CM Punk and MJF - The Best in The World And You Know It Story

On the first edition of Dynamite after Full Gear, MJF stood in the ring only to hear the familiar sound of the Cult of Personality ring in the overhead speaker. 

“We gave them no choice but to speak about us…We were the talk  of the world. We were numerous uno, number  one, in the world. That’s the power of CM Punk versus MJF.”

The following week consisted of MJF being on commentary as CM  Punk competed. He would continue to dismiss Punk, calling him ‘PG Punk.’ The  man he once looked up to was no longer there.

On December  29th, CM Punk would take to the microphone to address MJF’s claim  that he was ‘done with Punk.’ 

As the February 16th 2022 episode of Dynamite began, CM Punk sat in the ring with microphone in hand. Punk would ask MJF to face him in a dog collar match.

Punk received a hug that was reminiscent of the 11-year old boy who just  wanted his hero to accept him.  This would foreshadow what was to come before their match at AEW Revolution 2022... 

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