Konnan discusses career, hopes for Lucha Underground

"Eddie Guerrero really showed me how to separate personal from business. He showed me how to always be in character."

"Iraq, we went to war with 20 years later for 8 years for, again, the flimsiest reasons. I started to question what am I doing out here."

The problem with WCW was, and we all know, and it’s been well documented. I know this is going to sound redundant, but you had an owner that was a mark for the stars.


"Then LAX was the extreme opposite. I was a radical Latino who hated anything that wasn’t Latin. It was reverse discrimination, and that for some reason, it hit pulse."

I used to write shows with him, everything. So I said, can I give a stab at this? I’ve been here since day one back in the day with Pena, and they gave me a stab, and I’ve been there ever since.

I was just basically touching on a lot of sensitive issues that, in wrestling, they don’t usually touch on. I wanted people to think, you know what I’m saying?

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