Undertaker The Last Ride Chapter 2: The Redemption

In Chapter 2 of Undertaker the Last Ride, WWE documentaries present The Redemption. The question as to whether the time has come for him to walk away or not is front and center. There are comments from Shane McMahon, Edge, and Shawn Michaels. Mark Calloway revealed his greatest fear of becoming a parody of himself in Chapter 1. Now, however, he reflects on what took place and looks back at his most recent performance.

It immediately begins with Mark Calloway and Michelle McCool sitting in their home, rewatching his WrestleMania match against Roman Reigns. Viewers see that eight months earlier it was to be The Undertaker’s final match. Mark Calloway’s eyes well-up with emotion and disappointment. He shares that he can make excuses but refuses to. Upon sitting and rewatching his match, The Undertaker is filled with dissatisfaction with his performance. He said that he tried his hardest to push through this. Calloway felt bad for Roman and is bothered by not being able to give a match that fits his stature or Reigns’ hard work.

The Undertaker says he thinks that even when Reigns rewatches that match he is likely disappointed. McCool disagrees with that and wants to be supportive; she would not want to add to Calloway’s already growing disappointment. These events bring them to where they are now. This event is where the Undertaker needs to achieve Redemption in Chapter 2.

Undertaker The Last Ride Chapter 2

The Redemption

Undertaker begins to sit up after lying in the ring. There are cheers and chants of “Thank you, Taker” heard. He shared how much emotion was filling the air at the time. The Undertaker was overwhelmed at the time by the utter disappointment he felt and the pain down his leg, It was difficult then for him to come to terms that it would be the final time that he would be on this stage.

As he’s shown laying piece after piece of clothing significance in the ring, The Big Show’s heard saying: I think it was very religious for the hat and symbolizes how Taker worked his career in the ring. Whether there were 400 people there or 400,000 people there, you knew he would leave everything you have in the ring. The Undertaker left a piece. – The Big Show

To see that symbolism and to see his face? That got me. My son even noticed that I had a little tear coming down. Are you okay, dad? I said, yeah, I’m okay. It’s such a reverent moment – Shane McMahon

He left The Undertaker persona in the ring and broke character for the first time in 30 years. He kissed me on-air, and it gave me hope and selfishly as a wife that he’s done. – Michelle McCool.

Undertaker The Last Ride Chapter 2

The Redemption

Filled with Great Disappointment

Calloway shares how disappointed he was but how that’s intended to be goodbye. Reigns does share that it wasn’t perfect but that they were in the moment. It was beautiful that as disappointed that he may or may not have been, he remains respectful and professional. It was heartbreaking for him, too, but he is aware that anything can happen. There is a goal in mind. Reigns respects The Undertaker for all that he did and attempted to do during that match. Calloway shares that his physical condition was at the limit of what he could take. He knew that in his heart that he wasn’t there. Vince McMahon shares with him what is best for the individual first and foremost.

Four weeks after WrestleMania 33, The Undertaker was in New York City. He speaks about how he doesn’t want to cheapen what he has done. However, his time in NYC is for his scheduled hip replacement surgery. It is a surgery that he has experienced in the past on his left side. We then hear injuries that The Undertaker has had, but he’s undergone 15 surgeries from head to toe. A doctor discusses with Undertaker everything in preparation for the upcoming surgery. McCool shares that he is going under the knife and hopes all goes well. Viewers then witness the operation.

The Hip Replacement Surgery

After the operation, he is walking on crutches, but he immediately shares how he’s pain-free on that side for the first time in 10-15 years. The Undertaker says that it is like Christmas. McCool shares that it is both a blessing and a curse- the good being that he is feeling better and the curse being “Oh no, what does this good feeling mean for Mark?” The couple share how he would rewatch matches to recall what took place. A sense of annoyance on the part of McCool is evident and justifiably so as these usually lead to him returning to action.

The Undertaker shares he was able to live life without pain. McCool wants him to enjoy living life pain-free. He speaks of how Michelle must put things in perspective for him. McCool shares how tender he is and how they are soulmates. Calloway shares how much of a positive influence she is on his and their children’s lives. We see a different side of The Undertaker.

