TLC 2009 | WWE Sunday Night RetroView

On December 13th, 2009, WWE presented the first edition of Tables, Ladders, and Chairs TLC 2009. The event took place at the AT&T Centre in San Antonio, Texas. At TLC 2009, the first match on the card was for Extreme Champion Wrestling Championship. The event was special in that it took the traditional match and separated it over three different matches leading to one interesting event. We witnessed championship matches, title changes and a solid night of action throughout.

ECW Championship
Ladders Match
Christian (c) vs ‘The Gold Standard’ Shelton Benjamin

Benjamin came to the ring first, followed by the champion, Christian. The strategy for the match is pretty simple. The match’s object is to set up a ladder, climb it, and retrieve the title. Simple enough? As always, the challenge is to ensure that you are able to ensure your opponent is incapacitated. Early in the match, Christian attempts to get the upper hand, but Benjamin has him stopped. This led to Benjamin eventually gaining a momentary advantage over Christian. With both men outside, Benjamin gains that advantage over the champion. Benjamin folds up the ladder and attempts to drag it into the ring only to have Christian hit a springboard dropkick onto the challenger.

Christian then proceeds to climb the ladder, but the challenger leaps onto the ladder after landing on his feet from a monkey flip. The champion thwarts his efforts and tosses him outside of the ring. Early on, the wounds of war can see the ladder lands on Christian’s face cutting him next to his eye. As a medic is attempting to stop the bleeding at ringside, Benjamin comes up and attempts to open it up even further. Benjamin then climbs the ladder, and the champion takes him down. The challenger and champion then both climb the ladder on the outside, but Benjamin hits a Swanton off the top of the ladder onto Christian.

The match continues on the outside, with both Benjamin and Christian tearing apart the ringside area. Benjamin then proceeds to set up the ladder between the ring and the announce table. Christian then brings the challenger back inside the ring as two different ladders come into play.

‘Climb the ladder…take the title’
– Matt Striker

Benjamin is then whipped face-first into a ladder positioned into the corner. The challenger then attempts a splash but has the ladder tossed at him while he was in mid-air. Christian attempts to climb the ladder, but Benjamin stops it and hits a reverse spin kick.  The challenger then sets up the ladder and begins to climb it. However, Christian then stops it and hits a reverse DDT off the ladder. Christian then slowly begins to climb. However, Benjamin climbs the turnbuckle, who then uses the ropes like a cat. He then uses the ladder like a pendulum to tilt him way onto Christian.

Benjamin then climbs, but Christian comes back and proceeds to climb over the challenger. The challenger then hits a power slam off the ladder. He follows this up with a splash onto Christian, who is leaning up against the ladder in the corner. Benjamin sets up the ladder once again and attempts to retrieve the belt, but he is left hanging from the belt from the strap. Christian then pushes him off. However, the champion is then caught in the same position as the challenger. Benjamin then attempts a powerbomb off the ladder, but Christian reverses it mid-air.

The two men are battling one another on the ring apron. Christian then climbs the ladder and hits a frog splash onto Benjamin onto the prone ladder.  The champion then climbs the ladder slowly but surely while the challenger lays outside on the floor. Christian unhooks the title and retains it.

Winner: And Still ECW Champion, Christian

TLC 2009
WWE Intercontinental Championship

John Morrison (c) vs Drew McIntyre

The lead-in for this match had McIntyre holding a pinfall win over Morrison in the past. Early on in the match, it is a back and forth battle between champion and challenger. Morrison proceeds to follow the challenger to the outside, but it costs him. McIntyre tosses the champion back into the ring and proceeds to beat down the champion. A short-arm clothesline by McIntyre takes down Morrison that he quickly follows up with a pinfall attempt. Morrison attempts to fight back, but the challenger is proving to be too strong for him. McIntyre reverts back to a rest hold to wear on Morrison. The champion then begins to fight back. However, a big boot by McIntyre quickly stops Morrison’s comeback.

TLC 2009
Photo / WWE / Whatculture

McIntyre works on the arm and shoulder of Morrison at this time. Morrison begins to fight back and hits a tilt a whirl DDT on the challenger! ‘The Chosen One’ appears to be far from chosen as he slowly makes his way to his feet. Morrison begins to hit a flurry of punches and knee strikes on the challenger. The champion hits a missile dropkick from the top rope and follows up with a pinning attempt. McIntyre catches Morrison and hits a reverse slingshot onto the champion face-first onto the mat. The challenger is then hit with a dropkick leading to him falling outside of the ring. Morrison then follows to the floor and hits a par-cor dropkick onto the challenger. John Morrison hits starship pain with both men in the ring, but the challenger’s foot is under the rope.

