the missing link  Wrestling's Original unknown terror

The evolutionists seem to know everything about the missing Link except the fact that it is missing.  - Gilbert K. Chesterton

From the  Ashes of a Caveman 

It was in 1983 that Robertson first emerged with a character that was initially known as 'Max the Missing Link.'

lord  of  darkness

Behind His Eyes

"And I’m sitting in the dressing room, and I look across, and I see this guy looking at me, and it looked to me like it was the Missing Link..."

fear the darkness within the link

He didn't speak but would merely grunt, not unlike an uncaged animal. .


His actions showed no fear and no remorse. There was a truly unsettling nature about Dewey Robertson's Missing Link..

Devastation Incorporation

The Missing Link would move on to World Class Championship Wrestling where he would form an  alliance with the always dastardly Skandar Akbar and his Devastation Incorporation .

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