Undertaker The Last Ride Chapter 2

The Redemption

I don’t want to water up here, but I wouldn’t nearly be the man I am today without her – Mark Calloway.

Michelle McCool shares how the two people she didn’t want to meet in wrestling were both Kane and The Undertaker. The reasoning behind it was quite funny. It was fear. When she allowed herself to meet them, she found out that Kane was quite pleasant, and she married the other. Calloway says that she pursued him; however, when she gave him a look, he turned to the camera and suggested that it could be a slight ‘fabrication.’ He spoke about her work ethic and how that drew her to him. McCool then throws a football, and it impresses with a 35-yard toss. We’re shown an old home movie bit where we see McCool playing quarterback. McCool says that this is what began Calloway’s early attempts at pursuing her.

Undertaker The Last Ride Chapter 2

The Redemption –

Three Months Later

We see the Undertaker walking through New York City, and he is speaking about his contract status expiring. He travels to Stamford to find out what his role in the company would happen to be. The Undertaker shares that he doesn’t expect to be in the ring anymore. He then proceeds to share what he is often asked about when it concerns WWE CEO, Vince McMahon.

‘Take what you see on television and then you amp it up in real-life’ – The Undertaker

He said never to say never when it comes to competing again, but it wasn’t likely. Michelle said it was difficult for her to explain the relationship between Vince and (Mark). Calloway’s son is named Gunner Vincent (for a reason). She says that she believes they would both take a bullet for each other. Calloway can’t think of anyone that has been more influential in his life than his father. But if there were one other person it would be Vince McMahon.

Taker was the guy that always was by Vince’s side. Taker was the guy that Vince ran with. – Batista

Undertaker The Last Ride Chapter 2

Undertaker wasn’t afraid to barge in and talk to Vince about something that wasn’t right. He stands alone that way. – Bret Hart

Glen Jacobs (Kane) shares that he believes a great deal of Vince’s allegiance to The Undertaker stems from Calloway remaining with the company in particular during the Monday Night Wars. While talent continued to leave the promotion, The Undertaker remained. He remained loyal to his company.

We then see a worked shoot promo delivered by The Undertaker years ago in which he states that he remained with the promotion when everyone else left. Jacobs shares that Vince is the kind of person that if you are loyal to him, he is loyal to you.

The Undertaker (Mark Calloway) is the most loyal performer I have ever dealt with. And he is the kind of man that you would want to literally enter a foxhole with you. – Vince McMahon.

Calloway on his relationship with Vince.

I love Vince to death. I would take a bullet for the man. Honestly, I would. Yes, he’s my boss, my friend, he’s been like a dad, he’s been like a brother. He’s been all of it to me. I have gone through some really harrowing personal issues in my life. And I kind of let them take over who I am as a person. The problems just became so monumental that I didn’t really care about anything else. – Mark Calloway

We see a very introspective look at Calloway from how McMahon has stood by him. Calloway shares about how much Vince means to him. When McMahon’s asked about what The Undertaker means to him and the WWE, we see an overwhelmed Vince McMahon unable to keep his emotions in check.

We are brought into a meeting where the cameras are asked to leave. The Undertaker is asked about his health, and he is forthcoming in that if he doesn’t get back in the ring, he would be fine. He does say he’ll train. But it was more out of loyalty to a friend. Calloway shares that he believes his tank is empty. Mark almost took McMahon’s agreement in essence as a ‘challenge’.

Undertaker The Last Ride Chapter 2

The Redemption

Four Months Later

At the Royal Rumble, The Undertaker is backstage and speaking with Ric Flair and Kurt Angle. We then see Undertaker watching AJ Styles and says that as he’s watching him compete, he was one guy that he would have loved to have worked with. Calloway shares that Styles reminds him of a great deal of Shawn (Michaels). He was there to support watching his wife Michelle McCool backstage.

After the Royal Rumble, Mark says that Vince had asked him what he thought about having a match with (John) Cena at WrestleMania. He didn’t give it much thought until he rewatched his match with Roman Reigns. He wasn’t proud of that match. We then see a ring assembled for The Undertaker in a local mechanic shop. Calloway is running the ropes and taking bumps. February 25th, 2018 Michelle McCool records his preparation and training. Once he is done, he says, ‘I’ll see you in New Orleans’. The Undertaker was coming back! It was during the show that he sent his video to McMahon. Michelle McCool said that that we will do everything we can to get you as ready as we can.