Morrison is pulled off the challenger and poked in the eye without the referee seeing it. McIntyre then hits a double underhook DDT for the pinfall and the win!

Winner: AND NEW Intercontinental Champion, Drew McIntyre

After the match, Mr. McMahon congratulates the new champion while Josh Matthews interviews McIntyre after the matchup. He is asked if he is surprised, and he says that he wasn’t surprised but that it is rather inevitable. McIntyre is then interrupted by Sheamus, who says that McIntyre isn’t the only one that will leave TLC 2009 as a champion.

TLC 2009
WWE Women’s Championship
Michelle McCool (c) vs Mickie James

They run down the lead up to arguably one of the distasteful storylines involving women in WWE history. As soon as the bell rings, James makes the charge after McCool. They lock up, and James and McCool battle around the ringside area. The two women stare each other down, and James is relentless in her attack on McCool. James tries a pinning combination along with a bridge but to no avail. McCool has James positioned and backs her into the corner turnbuckle. Michelle McCool has a rear chinlock on James and then proceeds to rub her face into the mat. McCool resumes the rear chinlock once again. James attempts to fight back, but McCool has the answer.

James fights back again, but McCool once again stops her with a side backbreaker. Mickie James is whipped into the corner turnbuckle and then tossed into the side barricade on the outside. McCool is then caught with a Lou Thesz Press and a headscissors takedown. James then climbs the top turnbuckle and is knocked off by Layla. However, that distraction led to a massive kick knocking James down. She makes the pinfall for the three count and the win at TLC 2009.

Winner: And Still WWE Women’s Champion, Michelle McCool

TLC 2009
WWE Championship
Tables Match
John Cena (c) vs Sheamus

A video package before the match led to how this all came about. We see Mark Cuban’s involvement was heavily a part of the video package. Justin Roberts announces the match stipulation along with the introduction of Sheamus followed by the champion, John Cena. The bell rings, signaling the start of the match. Cena attacks Sheamus and brings the fight to him, driving the Dublin-born Sheamus from turnbuckle to turnbuckle. Sheamus drives fist after fist onto the head of Cena. The champion struggles to make it to his feet as Sheamus leaves the ring in search of a table. However, the champion recovers and comes right after the challenger! Sheamus is driven headfirst into the announce table time and time again.

The challenger recovers and begins to beat down on the champion once again. However, the champion reverses a whip outside, leading to Sheamus landing into the steel steps. Cena slowly recovers and takes out a table from under the ring. As he sets it up outside the ring, he then proceeds to pick up Sheamus and lay him on the table. Cena climbs the top turnbuckle, but the challenger slips off of the table and staggers away. The two men play a game of cat and mouse. It was until the mouse (Sheamus) catches Cena with stomp after stomp as he tries to make his way back in the ring. Sheamus picks up Cena and hits a running power slam on the mat.

Cena rolls away to the ring apron.

With Cena staggering on the ring apron, Sheamus drives fist after fist on the champion. Cena recovers and attempts an Attitude Adjustment from inside the ring to the outside on the table. Sheamus and Cena continue their battle on the outside. The challenger believes he has the advantage only to have Cena recover. Sheamus then attempts to powerbomb Cena through the table, but that is averted. Cena then suplexes the challenger.

Cena had the presence of mind to reverse that suplex attempt
– Matt Striker

Cena carries the table and attempts the slam the folded table onto the prone Sheamus. The two men fight in the crowd. The champion hits a clothesline on Sheamus over the rail and onto the ringside area. Cena then proceeds to set up the table around the ringside area.  Sheamus then catches Cena with the Irish Curse Kick (later called the Brogue Kick). The scars of battle are all over Sheamus as his right shoulder looks bruised following a beating. Sheamus then sets up the table in the corner and picks up Cena. However, Cena reverses it and goes for an STF and then a series of shoulder tackles. Cena then goes for the five knuckle shuffle and hits it. Sheamus then throws the table to the floor. Cena then drags Sheamus to one side of the ring.

The champion then takes the table set up outside the ring back in the ring. He then begins to set it up in the ring. Cena then picks up the lifeless body of Sheamus and attempts a Super Attitude Adjustment through a table.  Sheamus knocks  Cena off him and to the floor. However, Sheamus is sitting on the top rope still, and Cena recovers. He attempts a suplex, but Sheamus pushes Cena off him and through the table at TLC 2009!

