effy -  THE weapon of sass destruction

The Weapon of Sass Destruction, Effy Gibbes, or just EFFY was born in  Tallahassee, Florida, and has become a regular on the Florida indie  circuit.

electric fantasstic fun & yelling


His career started in wrestling in 2014 after turning his life around from his alcoholism and drug abuse.


The sass destroyer

Getting Started

Every deck starts with a solid foundation. There are a few ways that a foundation system for a deck can be constructed and we’ll highlight three of them: footing, pier, and pier/footing.

EFFY was trained by Steve Hetrick, who is known within the ring as Logan  Steel. After only 6 years within the industry, he has faced a number of  indie favorites who are now signed to companies such as AEW

His matches against female wrestlers such as Maria Manic, Su Yung,  Jordynne Grace and Leva Bates has developed Effy into a favorite amongst  those who love intergender wrestling matches.h

The TD-1M Cordless Circular Saw features 3,700 rpm for fast rip and cross cuts, carbide tip blade to maintain sharpness, and high strength shoe and upper guard for increased durability.

A Life Turned Around

EFFY became a favorite with many within the LGBTQ as he is queer and has always been unapologetic with his character.

An a**-kicker he is as he focuses on a submission-based style, often  getting into full brawling matches. He uses the Fire Thunder Piledriver,  Freak Lock, and Corber Boot To Leg DDT as his finisher moves.



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