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They say you never stop learning in the wrestling business, and truer words have never been spoken. What does everybody want? Al Snow.

I found myself in a unique spot now where I’m no longer just a wrestler. While this was never my desire, it became a necessity due to where I was based in the world.

I’m slowly beginning to find out I’m not just a promoter either as the business continues to grow. I now find that my job titles include Promoter, Wrestler, Booker, Talent Relations, web designer, social media manager, DVD Production, Media, video editor, equipment manager, logistics, finances, marketing and advertising. As the list goes on and on haha this is now almost a 24/7 job with no stops. You have to really love this, or it will drive you insane.

What Does Everybody Want? Al Snow
Photo / Andrew Carter

However, doing all of this on a constant cycle, I started to feel as though my knowledge about wrestling has reached a glass ceiling. There surely couldn’t be that much more that I didn’t know yet… that was until I got a message that changed all of that.

I got a message from a promoter in Adelaide asking if there was any chance we could do anything with Al Snow. This is since another promoter bailed on a booking, and he was left short. I only had four days to put something together.

But I figured if we could combine a small show at the gym that would help him out. However, what would help us out as a company would be his knowledge. So while financially, we would only just break even, the knowledge we would acquire would be far more valuable. Needless to say, a deal was reached.

What does everybody want? Al Snow

The details of the show are not that important, so here is a brief skim through what happened. We offered this exclusive show to our loyal fans, Legit, all just word of mouth, and we sold out the factory in about two days. I know its not Madison Square Garden but ask any Indy Promoter how hard it is to sell 80 Tickets in two days with no advertising, or build to a show. I was happy with the result but not as happy as the decision I made to take this on.

Within 5 Minutes of meeting Al, I felt like I didn’t know anything about wrestling. He opened my eyes to an entirely new way of thinking, not just from an in-ring psychology point of view but from the history of the business, why things are the way they are, and how to structure shows and angles. This was all just during our car ride; I couldn’t wait for the actual seminar and spending more time with Al.

Andrew Carter Al Snow
Photo / Andrew Carter

We get to the actual seminar now. It was scheduled to go for around 2 hours but ended up going five pushing on six. At the same time, 99% of our roster was in awe and taking everything in. We were quickly reminded that there is still a surprising amount of people in the business who don’t share that same passion.

While the rest of us were on the edge of our seats, we heard this scrunching of paper and sighs continue on for a good 20 seconds. Enough that Al could actually hear it from the front and asked if there was a problem.

Al’s Question Was Answered

To everyone’s surprise… Al’s question was answered: “The last bus leaves here in 20mins, If miss it I’ll have to walk home how much longer is this going to be”

I was beyond furious, embarrassed, confused as to why this would even come up.
Before anything else was said luckily, a close friend of mine offered to drive him home after if he shut the f up.

Al wrapped up the seminar as it was close to midnight now. We headed back to the car to take Al back to the hotel. I apologized to Al for this guy’s action, but Al reminded me it wasn’t mine or the company’s fault. It was just this individual. To many, this might just sound normal, but It was huge as I felt like I was always the target if someone did something they shouldn’t in the company.

The learning continued more in the car, and I couldn’t be more excited about the match tomorrow night.

What does everybody want? Al Snow

It now shows the day. Tonight Al Snow and I would be teaming up against two heels. The learning process continued watching Al put together the match and explain why things are done this way, and the reactions we should be getting at what point. It made me appreciate the wrestling I had watched more and understand it further as I would go back and watch it again.

This style tag match was a tribute to the Rock and Roll Express. I was Plunkie, and Al was Hoot, haha. I was selling my ass off with no offense building the drama, so when the hot tag was made, the place would blow.

What does everybody want Al Snow
Photo / Andrew Carter

This was another one of Al’s teachings. I was taking myself out of my comfort zone. How would I get over if I didn’t do any moves or anything? It taught me fire and how to stay alive, and boy did it work.

I learned that wrestling didn’t always have to have the same formula; there were no restrictions anymore; storytelling became that much easier. It’s not about spots or moves, it’s about making that emotional connection and making people feel.

Al makes the hot tag and cleans house; places go wild he hits his finish, Tag Partner breaks it up, Al sells back towards me and tags me in, I come off the top with a huge crossbody picking up the victory for Myself, Al and Head!

What a fantastic few days of learning, Moments, and memories as we continue this wrestling journey.