Tournament Time | Coming Up NXT UK 10/1/20 | Preview

In two short weeks, NXT UK has re-lit the fire that is wrestling’s best-kept secret. With notable clashes across the men’s and women’s division of the brand. But as the UK brand continues to bring out the best in one another, the announcement of the NXT UK Heritage Cup will create moments for a lifetime. Eight men, one beautiful trophy…it’s TOURNAMENT TIME. This is the NXT UK preview for 10/1/20 Tournament Time!

Tournament Time | Coming Up NXT UK 10/1/20
The Opening Contest

When NXT UK announced The Heritage Cup, the intriguing eyes of the wrestling world were curious. The rules of this very rich competition, high caliber competitors. The names of the combatants were revealed. The match-ups were picked. We’re in store for a good showing. And Noam Dar vs. Alexander Wolfe is one match that has classic written all over it.

Wolfe, like many NXT UK stars, has been out of action for months. But between his history before NXT and even during his Imperium tenure, the Hatchet Man is a wildcard in this tournament. Compared to Noam Dar, who gave us glimpses of what made him great in the WWE Cruiserweight Classic years ago. And who can forget two weeks ago vs. Ilja Dragunov? This will be an impressive opener.

Wolfe’s bruising style and brash ability versus Dar’s escape-ability and fluid-motion. These two men may give us an early Match of the Tournament contender. Will Wolfe continue to reign down the way of Imperium on NXT UK? Or will the daft Dar regain his winning ways? And how will the element of special guest referee Pete Dunne change this dynamic match-up?

Tournament Time

Tournament Time | NXT UK 10/1/20
The Wildcard

As seen on last week’s edition of NXT UK, all the matches have been set except one. The man who will face Trent Seven. So to decide this, the Assistant to the General Manager Sid Scala announced an epic three-way match for this week.

But who will be added to the mix? Could we see Ridge Holland return to the brand after a dominant showing in the States on NXT? Will Eddie Dennis, fresh from speaking with Pretty Deadly about unknown matters, be involved? Can we see the ‘Iron King’ himself Mark Coffey reappear?

While there are many choices that can be made, this match is set to be the most intriguing. This has to be the sure-fire main event of the evening. Who will be in the match? Who will stand tall? And are they ready for the leader of the Trent Seven Army?


Tag Team Turmoil

Also, as seen over the past few weeks, the NXT UK Tag Team division has been hotter than ever. Pretty Deadly gained a big win over The Hunt on last week’s show. And the champs Wolfgang and Joe Coffey of Gallus took out Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams two weeks ago in an impressive showing.

But with no challengers in sight for the Gallus Boys, will we get another feature bout on this week’s show? With one of the deepest divisions in wrestling today, all the teams will be gunning for an opportunity. Will Imperium come back to NXT UK looking to become the first-ever team to ever hold the NXT and NXT UK Tag Team Championships? Can the upstart team of Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter become the new Cinderella story of the division? Or could former underdogs turned champions Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews become the next challengers? Hopefully, on this week’s show, we find out!

Tournament Time

Tournament Time | NXT UK 10/1/20
Next Woman Up

The absolute brawl between the NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray and the challenger Piper Niven last week saw Ray walking (barely) out as champion. But we now beg the question: who will be the next to step up?

Would it be the woman who sat front row at the end of last week’s episode, the Fashionista Jinny? From PROGRESS to Rev Pro, Jinny has dominated the women’s landscape all over Europe. But is it high time one of the longest-tenured women on the NXT UK brand come for the title next? Maybe we can get our answer on this week’s edition.

That was Coming Up NXT UK for 10/1/20. Make sure to tune in this Thursday at 8 PM BST (3 PM EST) for another exciting edition of NXT UK, only on the WWE Network!


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