the program to face former NXT Cruiserweight Champion KUSHIDA. For those unaware of A-Kid, he is from Madrid, Spain, a nine-year pro and only 24-years of age.

To put that in perspective, the talented Spaniard has been wrestling since he was the tender age of 15 years old. When some teenagers are still learning who they are, A-Kid was already on the road to becoming a professional wrestler. A-Kid was earning a name for himself on the UK scene and looks to make a name for himself in North America.

But he stands across the ring from KUSHIDA, who has been wrestling since A-Kid was eight years old. He is sure to show why he is a six-time IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion.

Cameron Grimes (shown on the left) battles Santos Escobar (shown on the right) [Photo: WWE NXT]

WWE NXT 2.0 for 3/15/22
Cameron Grimes vs. Santos Escobar

From a sheer fan’s perspective, this match is this previewer’s pick to click. The battle between a former Millon Dollar Champion and NXT Cruiserweight Champion will likely have championship implications. With Legado Del Fantasma, likely in the corner of Escobar, Grimes will need to have eyes in the back of his head. Grimes is still hungry for the gold despite recently losing to Carmelo Hayes for the NXT North American Championship.

In the case of Santos Escobar, he, too, is hungry for a title. He recently competed for the NXT Championship but was unsuccessful in his quest. That likely didn’t sit well with Escobar. So a win here could either put him on the trajectory of another NXT Championship match or contending for the NXT North American Championship.


Indi Hartwell (shown on the left) battles Persia Pirotta (shown on the right) [Photo: WWE NXT]

WWE NXT 2.0 for 3/15/22
Persia Pirotta vs. Indi Hartwell

It almost seems like a cliche. One that a man can get between two women but in the case of these two, it appears to be the case. In this instance, we have friends that are at odds with one another. They are at odds over someone that had a relationship with the same man that the other now has that relationship with them. Indi has tried to warn Persia about Duke Hudson. But rather than taking her advice to heart, she’s is letting her heart guide her.

While some may be bothered by this type of storyline, it is relatable. As the brother that has seen his older sister and her friends in this type of conversation in their teens, it isn’t that far-fetched. That said, while neither of these women are in their teens, it’s clear their target demographic are older teens; this storyline reflects that.

WWE NXT 2.0 for 3/15/22
Sarray (shown on the left) battles Tiffany Stratton (shown on the right) [Photo: WWE NXT]

WWE NXT 2.0 for 3/15/22
Sarray vs. Tiffany Stratton

Within the NXT 2.0 women’s division, it is important to provide new stars a chance to emerge. For Tiffany Stratton, the daddy’s girl, he has the potential of being a top heel on the brand. The arrogance that she exudes is likely what will help her move ahead in the brand. For Sarray, while her alter-ego character that seems to reveal is clever, it’s what she does between the ropes that is where she shines.

A win here will help both women but will the match likely push one forward and the other one back? Could this be the match that forces Sarray into a character arc? As it’s been said in the past. We can die the hero or live long enough to become the villain. Does this happen here?

What To Expect

  • Dolph Ziggler addresses his recent NXT Championship win
  • Imperium discuss their next threat for the NXT Tag Team Championship
  • Will Carmelo Hayes address the next threat for the NXT North American Championship?


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