#Preview: WAC Presents Volume 6: Fool’s Gold

Without A Cause
Presents Volume 6: Fool’s Gold
April 21, 2019
Everett Washington

#Preview: WAC Presents Volume 6: Fool's Gold

On Sunday, April 21st the Normanna Lodge will fill the hall with a gaggle of wrestling fans! But this isn’t just any Without A Cause show. This is going to be one of the most important shows in the promotion’s history! Volume 6 Fool’s Gold will see the promotion bestow its first championship belt… kind of… It depends on whether or not you consider Steve Migs’ Twitter Verified belt the first promotional championship.

Regardless of how you interpret the championship legacy of Without A Cause, there is an incredible line up of performers at Fool’s Gold!

Singles Match
Guillermo Rosas vs. Nick Wayne

#Preview: WAC Presents Volume 6: Fool's GoldThose of you who attended WAC Volume 5 will remember Nick Wayne was the referee during the “Classic” Cody Chhun versus Guillermo Rosas match. Rosas defeated Cody and proceeded to brutalize Nick Wayne for counting “too slowly” for Rosas. After a brutal beating Nick and Cody left the auditorium together reeling in pain.

#Preview: Without A Cause Presents Volume 6: Fool's GoldThis month Nick Wayne has decided to face the man who attacked him completely unprovoked. It would appear Guillermo Rosas agreed to the match, no doubt to finish the beating he gave Nick the month before.

This is likely going to be a vicious grudge match. Nick has bravely chosen to face the man who thought nothing of knocking him around. Will Nick get his revenge? Or will Rosas put this teen wrestling sensation in his place?

Singles Match
Pitfall Jones vs. “Uncle Muscles” Allan Jepsen

At WAC Volume 5 Pitfall Jones came out and savagely attacked Local Celebrity Steve Migs! It was a felonious act, fraught with venomous jealousy. Pitfall then issued a challenge to Migs. Unfortunately, Migs informed the audience that he would not be attending WAC Volume 6, he will be out of town no doubt building shelter for orphans in South America! In his stead “Uncle Muscles” Allan Jepsen will act as Steve’s Champion against the villainous Pitfall Jones!

Allan Jepsen taught Steve Migs everything he knows about wrestling. As a result, this seasoned veteran is well equipped to teach the grave robber Pitfall a lesson or two about what being a champion is really about.

Fatal Four Way
Christian Andes vs. Ricky Gibson vs. OGB vs. Brian Cook

#Preview: WAC Presents Volume 6: Fool's GoldWe will be treated to a fatal four-way with four wrestlers making their Without A Cause debut. First up we have Christian Andes! This gentleman has appeared at such promotions as 321Battle and 49th State Wrestling in Anchorage Alaska. He currently holds the 321Battle Tag Team Championship along with his tag partner Mr. Fitness. It seems likely this young man is going to make a strong showing.

The second entrant is “Rock God” Ricky Gibson! He has appeared in such promotions as WCWC, DOA, and 321Battle! He has style, likes to wear zebra print headbands and rock and roll, what’s not to like! He’s held several championship belts including the WCWC Lightning Division Championship. This man has been around the block and someone to watch in this match.

The third wrestler is OGB! What do we know about this young man? Not very much. Research found a reference to a wrestler going by the name OGB affiliated with the National Wrestling League, a promotion based in Maryland and puts on shows in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Is this mystery man one and the same? We’ll find out on April 21st.

The final entrant will be none other than Brian Cook, one half of the Cook Brothers! Brian has made appearances locally for DEFY and Project 42. He’s been the subject of Nick Radford’s fanfic and recently became a member of a local faction called the Academy. At Without A Cause Volume 6 Fool’s Gold, Brian will be showing Everett, what a native of Toledo Washington is capable of.

Tag Team Match
Double Platinum (Suede Thompson & Chris Bey) vs. The Strays (Judas Icarus & Tyler)

#Preview: WAC Presents Volume 6: Fool's GoldWe have the Strays making another appearance at Without A Cause. In fact, they seem to make it down from Canada on a regular basis. Apparently panhandling and hitchhiking while sleeping in dumpsters have proven a reliable form of transportation.

This month these two scamps will be taking a break from their Tim Horton dumpster diving and facing Double Platinum! Suede Thompson and Chris Bey are making their way to Everett Washington to test their metal against a couple of homeless children. Double Platinum is the current UWN tag team champions and seems to be making their mark at California Wrestling from Hollywood.

Will Double Platinum close the lid on the Stray’s dumpster? Or will our street scavengers send these two gentlemen back to Hollywood with their tail between their legs? We’ll see for ourselves very soon.

Trio Match
Shotzi Blackheart, B-Boy & DJZ vs. Daddy’s Money (Cool Dad Chris Ross, Golden Boy Travis Williams, and Hott Schott)

#Preview: WAC Presents Volume 6: Fool's GoldWe have a bit of a rematch on our hands with this one. Daddy’s Money representatives, Travis Williams and Hott Schott, have faced off against DJZ before. That match didn’t go particularly well for Daddy’s bank account. This time around these competitors are facing one another with a new line up.

