WARHORSE Teased As TNT Title Challenger

Last night on AEW’s ‘Road To…‘ series, TNT Champion Cody Rhodes and his coach Arn Anderson discussed their plans for the open challenge. The champion and his coach sang the praises of this week’s challenger Sonny Kiss. After that, they shed some light on the process of selecting challengers, claiming Cody’s opponents are hand-picked by Arn Anderson and Tony Khan. The interviewer then asked who Cody would like to face next, at which point Arn Anderson tapped his shoulder. “Try this one on for size,” said the former Horseman. “How about that Warhorse kid?” It appears that Warhorse has been teased as the next TNT Title Challenger.

Cody’s response was sparse, intensely staring at his coach. WARHORSE responded on Twitter in a more characteristic manner.


The reigning, defending, headbanging IWTV Champion is a 7 year veteran of the pro wrestling industry. He began on the Midwest indie scene as Jake Parnell before joining “American Viking” Alex Herzog and Frank Wyatt in the Viking War Party. As a tag team Jake and Alex won the Fully Loaded Wrestling and ZERO1 USA Tag Team Championships. In 2017, Jake entered a feud with fellow Midwest Indie standout Gary Jay, which they carried over several promotions. This rivalry marked a transition from the former “Little Viking” persona to the more heavy metal-oriented WARHORSE character. The feud established Jake not only as a singles competitor but as a main eventer with their last man standing match headlining IWTV’s WrestleMania weekend show in 2019.

WARHORSE Teased As TNT Title Challenger

The transition from Little Viking to WARHORSE culminated in September of 2019. After a series of tough losses in tournament finals, he participated in the IWTV Turbo Graps 16 Tournament. Also in this tournament was then-IWTV Champion Orange Cassidy. Cassidy put his title on the line in his first-round matchup against Erick Stevens, who defeated the King of Sloth Style. Stevens vowed to defend his new title in each of his tournament matches, successfully defending it in the semi-finals before WARHORSE defeated him in the finals.

WARHORSE Teased As TNT Title Challenger
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