Jacob Fatu - The Savage of the Samoan Dynasty

The Samoan Werewolf, Jacob Fatu, has risen to the top of the independent  wrestling scene. His growth has led to his emergence as the face of  Major League Wrestling.

If his last name is familiar, it should be. He is the son of Sam Fatu,  who competed as The Tonga Kid or Fatu during his time in the WWF. And he was trained by his uncle, WWE Hall of Famer, Rikishi

As a talent with less than a decade of in-ring experience, Jacob has  built quite a foundation around him. 

Jacob Fatu – The Rise of the Samoan Werewolf

As one half of The Templars, Fatu made his debut in KnoxX Pro Academy on  September 22nd, 2012, alongside Black Pearl, another member of his  extended family.

He would compete two more times for KPA before the end of 2012. The  following year, he dominated the promotion, winning singles, tag team,  and six-man matches.

To answer that truthfully, where I sit at the table is just playing my position and playing my role at that time. 

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