John Cena vs. Sheamus - WWE TLC 2009: WWE Championship Tables Match | WWE
Photo / WWE
Winner: And NEW WWE Champion, Sheamus

After the match, a shocked Cena attempts to regain his bearings. Fans were either booing or cheering his performance at TLC 2009.

World Heavyweight Championship
Chairs Match
The Undertaker (c) vs Batista

A video package airs of the history between the two men leading to this match. We witness the attack by Batista on The Undertaker with a chair and then the world championship. Tony Chimmel goes through the rules before the match begins. The arrival of Batista follows this. As Batista arrives, the camera pans around to chairs that are suspended near the entranceway. The slow walk follows this to the ring and the announcement of the World Champion, The Undertaker. Michael Cole shares about the past between The Undertaker and Batista and how that has led to this matchup.

As soon as the bell rings, Batista immediately slips out of the ring seeking a chair. Eventually, both men make their way back in the ring, and The Undertaker takes charge. Once again, both men work their way to the outside area, with The Undertaker taking the fight to Batista. However, Batista blocks an attempted chair shot with a boot. Both men continue to battle on the outside of the ring. The Undertaker whips Batista over the barricaded area near the timekeeper. However, a failed attempted big boot by the Undertaker leads to Batista beating on the dead man.

Chair shot after chair shot and Batista is in control.

‘The Undertaker recovers and regains control. A leg drop on Batista, who is rest on the ring apron, is ‘vintage’ dead man. The Undertaker attempts a pin but for a count of two. Batista thwarts and attempted Old School walk by the Dead Man. The Animal takes a chair and lays it in the middle of the ring. He attempts a powerbomb, but The Dead Man reverses it into a back body drop. The two men exchange fists until Batista hits a spinebuster on The Undertaker. Batista then sets up a prone chair in the corner turnbuckle. However, The Undertaker hits a clothesline and follows that up with the old school walk. He then hits a Snakeeyes but gets caught with a spear by Batista!

The world champion looks glazed over and is hit with a spinebuster on the chair in the middle of the ring. The Undertaker locks in Hell’s Gate, but Batista manages to get to the ropes causing a break. Batista then takes a chair catches an unsuspecting Undertaker in the throat with it. However, Batista charges and drills himself in the head with a chair in the corner. The Undertaker then hits a chokeslam on Batista and follows that up with a count of two only! Batista then catches The Undertaker low with the referee distracted. A chair shot to the head of the dead man knocks him out. He follows this up with a pinfall and a win at TLC 2009!

Winner: And NEW World Heavyweight Champion, Batista

…or so we thought until SmackDown General Manager Teddy Long came out after the match. He says, and orders the match to be restarted because Batista struck The Undertaker low. The Undertaker sat up and caught Batista in the head with a chair and follows this up with a Tombstone piledriver. One…two…three.

Winner: And STILL World Heavyweight Champion, The Undertaker

After the match, Batista sits on one of the chairs at ringside, saying he doesn’t need anyone.

The commentary team discusses how far Randy Orton has pushed Kofi Kingston and how far he has come. A video package is shown of how the two men have battled back and forth with one another. It ends with the Boom Drop on the Viper. A moment that is still talked about today: we then see Kingston preparing as Cody and Ted Jr approach him before the match. They attempt to get into his head. However,  Kingston goes to Orton himself to tell him he thinks he’s a coward.

Randy Orton vs. Kofi Kingston

Orton makes his way to the ring first, followed by Kingston. The build-up to this match has been as much about elevating Kofi as it has been about maintaining Orton’s place. As the match starts off, Orton immediately locks in a side headlock and brings him down to the mat. Kingston is able to work his way out of it and into a headscissors, followed by an armbar of his own. Early on in this match, it’s clearly a feeling-out process between the two men. That was until Orton is able to lay in a couple of fists, followed by a series of stomps to Kingston, who is in the corner.

Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton: WWE TLC 2009 (Full Match) | FOX Sports
Photo / Foxsports

A scoop slam by Orton is followed up with a rear chinlock on Kingston. Both men are standing face to face in the center of the ring until Kingston fights him off. Kingston hits a side Russian leg sweep but attempts a boom drop. He is then caught with a dropkick by Orton as Kingston leaps off the top rope. Orton then drops Kingston’s ribs first along the barricade. The referee continues to count both men out until they make their way back in the ring. Orton is methodical in his beat down of Kofi. The Viper then drops Kingston’s ribs first again across the top rope. Orton continues to systematically beat down Kofi Kingston. Kicks are followed by uppercuts, much to the dismay of the fans in attendance.

