UPDATE: GCW Announces Participants for The Acid Cup 2

GCW has now announced the participants of 16 to take part in the upcoming Acid Cup 2 tournament. The field includes a whose who of GCW dignitaries. For example, Nick Gage, Atticus Cougar, Blake Christian, KTB, Allie Kat, Jordan Oliver, Jimmy Lloyd, Chris Dickinson, Matthew Justice, Sanchez, 1 Called Manders, Shane Mercer, Lucky 13 (formerly Super Dragon), Benjamin Carter, Cole Radrick, and Ellis Taylor.

With the event set to take place in a few hours a great time is said to be had by all. For those unaware, those involved in the event are a blend of the present and future.

A couple of names to keep an eye out on are early into their twenties. Ellis Taylor, at 21 years of age has exploded over the past year. The last tournament Taylor was a part of was last year’s Tag Team Invitational for Unsanctioned Pro. Cole Radrick is only 22 years of age and has emerged another young up and coming talent on the independent scene. Unlike Taylor, Radick has been part of a number of different tournaments. Radick’s most recent tournament involvement includes the Young Guns Tournament for Fight or Die Pro Wrestling.

While those are but two young names to consider the likes of Jimmy Lloyd, Chris Dickinson, and Nick Gage are perennial threats. Gage is no stranger either to competing in tournaments. He last competed in WrestlePro’s Dream 16 tournament. In fact, he has had a tournament named after him as well. Nick Gage has had four Invitational’s take place in GCW. Stay tuned to later today to find out who will match up with whom as Independent Wrestling TV stream’s The Acid Cup 2.

Madison’s Mindset:

These participants in this tournament for GCW as they present The Acid Cup 2 come on the heels of yesterday’s announcement of the tournament. Who do you expect to walk out the winner of The Acid Cup 2 tournament?