TNT IGNition Presents High Voltage 2021

TNT IGNition Presents High Voltage 2021. On Sunday, November 28, TNT Wrestling’s “IGNition” show will be hosting their first-ever “High Voltage” event. IGNition, TNT’s all-ages alternative to their adult-oriented “extreme” show, has, in the past, seen a number of internationally-known wrestlers step through their curtains, such as El Phantasmo and the legendary Scott Hall, as well as their own brand of incredible independent talent such as Scotty Rawk and Soner Dursun.

“TNT is so exciting because it offers something for everyone,” said TNT press officer Ben McCurry. “If you want a more hardcore product, there’s TNT Extreme, but for a family-oriented show, you have IGNition.”

This Sunday’s High Voltage is IGNition’s last show for the 2021 calendar year, and given the imminent incredible matches, TNT is truly going off into the new year, showing fans that the brand truly harbors “something for everyone.”

Scott Oberman (shown on the left) puts his TNT IGNITION Championship on the line against Kameron Solas (shown on the right) [Photo: TNT Extreme Wrestling]

TNT IGNition Presents High Voltage 2021
Kameron Solas vs. Scott Oberman
(TNT IGNITION Championship)

An over two-year-long feud meets its potential climax as TNT IGNition Champion Scott Oberman faces Kameron Solas in a title match. After Solas won TNT IGNition’s flagship title at the promotion’s All Eyes On Me event this past August, it swiftly changed hands thanks to an opportunistic Oberman utilizing and cashing in a title shot earned earlier this year.

This past Halloween’s Little Show of Horrors saw the team of Solas and Tom Thelwell defeat Oberman and JJ Webb. Could Solas’s recent victory over Oberman be foreshadowing a title change this upcoming Sunday? The Liverpool native won’t accept any other outcome, as not only will another title-loss to Oberman be on his record if he is pinned.

In a Last Woman Standing match, Gia Adams (shown on the left) faces off against Taonga (shown on the right) [Photo: TNT Extreme Wrestling]

TNT IGNition Presents High Voltage 2021
Taonga vs. Gia Adams
(Last Woman Standing)

Taonga and Gia Adams have come face-to-face a total of six times throughout the UK independent scene since late 2019. Of those six matches, Adams has won five. Most recently, the two-faced off at last month’s Little Show of Horrors, where Taonga lost to the two-time and current BWR Women’s Champion due to disqualification.

In order to finally end their two-year-long rivalry, Taonga and Adams will wrestle in a Last Woman Standing match, removing the potential for any disqualifications. Will Adams continue her winning streak in TNT? Or will Taonga be able to overcome the “hardest hitting lass from the NE” and pick up her first win in the promotion?

In an elimination tag team match, Shrenrg (shown on the left) faces off against Big Guns Joe (shown in the center) and The Baldy A**holes (shown on the right) [Photo: TNT Extreme Wrestling]

TNT IGNition Presents High Voltage 2021
ShreNRG vs. The Baldy A**holes

The recent alliance between Shreddybrek and Anderson Daniels and Troy Ryan of Sinergy has taken the TNT world by storm over the last few months. Since first teaming up at TNT’s All Eyes On Me event this past August, the three men have yet to lose a match together.

Their teamwork and experience with one another may pose a serious challenge for the Baldy A**holes, Simon Miller and Brian Aidenson, as neither man in the past has teamed with their respective third man, Big Guns Joe.

In fact, the only time Joe has met either man in the ring was at last year’s IGNite The Fire event, where Miller defeated him! The last time Shreddybrek teamed with Sinergy, they defeated the Baldy Assholes and their chosen partner, RP Davies.

Yet, as demonstrated by their showing at Little Show of Horrors, we do know that the team of Miller and Aidenson are capable of defeating the duo of Ryan and Daniels. Only time will tell, however, how they operate in trios action alongside Big Guns Joe.

What Else To Expect

  • Ultra X Champion Scotty Rawk in action.
  • Promising young up-and-comer JJ Webb faces Level Up Briefcase winner Tom Thelwell.
  • Chase Alexander and Leon Gray look to address and settle their issues after their confrontation at Little Show of Horrors.
  • A VIP-only match featuring international star Aurora Teves and TNT regular, Hannah Taylor.

*card subject to change*

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