#Preview: WAC Presents Volume 6: Fool's GoldJoining Travis Williams and Hott Schott is the big Daddy himself, Cool Dad Chris Ross. You know its serious when dad gets involved. Needless to say, this group is going to want some payback and don’t expect them to play nice.

DJZ called some friends to help him deal with the minions of parental patronage. Who answered his call? B-Boy will be coming up from Southern California to stand by his side. The other person making their way to Everett… Shotzi Blackheart! She is the current Sabotage War of the Genders Champion and she isn’t afraid to hold her own against some of the toughest competitors in the industry.#Preview: WAC Presents Volume 6: Fool's Gold

This is going to be an excellent match. There are decades worth of experience accrued by the enlisted performers that will ensure the Normanna Lodge is going to get their money’s worth. In addition, this is going to be one of the last appearances made by DJZ on the independent circuit. It is believed he will be signing a contract with the WWE very soon.

Fool’s Gold Match
Daniel Makabe vs. “Kingpin” Johnny Flynn vs. Sonico vs. Jaiden vs. The Whisper vs. Alex Zayne vs. Eli Surge vs ???

#Preview: WAC Presents Volume 6: Fool's GoldIn what is likely to be one of the most memorable events in the history of Without A Cause, Fool’s Gold will determine the first-ever WAC Champion! There are seven announced participants, however, this writer has heard there will be a total of eight. One thing you can be certain of is that WAC is infamous for surprises. There could be many, many more people who enter the ring. The only one will find gold and everyone else will be left the fool.

Sonico! This talented young man is the preeminent luchador in the Pacific North West. He’s fast, nimble and far more resilient than one might imagine. His chances of taking home gold are quite good in this writer’s opinion.

Jaiden! Making his debut at WAC is a wrestler who is no stranger on the local scene. Hailing from Portland Oregon, Jaiden is well known not only for his excellent wrestling prowess but also for his distinctive blue hair. Can he capture gold? According to my sources, he’s more than capable.

Daniel Makabe! We’ve been fortunate enough to see Daniel at the last two WAC shows. He’s taken on formidable opponents including Hammerstone and Zach Cooper. His ring instincts are unparalleled, and he knows how to handle opponents much larger than himself. He stands a good chance of winning the gold.

“Kingpin” Johnny Flynn! The kingpin himself will be making a play for gold. After a humiliating defeat against Chase James and the King of Dong Style, Joey Ryan, Flynn is looking for redemption. Can he win the gold? There are few things more dangerous than a man who has something to prove.

#Preview: Without A Cause Presents Volume 6: Fool's GoldThe Whisper! Making his way from the East Coast is a man familiar to anyone who is a fan of Chikara. He has recently been the tag partner of Seattle native, Princess Kimberlee, but he has proven himself a distinguished wrestler in his own right. Will it be gold or fool’s gold for the Whisper?

#Preview: Without A Cause Presents Volume 6: Fool's GoldAlex Zayne! Making his way west once again from Kentucky is a young man who splits his time between the ring and the mic where he raps and rhymes. He was at the inaugural WAC event where he took on Ashley Dunn in one of the best matches ever to grace Normanna Lodge. Mark my words, Alex Zayne is a strong contender for the prize.

Eli Surge! This alumnus of Daddy’s Money appears to be making a play for the golden trophy. Eli has faced off against some of the toughest opponents WAC could throw at him. The one thing Eli Surge has going for him… The word fare is something he knows nothing about. He doesn’t play by the rules. As a result, he could take home the belt!

The Great Controversy!

Fool's Gold
An act of cruelty towards Migs by Max Zaleski

One of Without A Causes’ greatest wrestlers has been shut out! WAC promoter Max Zaleski has announced Chase James will not perform at Volume 6: Fool’s Gold. In an unprecedented act, Max Zaleski has refused to book him! Even Max’s own mother took pity on Chase and bought him a ticket so he could attend. When Max Zaleski was asked for an official statement regarding Chase James, he stated “No Comment.” If you want to see the uncivil discourse Max has levied against Chase, you need only turn your attention to social media. There you will see Max spit his venomous attacks at a completely innocent young man who has been called by many, the hardest working man in the business. Do you find Max’s behavior familiar? That would be because he has done the same thing to Steve Migs.

Uncertain Presence

Fool's GoldThe Black Sheep Dave Turner is planning to attend Fool’s Gold. What role he is going to play is uncertain. He is not in any of the announced matches. Anyone who has met Dave knows, he doesn’t need an invitation and if he wants to get involved there are few who people capable of stopping him. It seems unlikely Dave is going to simply show up and watch the show. Will he insinuate himself in the championship match for the belt? Or does he have some other nefarious purpose?

What you need to know!

Come one and all! Without A Cause Volume 6: Fool’s Gold should not be missed! This is an all-age event. Food is available and provided by the Normanna Lodge. Alcohol is served in the bar and all liquor must be enjoyed in the lounge area where the show can be watched in leisure. Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

The doors open at 3:30 p.m. and the show starts at 4:00 p.m. WAC has proven themselves to be punctual, so don’t be late! Talent typically sells merchandise before the show, during intermission, and after the show. The post-event party happens at Tony V’s Garage only a couple of blocks away from the venue. All are welcome.