VENY wins SEAdLINNNG Beyond The Sea Championship | #AndNEW

On March 9th, at a press conference, Yoshiko would relinquish the Beyond the Sea Championship due to nagging injuries. It was reported that she would be out for a few months. Because of this, Nanae Takahashi has announced a match to crown a new champion. The match would take place on March 17th between ASUKA (Veny) and Rina Yamashita. At SEAdLINNNG’s Grow Together event, Veny wins the SEAdLINNNG Beyond The Sea Championship.

This is also ASUKA’s third attempt at fighting for the title and her first time winning it. Veny’s quest for the title has not come without its share of obstacles. As evident in the highlights below, Yamashita was quick to lay in her relentless attack on Veny. The constant stiff driving feet by Yamashita certainly appeared to be wearing out Veny.

VENY wins SEAdLINNNG Beyond The Sea Championship

The 22-year old Yokohama native’s skill set has evolved since her in-ring career began five years ago. She is considered by some as one of the best Joshi talents, if not best women’s wrestlers in the world today. For North American fans that had been following AEW Women’s Tournament, Veny competed as part of the Japanese bracket that place last month. Veny lost in the first round to another notable AEW Women’s star in Emi Sakura.

Veny’s most recent AEW matchup was as part of a six-women tag team match alongside Maki Itoh and Emi Sakura against Mei Suruga, Rin Kadokura, and AEW’s Women’s Champion Hikaru Shida.


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