To The Victor Goes The Spoils | Coming Up NXT UK 11/26/20 | Preview

Bust out the stuffing and present the turkey! It’s Thanksgiving! And for some that includes football, family, and fun. But for the NXT UK brand, it means feverous, fearless fighting, between the men and women of the hottest brand in the wrestling world. One F is missing on this holiday occasion: fashionable. As in Jinny who subsequently cost Piper Niven her chance to become the new NXT UK Women’s Champion after a chair shot heard round the world and a crash into a table became her end. Will Jinny answer for her crimes against the fiery Scottish superstar? Also, will the former NXT Tag Team Champions finally get their hands on the new and improved The Hunt and their ringmaster Eddie Dennis? This is Coming Up NXT UK for Thursday, November 26, 2020: To The Victor Goes The Spoils!


To The Victor

To The Victor… | Coming Up NXT UK 11/26/20 Cruiserweight Challenge

Jordan Devlin has made it clear to the world: he is the true NXT Cruiserweight Champion of the world. No ifs and buts about it. But while Devlin has put the superstars of 205lbs on notice, it’s the brand of NXT UK that currently wants a shot at the title. Official or not, the Irish Ace wants a challenge for his title. 

In steps Amir Jordan. He pointed out his tag partner Kenny Williams challenged first is currently injured. But he’s ready to go. And while that may cause a rift between the two superstars, ultimately Jordan gets his first title opportunity. Can Amir complete one of the biggest upsets in WWE history? Or will the Irish Ace continue his brash run as the NXT Cruiserweight Champion?

To The Victor

         To The Victor… | Coming Up NXT UK 11/26/20            The Finals

Trent Seven has been apart of the NXT UK brand since it’s inception. And he is no stranger to big matches. A Takeover headliner on both NXT brands. A former NXT Tag Team Champion. And a member of the illustrious British Strong Style. Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate both hold rights as former NXT UK Champions. Seven has merely regulated in being the standard-bearer to the brand. 

A-Kid is the cinderella story of this tournament. Defeating two veterans of the brand, he now takes on Tyler Bate’s own mentor in the finals of the NXT UK Heritage Cup tournament.

There is an old saying, that if you are not first, your last. And with this being the first edition of the tournament, who will be the first-ever to etch their name into the history books. Will A-Kid cap off an amazing run in a brutal month-long tournament? Or will Trent Seven finally earn his place next to his BSS brethren and solidify his name in history as the first-ever holder of the Heritage Cup?

All this and more, including more on Rampage Brown’s next challenger. The unsolved matter on what General Manager Johnny Saint or his assistant, Sid Scala, will do next when it comes to the NXT UK Tag Team and NXT UK Championships. And we hope to hear from the Fashionista on her next move since her interference in the NXT UK Women’s Championship match! It’s another hard-hitting, turkey filled edition of NXT UK worth the watch on the WWE Network Thursday at 8 PM BST (3 PM EST)!


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