the rise and fall of  - lucha underground

The year 2014, Robert Rodriguez announced a new concept was to mix the word of Lucha Libre and storytelling outside of the ring

ultima rising 

Thus Lucha Underground was born. This is a look at the rise and fall of Lucha Underground.

sensual  violence 

This formula delighted wrestling fans and made them “Believers.” It was a nice alternative for fans who were looking for something new and exciting.

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Pitting good vs. evil, the lover of violence/promoter Dario Cueto was the mastermind of creating riffs and playing all sides against one another.


Slated or seven seasons, they unfortunately only made it to four. Shortly after, the El Rey Network closed its doors.

Seasons one and two started strong. The wrestling world was in love with Lucha Underground. But what would come next, would change as season three came about?.

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