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On the best of days, wrestling can come easy for many in particular for  Leyla Hirsch. The business can have an incredibly grueling schedule to  maintain, but the world’s best persevere through the challenges and come  out better than ever.

This is the case for ‘Legit’ Leyla Hirsch. Born in Moscow, Russia, the current member of the All Elite Wrestling’s women’s division has shown that height doesn’t measure heart.

Once she immigrated to the United States, Hirsch was adopted by a couple  from the U.S.  She initially called the Hillsborough Township in New  Jersey home.

Legit’ Leyla Hirsch – World -Traveledy

Leyla Hirsch began training in between the ages of 14 and 15, and she  carried on amateur wrestling from high school to college. It was early on when she knew she wanted to be a professional wrestler.

“I decided to be a professional wrestler the night I  discovered WWE. After that night, being a professional wrestler was my  ultimate goal.

I did amateur wrestling for five years throughout high  school. My senior year I received a scholarship to wrestle for a  university in Atlanta, Georgia. 

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