Upcoming DEFY Events Delayed and New Platform To Be Implemented

If you are breathing, you are probably aware that the wrestling world, as well as a majority of the world itself, has come to a standstill due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, also known as the Coronavirus. Washington State Governor Jay Inslee has asked that public gatherings consist of less than 10 people, so it is impossible for restaurants to stay in operation, let alone a wrestling production that routinely draws a crowd of hundreds of loyal fans. DEFY happens to be one of these impacted brands that have also implemented a new platform. As one of the largest Independent companies in the pacific northwest. Earlier today, the announce that 2 of their pending shows would be delayed.

The Defyant Ones is now pushed back until June 25th, and Fire from the Sky will happen on September 25th. These dates may change, but at the time of posting this is what was displayed on the DEFY webpage. They have also noted current ticket holders will be transferred to other dates. The Defyant Ones will remain an all-ages event, and both cards are still subject to change.

I personally came to DEFY just over a year ago.  In my time in their audience, I have been honored to witness moments that will surely be talked about in wrestling circles for years to come. Amazing Red vs Fatu. Cody Chhun vs Jake Atlas. Randy Myers and the fans vs the DEFY ring. World-class talent makes a point to come to DEFY, much like The Young Bucks did at DEFY to Survive 2 in 2019. We have also seen several talents from PROGRESS wrestling from London! All of this can be found in their online services, which I have shown you how to access below.

Outside of the pure wrestling excellence provided by DEFY, you get to meet the wrestlers as they hang out around the venue, chatting, taking pictures and selling their merchandise.


DEFY Platform
Photo / Kelley Ann Jacobi

While enjoying this benefit I was able to find a group of close friends. They were so close to family there is sometimes no difference and hundreds of acquaintances. These acquaintances are friendly, safe, and inviting to everyone around and sure to qualm any sense of insecurity you can think of. All these people shove into our venue, elbow to elbow, all to share the same thrill and love. It only takes one visit or viewing of DEFY to know you’ve found something special. They offer a special outlet to many of us, and now, they need our help.

Many of us want to do what we can to ensure DEFY will be waiting on the other side of this outbreak. The following outlines ways you can continue to support DEFY at this time:

If you already have tickets, allow DEFY to keep your purchased tickets in their system by having them transfer to the new date. This allows for some stability while not generating any new sales.

Subscribe to the new Patreon subscription service DROPKICK by DEFY. As a patron, DEFY will be offering exclusive pre-sale codes for the very first time as well as new content and perks.

This new platform will launch in April and will allow DEFY to keep connected to it’s fans during the pandemic and beyond.

Subscribe to DEFYonDEMAND.com and relive DEFY events as one platform. (Maybe catch a panda in the crowd…)With commentary by Rich Bocchini, incredibly well-produced visuals, and backstage interviews and segments, experience DEFYonDEMAND.com

Check out the new selection of merch at DEFYwrestling.com/store including a new Champion branded DEFY1 commemorative t-shirt, THE REAVERS zip-up hoodie, DEFY International dad-hat and much more!

DEFY Implementing Platform
Photo / Kelley Ann Jacobi

All in all, DEFY is truly something special, to the ENTIRE wrestling world. So much talent you know today on screen has come thru DEFY at one point or another. Please do anything you can to help support this company, and the community it serves just by existing.

Originally written by Kelley Jacobi