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TsuKnown as The Latina Sensation, Mercedes Martinez is a 20+-year veteran in the wrestling business.

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Even though she has two decades of experience, Martinez waited 17 years  to have her first match within WWE. She was officially signed to NXT in  January 2020.


Switching From Basketball To Wrestling

“Main Event Martinez” 

Martinez has a love for basketball. Mercedes  became a well-known basketball player within high school and college  leagues.

“wrestling just came at the right time.”

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Winning Belts & Kicking Arse 

Leaving Ring of Honor did not end Martinez’s career, she focused on continuing to build her wrestling career. 

It was on the 25th of March 2006 in New York City when Mercedes Martinez  finally debuted for Ring of Honor (ROH). This was against Allison  Danger, Daizee Haze and Lacey. 



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