adrian street   made to be seen

One day, when Adrian was 15, he made good on his word. Adrian hated coal mining and dreamed of fame and fortune.

The young Adrian only knew of his father through what his mother told him.

Adrian Street came from a coal mining family in Brynmawr, Wales. Before  he was one year old, his father, Emrys Street, was conscripted into  WWII.

"It was a way to get attention. But I was also purposely painting a  target on my back because I knew the other wrestlers would resent it –  and I wanted them to bring their best fight.”

Working as a heel, Street would often come to the ring accompanied by  security. Even with protection, Street often found himself fighting his  way out of a building after defeating a local hero.

In 1973, Adrian Street captured the European Middleweight Wrestling Championship, and a national newspaper picked up the story.

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