the insane clown posse  everyone comes to the greatest show 

If JCW truly was a backyard league, why have wrestlers like Kevin Steen, Colt Cabana, Claudio Castagnoli, and Chris Hero competed for their championships?

the  greatest show

ICP have been a credit to the pro wrestling industry ever since they took their first televised bumps at Hardcore Heaven in '97.ess.

IcP's  impact on  wrestling

Michigan natives Joseph Bruce was born in Berkley in 1972 and Utsler in Wayne in 1975. The two would meet in the late 1980s in Oak Park, a suburb on the North side of Detroit.

drawn  together  by wrestling

They were drawn together as pro wrestling fans, practicing moves in backyard rings of their own construction..


At Joseph's first show, he would meet Rob Szatkowski and Terry Brunk, later to be known as Rob Van Dam and Sabu, who were also making their in-ring debuts.


The politics of the wrestling industry would wind up, causing Bruce to retire in 1991..

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