Battling Pride With Love

Sonya Deville 

Sonya Deville was introduced before the E as part of the Tough Enough series.

Born of Italian descent, she first  began to train in MMA at the age of 16. Daria Berenato came into the  company with an MMA background.

Battling Pride with Love

She was eliminated early on in the  series. However, as evident by those eliminated early, that doesn’t mean  there isn’t a longterm vision for them.

When she initially signed to the NXT  brand, she competed under her given name. However, as time passed, she  remerged with a new name. y.

In the Fall of 2015, Berenato  officially signed with WWE and joined their NXT brand. It feels as  though her on and off-screen friendship with Mandy Rose goes as far back  as their days on Tough Enough.

Her growth has been evident; however, throughout her time with the company.

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