Ringside Wrestling Fall Brawl Results | Thryllin’ Thoughts

Ringside Wrestling Fall Brawl Results

I’m happy to give the Ringside Wrestling Fall Brawl results but also a lot more. I’ll also be giving you Thryllin’s Thoughts because let’s face it, that’s what this is all about.

To start things off Ringside Wrestling North American Champion, Cannonball Kelly and his manager Johnny 2 Fingers came out and began berating the fans and the former champ Mentallo. Known as a competitor who lets his fists and feet do the talking, Mentallo, stormed the ring and laid a beating on Cannonball Kelly.

With the rotund Cannonball down, Mentallo turned his attention to Johnny and attempted to break the only two fingers Johnny has on his right hand. But Cannonball sacrificed himself at the last second and Mentallo’s strike broke the hand of the champ instead.

Match 1: Ace Riviera vs. Mike McSugar vs. Screaming Eagle

Some might have thought Ace Riviera stole his win. With Mike McSugar being a crowd favorite and Screaming Eagle being the high-flying underdog, Ace managed to fly under the radar long enough to find his opportune moment. Ace nudged the Screaming Eagle into the ref to cause a distraction, and when the ref wasn’t looking, he kicked McSugar in the groin and got the pin and the win.

Winner: Ace Riviera by pinfall

After the first match, my soon-to-be-FORMER tag partner (more on that in a moment) Jacob Creed made his way to the ring. He planned to give my half of the Ringside Wrestling International Tag Team Titles to his BFF Dixie Dragon.

I would not allow that to happen. So naturally, I cued up Queen’s “We are the Champions” and I interrupted their illegitimate coup to steal my belt.

After assuring Creed that I’m the team captain, I took my belt back from Dragon. Just as I was telling Dragon to get out of the ring, Jeff Tyler’s music hit – another person vying for my gold.

The ring announcer created the match right then and there.

Match 2: Ringside Wrestling Tag Team Title Match – Thryllin’ Villains vs. Jeff Tyler/Dixie Dragon

Long-story-short, I started the match but then Creed tagged in and nearly lost it for us. So, as Creed was hesitating, I blind tagged myself back in, I threw Creed into Jeff Tyler and I pinned Dixie Dragon.

Since Creed was so adamant to claim the titles as his own, I thought I’d give him a taste of his own medicine. I immediately claimed myself as the new Ringside Wrestling Tag Team Champions. Needing a tag partner, I chose Jeff Tyler. I mean he was literally right there.

Winner: Thryllin’ Dylan (THAT’S ME!) via pinfall

Match 3: Tasty Travis Cole vs. Wrestling’s Smartest Man Bucky McGraw

Looking to redeem himself after an unsuccessful Ringside Wrestling debut in September, Bucky took the attack to Travis Cole. But Travis stayed calm and surprised Bucky with a roll-up for the 3-count.

Bucky did not take his second consecutive Ringside Wrestling loss with grace. He attacked Travis Cole and laid him out with modified reverse DDT Bucky refers to as the Recoil.

Winner: Travis Cole via pinfall

Match 4: Joey Vendetta & Moses Luke vs. Jack Pride & Maverick Jack

The Former Ringside Wrestling Tag Team champs were on a mission to show that they are still a tag team to be reckoned with. And they pinned the two Ringside Wrestling newcomers in what was arguably the most action-packed match of the night – that is, until the main event.

Winners: Joey Vendetta & Moses Luke via pinfall

Match 5: Ringside Wrestling North American Championship match – Cannonball Kelly with J2F vs “The Zombie Killer” Mentallo

I won’t sugar-coat this. The hate these two men seem to have for each other far outweighs their ability to have a civil match. In what was described as a “wild, chaotic brawl,” where numerous rules were broken in a fight that went all over the building, the referee ruled this match a no contest.

But, Cannonball Kelly and Johnny wanted revenge on Mentallo for breaking Kelly’s hand. They placed his head and neck inside a folding chair and were looking to cause permanent damage. At that moment, Screaming Eagle came running down to stop them. Cannonball attacked the Eagle immediately, but it gave Mentallo the opportunity to free himself from the chair.

Seemingly content with the Ringside title belt, Cannonball and J2F began to leave. But the entrance aisle was blocked by one of the only men in the locker room who’s bigger than Cannonball, Moses Luke.

Moses and Cannonball battled back into the ring until Bucky McGraw appeared out of nowhere and sucker-punched Moses. Cannonball and Bucky began beating him down. But it didn’t take long until Moses Luke’s tag partner Joey Vendetta saved him.

In summary, Ringside Wrestling Fall Brawl results were exactly that. The evening ended in a chaotic brawl.

One More Point To Make…

The last thing I want to mention is a reiteration of my victory at Ringside Wrestling Fall Brawl. I pinned Dixie Dragon. I kicked Jacob Creed out of the Thryllin’ Villains. And I named Jeff Tyler my tag team partner for our future title match.

On Friday, November 1, Thryllin’ Dylan (THAT’S ME!) will defend my tag team titles featuring Jeff Tyler as my partner. We’ll take on Jacob Creed and his BFF in a Capture The Belt match. Don’t worry about that just yet. Right now, simply feast your eyes on me.