Triple H & Mick Foley: WWE Untold I Am The Game Review

Triple H and Mick Foley were no strangers to each other by the year 2000. Both men have had countless matches with each other in the years prior to 2000. This was a moment in time where Triple H wanted to be a marquee guy for WWE. Triple H began the game character in July of 1999 in an interview with J.R. Triple H would say that ” it wasn’t until the following week seeing the signs and thinking I just hit something gold. As a result, the feud took place.

Looking at his storyline with Stephanie Triple H said, “she was so enamored with every aspect of the business, her passion for it was infectious”. Stephanie talked about working with triple H.” to have him teaching me and giving me the time to really explain at the time why he’s doing certain things because it’s all strategic”.

Triple H talks about the Steph relationship storyline leading into the Mick Foley matches. Triple H talks about if he had to pick a one-time frame in his life where the big shift happened for him it’s the beginning of 2000. Stephanie says “there is nobody more giving of their body for our business than Mick”. Triple H had high praise for Mick Foley saying “Mick is one of the most unique characters and performers that I’ve ever been in the ring with”.

Triple H talks about the matches he had with Mankind when he was doing his Hunter Hearst Helmsley character saying “I felt like we always had this chemistry together we could create some magical things”.

Mick Foley had some problems with injuries in 1999 because of some of the bumps foley’s taken. Foley was looking for one last program. Mick said, “I had written some pretty large checks and my body was cashing them in all at the same time”. Foley was having trouble getting around and didn’t want to be seen doing less. Mick talks about Vince agreeing to let him go for the sake of his health.

Austin’s injury in 1999 meant plans had to change. “Mr McMahon had a meeting with me and Hunter and asked us what we thought of the possibility of working together to fill in that gap”.

Mick talks about the questions at the time of if Triple H could Triple H hang at the top of the roster. Mick talks about how he needed Triple H. Foley has said: “I didn’t want to be the guy with the sock”. Foley talks about wanting to go out at the top.

Mick talks about the reveal of Triple H’s opponent at the Royal Rumble being Cactus Jack.

Triple H talks about the aura of Catcus Jack “this is the most vicious sadistic destroyer”. Mick talks about Triple H bringing out the best in him.

Triple H talks about knowing they were going into the garden “we knew we were going to make something special”. Stephanie talks about knowing this was the biggest match in Triple H’s career. Triple H says”you know you are going to war and you have to approach it with that mentality”. Mick talks about trying to have the best match they can. Foley talks about suplexing Triple H on the wooden pallet and this is one thing he’d change. Mick talks about his bang-bang catchphrase being inspired by B 52’s song love shack. Triple H talks about the barbed wire 2×4 “the shifting of the crowd to a different level of oh my god”.

Mick talked about using the barbed wire “no one’s likely to get injured just a couple of puncture wounds”. They talk about upping the ante to get people in awe of Cactus Jack. Triple H talks about watching old deathmatches and wanting to put a story to that.

Triple H and Mick Foley: Bound by Barbed Wire

Helmsley tells a story about this being the first Pay Per View main event they came to. “My parents are in the front row there’s a moment after the barbed wire comes out where mick clotheslines me over the top rope, as I hit the guard rail I look up and there’s my mom blubbering”. Mick is overjoyed with the match and reliving his old days. Foley talks about kicking out of the pedigree and knowing the only way to up the ante is to do this on thumbtacks. Mick remembers thinking” I could lose an eye here but think of the pop”

After the match, we see footage of a bloodied Triple H on the doctor’s table. The footage shows Triple H asking for someone to go and tell his parents at ringside he’s ok. They talk about the second match being in the Cell.  Triple H talks about the emotion behind it and keeping it professional.

Triple H talks about how “Hell in A Cell was almost mythical at that time”. Steph talks about looking at the Cell and thinking “you’re going to do what”. Triple H talks about “it has to be real to you when you’re going out there”. Mick talks about wanting to start with something big to get going. Mick talks about trying to hit his elbow with the chair leading to him consequently breaking his nose during the move. They show footage of Mick throwing the steel stairs at Triple H breaking the cell structure. Mick talks about this getting a reaction from the crowd.

Triple H and Mick Foley: Hell in A Cell

Mick talks about wanting to climb the Cell one more time. Triple H talks about the story and wanting to subvert the audience. Mick “We had an exciting match one that came close to setting the standards we did a month earlier”. Triple H talks about a conversation about fire in the match. Mick would attempt to piledriver Triple H on the Barbed wire 2×4 that’s on fire until Triple H would hit the backdrop sending Mick through the cell. Triple H talks about the moment Mick crawls out of the dent in the ring they’ve made.

Mick talks about it being crazy that 20 years later they’re speaking about this match. Triple H comments ” there’s nothing more in my career that elevated me to another level than those two matches with Foley”. Although Foley lost he’d be in WrestleMania 2000s main event. At the end of the documentary, Triple H says his overall legacy is his daughters.