‘The S.O.S from Kingston bending Orton in half’
– Michael Cole

Kingston begins to make a comeback, especially with the battered Orton resting on the mat. Kofi clotheslines’ Orton outside, then hits a dive to the floor through the ropes. Kingston’s ribs are a focal point even by him. He then hits a crossbody on Orton, who kicks out at two! Kofi hits a series of chops and follows that up with a clothesline! Kingston goes for the cover but only for a count of two. A momentary reprieve was all Orton needed. He catches Orton with his side backbreaker. Orton attempts to hit the RKO, but Kingston stops it and hits a Boom Drop of his own and then hits the trouble in paradise for a one..two…rope break!

Both men make their way to the outside, but Kingston rolls Orton back in only to get caught with his prone DDT through the ropes. Kingston blocks a punt kick with his arm as Orton kicked Kingston’s arm and shoulder in the process. Orton sees Kingston is wounded and appears to be setting up for the RKO. Kingston attempts another Trouble in Paradise but misses. Orton hits the RKO and makes the pinfall for the win at TLC 2009.

Winner: Randy Orton

Orton looks on at the wounded Kingston in the ring from the aisleway.

Batista corners Teddy Long and threatens him with a steel chair in the backstage area, and he stands there with an ice pack on his neck. Long looks terrified as Batista leaves him there at TLC 2009.

TLC 2009
Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match
WWE Unified Tag Team Championship Match
Jeri-Show (c) vs Degeneration X

Michaels & Triple H make their way to the ring first, followed by Jericho & Big Show. The bell rings as all four men face each other. All four men exchange blows with one another. Big Show and Triple H are outside the ring battling while Jericho and Micheals are exchanging blows with one another. Triple H brings out a table and proceeds to drag it by the timekeeper’s table. Big Show and Triple H proceed to battle one another up the aisleway. Jericho then sets up a table and attempts to suplex Michaels. However, both men block these attempts. Micheals and Jericho continue to battle one another. Shawn attempted an elbow from the top, only to be stopped by Jericho’s knees at TLC 2009.

Big Show and Triple H continue to battle on the ramp and aisleway. However, Jericho hits a back body drop on the steel ramp. Jericho and Micheals begin to fence using chairs! The Big Show later catches Michaels with a shoulder tackle. The champions begin to make their way to the ring. Big Show is moving slowly, passing the ladder into the ring. Triple H then begins to hammer away on Jericho. The Game then uses the ladder onto Jericho’s absorbs it into his ribs. Both Michaels and Triple H work over Jericho while preventing Big Show from coming back in here. They use the ladder to wipe out a standing Big Show on the ladder. The ladder is being now set up in the middle of the ring.

Triple H is helpless.
– Michael Cole

The Big Show feverishly comes in and thwarts the climbing attempt. Both Jericho and Big Show regain control. Big Show and Jericho then raise their arms in celebration as it is the beginning of the end. Jericho then drops fists across the head and chest of the competitors. Both Michaels and Triple H appear to be done. Triple H appears to be stirring and avoids The Big Show. Triple H then uses the ladder to take out Jericho and Big Show. He hits a DDT on Big Show. Shawn Michaels hits his an elbow but is then caught with a codebreaker by Jericho. Triple H hits a spinebuster which is met with a spear by the Big Show. Big Show is looking up at the belts.

Will the champions retain?
Page 4 - Ranking the Main Events In TLC PPV History
Photo / Sportskeeda / WWE

He then proceeds to set up the ladder and then begins to climb the ladder step by step. The chair doesn’t stop him from him becoming irrate and punches the ladder. Big Show is then caught with a pedigree with an assist by Shawn Michaels. Michaels sets up the ladder and proceeds to climb it until Jericho pushes him off. This gave Chris Jericho an opportunity to climb the ladder. Jericho fights off Triple H. However, Triple H hits a powerbomb on Jericho off the ladder. Big Show comes in and then hits a chokeslam on Big Show.

The Big Show wipes out the ladder and then begins to pound on Triple H. The champions then set up a ladder and the use of a chair is struck time and time again. Michaels is lifted up and much like Triple H is tossed outside the ring. Jericho can’t climb the ladder so Michaels and Jericho get caught with a superkick.  This causes Jericho to fall outside the ring. Another superkick is struck taking out the Big Show this time. Michaels goes outside the ring and picks up half of a ladder. He passes it to Triple H who sets up half of a ladder allowing Michaels to climb the ladder rung by rung. Michaels detaches them leading to new WWE Unified Tag Team Champions

Winners: And New WWE Unified Tag Team Champions, Degeneration X

After the match, we recall the moments of the match including how new champions were crowned at TLC 2009.