Turner Classic Movie Ran Gorgeous George Footage

Turner Classic Movie (TCM) cable channel ran, with opening and closing narrative, the classic Let the Good Times Roll music documentary on rock’s architects like Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Fats Domino, and more. During the 1959 #1 hit song “Charlie Brown” as sung by The Coasters, used lot of Gorgeous George match footage. It included; pre-bout shenanigans with his male valet and him in a women’s hair salon for those famous publicity photos. There was also newsreel footage images of him having his hair professionally curled coifed.

If you know the lyrics to the song, “Charlie Brown…he’s a clown…I smell heat in the auditorium,” it was pretty funny now thinking of that song in a pro wrestling context. The documentary had a big theatrical run and has been touted as the most incredible rock music documentary of all time. With so many great ones produced over the years on the Beatles, Led Zeppelin to Beyonce, and hip hop greats. And for our Canadian family, on Rush, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, and other superstars.

Turner Classic Movie Ran Gorgeous George Documentary

It is very cool that arguably the most influential ‘performing’ wrestler. With both Lou Thesz hooker/shooter or Buddy Rogers worker, in-ring general type legends notwithstanding in terms of heel mannerisms. This was an overall act that drew heat and money. He had all the bleached hair that followed for decades. His extravagant robes, and staying in gimmick 24/7, and more were discussed by TCM’s lead host, Ben Mankowitz, who comes from Hollywood royalty himself. The program proved to be one fans of the legend would soon not forget.


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