Undertaker The Last Ride Chapter 2

The Redemption

Four Weeks Before WrestleMania

He said that when he began training, he was over 300 lbs. and needed to get him working on his cardio. Harry Shaw the owner of Lakeway Elite Fitness shares that they are giving Calloway time to warm up. To have him warm-up was more crucial than actually working out once his body is ready. He is thinking about the ebb and flow of a match and how he needs to ensure that his cardio is there. The Undertaker says that he wants to have more than just a better match and wants to steal the show and have “THE match.” We see The Undertaker struggles while doing planks.

Lakeway CrossFit

Calloway is then shown training at Shaw’s Gym doing everything from carrying weights to pushing monster truck tires. Throughout this entire session, we can see McCool there alongside him pushing and supporting him along the way. We then flashback to March 12th, 2018 to John Cena speaking about how when he fails, he gets back up puts a smile on his face to kick ass the next day. But when The Undertaker fails, he hides his head in the sand never to be seen from again because he is so ashamed and embarrassed about what people will say about him. Cena said that Taker is not too old, not to washed up, and not too broken down because if he was then he wouldn’t be posting workout videos on Michelle’s Instagram.

John Cena discusses the significance of telling this story

Cena shares that storytelling is the most important thing, and that with this story they needed to bring back The Undertaker. John Cena asks the audience, “Do you want The Undertaker to kick his a** at WrestleMania?” To that fans are cheering in jubilation that this IS what they want. Cena then challenges The Undertaker asking him for one more match.

Undertaker The Last Ride Chapter 2

The Redemption

Two Weeks Until WrestleMania

A couple of weeks before McCool and Calloway are running through the steps with Primo Colon and simulate a match. Colon says Undertaker lost 30 lbs. and that he was moving better than he was before. Calloway shares that it all must pay off at WrestleMania for any of this training and preparation to mean anything at all.

Undertaker The Last Ride Chapter 2

The Redemption

New Orleans – The Night Before WrestleMania

He arrives by private plane and is settling in sharing about how he gathered his own thoughts. Calloway says that this is the best he’s felt since the first WrestleMania match with Shawn Michaels. He said this performance is about his own pride and the legacy he wants to leave behind him before anything else. Calloway also shared theories about his return including one as the American badass since Kid Rock joined the WWE Hall of Fame the night before. He states that the next day (WrestleMania) could be his last match.
They mentioned Cena and The Undertaker’s last match was in 2003 which was their one and only match.

Undertaker The Last Ride Chapter 2

The Redemption

WrestleMania 34 – April 8th, 2018

He reflects that there is a concerted effort to keep everything under wraps. Even his arrival at the arena was a well-kept secret. As WrestleMania takes place, we can see The Undertaker warming up on a rowing machine to elongate the muscles. He wanted to leave fans thinking that he has a lot left in the tank. We see a much trimmer and slimmer Undertaker ready to perform. With Cena awaiting looking disappointed the familiar gong is heard and fans celebrate the arrival of The Deadman.

Upon his entrance, Cena is in shock and awe at facing one another at WrestleMania. The Undertaker takes the fight to John Cena who wiped out the franchise player in convincing fashion. The Undertaker came in and completely cleaned house. It was a performance that many were proud of this night. He shared that he didn’t have to do anything he normally would have to do. Taker once again hugged Vince and thanked him after the match. He is stopped by Roman Reigns who says to him that he looks great. To which the Undertaker says, ‘I feel so bad about last year it bothers me’. We see an embrace between Cena and The Undertaker after the match.

Post-match, The Undertaker reflects of his bout with John Cena. What does he do next? He asks the question does he want to go – again? At that point, he shares that he doesn’t know because he couldn’t give an honest answer.

The Next Chapter –

He continues to look for that one match that he can finally hang his hat on and call it a career. We see him travel to the Middle East, and face Degeneration X. It was another disappointing performance that he must relive.

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