PCO The Conquest of The  French Canadian Frankenstein

Hidden from the light of day are not where the darkest places lie.

the  quebeccers

Jacques dropped the Mountie name and took on Ouellet as a tag team partner. Ouellet had been packaged with the same character and renamed “Pierre”.

Jean-Pierre LaFitte

In March 1995, Ouellet resurfaced as “Jean-Pierre LaFitte.” He was named after the genuine French pirates Jean and Pierre LaFitte.

The Amazing French-Canadian

Ouellet and Rougeau reunited as a tag team and made their World Championship Wrestling debuts in 1996..

Kris Kannonball

Ouellet was part of a delegation sent over there as part of a talent loan. When he returned to the US, he was immediately sent to Power Pro Wrestling.


“One day, I looked at myself in the mirror. I realized I was the only person responsible for everything that happened in my life.." - PCO.

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