Jacob and the Jackass | Thryllin’ Thoughts

Do I like my tag team partner Jacob Creed? No. Well, maybe. He literally refers to our team as Jacob and the Jackass. But let’s look back at the whole story before our tag title match on Friday, September 6 against Joey Vendetta and Moses Luke. This is the tale of Jacob and the Jackass.

Back in December 2018 at Ringside Wrestling’s annual Rumble match, I was eliminated by Creed. I returned the favor by coming back out at the end of the match. I slapped Creed and cost him the win in the Rumble.

Things escalated quickly after that. Creed confronted me in the dressing room and made some personal insults. I responded by spitting in his face. A lot of people saw it and reacted, including Chris Jericho (I know, right?!).

In January, Creed and I were put in a match to settle our grudge. But things turned somewhat “unprofessional” after I repeatedly struck Creed in the face with my knee and busted him open.

If you asked me at the time, it was Creed who couldn’t maintain his professionalism, and the match had to get thrown out. It certainly wasn’t my fault that Creed was upset by my physicality.

The younger generation of wrestlers are disrespectful. That’s a fact. Need I remind you that Creed calls our team Jacob and the Jackass? Creed is part of a generation of wrestlers who deem anybody who paved the way before them as irrelevant. So, after our January brawl, I promised to rid the wrestling world of guys like him. And I challenged him to a loser leaves town match.

Loser Leaves Town

On February 2, I faced Creed. The loser of this match would be forced out of Ringside Wrestling. I admit there was some controversy at the end of that match. But the result saw me get my hand raised. And Creed was forced to leave.

Two months later, Creed shocked Ringside fans when he returned just as I was about to get a win against J.C. Summers. Creed’s interference infuriated me and cost me the match.

Later that month, due to the controversy that surrounded the end of the Loser Leaves Town Match back in February, Ringside Wrestling ruled the result of the Loser Leaves Town Match null and avoid. Creed was back in Ringside Wrestling and our feud picked up again.

Jacob and The Jackass | Enemies become partners

Our next few battles only added fuel to our fire. Most recently, we faced each other in an elimination tag match to determine who would take on the Ringside Wrestling Tag Team Champions. With each of our partners eliminated, Creed and I simultaneously pinned each other. The ruling was made on the spot: Creed and Dylan would be forced to team up for a shot at the tag team titles.

That brings us to right now

We both want the tag titles, but Creed continues to disregard my advice. As Creed’s veteran by at least a decade, I have named myself team captain of our tag team. Does he listen to my advice? No.

In fact, during a recent promotional segment we filmed for Ringside Wrestling, Creed showed me more disrespect. We were barely able to get through the video shoot.

Either way, we get our tag team title shot on Friday, September 6, at Ringside Wrestling’s September to Remember IV in Regina’s German Club.

Thryllin’ Villains

We are the Thryllin’ Villains, not Jacob and the Jackass. The reality is that if Creed wants the tag team titles, it’s going to be done my way. On Friday night at September to Remember IV, I’ll show everybody exactly what I mean.