Pat Patterson - Honor and Pride of A Champion

He was a top-notch heel and hosted a weekly brunch segment called the Québecois equivalent of Piper’s Pit

Pat Patterson - Pride of A Champion

Pat Patterson, né, Pierre Clermont grew up in blue-collar Montreal. The Ville Marie borough to be precise.

Patterson first performed at home at the tender young age of 17. Shortly  thereafter, he would have to bolt his hometown because his father was  unable to come to terms with his son’s sexual preference.

Boston led to Oregon, thanks to a connection made by Maurice Vachon.  Patterson then went on to fame at San Francisco’s Cow Palace.

There, he was teamed with West Virginia native Ray Stevens where they  formed a tag team, The Golden Blondes. The tandem enjoyed immediate and  enduring success and was crowned tag team champions as early as 1965.

The pair would enjoy another successful run in the 1970s under the auspices of Verne Gagne’s Minneapolis-based AWA.

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