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On April 30, 2017, Alexa Bliss a former two-time SmackDown Live Women’s champion; and the newest member of Monday Night Raw was challenging Bayley for the Raw Women’s Championship at WWE Payback. This was to take place in Bayley’s hometown of San Jose, CA. A few weeks ago she made her debut on Raw; and began stirring the pot in regards to Bayley and her best friend Sasha Bank’s sickening relationship, already attempting to get under the champion’s skin. On April 11, 2017-edition of Raw Alexa Bliss defeated Nia Jax, Mickie James, and Sasha Banks in a fatal-four-way match to become the number-one contender for Bayley’s women’s championship.

Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss Payback 2017

As ‘The Goddess of WWE’ makes her entrance the crowd pops for her, despite being the Raw Women’s Champion’s’ hometown. She struts her way into the ring; appearing as confident as ever, as she waits for the arrival of her opponent. Here comes Bayley as the WWE Universe roars in excitement for their hometown girl. Her family and friends are here to share this special moment with her.

As the match begins both competitors tie up and head towards the corner, as they break things up in the corner. Alexa Bliss attempts a right hand but Bayley blocks it and starts stretching her arm Bliss reaches for the ring ropes to cause a break. Another tie up that drives the women into the corner; Bliss in her conniving ways cowers and waits for the opportunity to shove the champion. She then cockily applies a headlock and mocks the hometown crowd, as she begins the attack. Irish Whip into the corner; Bayley evades it and drops the challenger with a hard body slam and a knee drop for a quick two-count.

Bliss heads outside the ring for a breather while trash-talking the crowd saying “I don’t need this”, Bayley surprises her with a dropkick as she makes it to the ring apron…another two-count. Bayley relentlessly smashing her opponents hit into the turnbuckle; while feeding off the energy of her hometown, Bliss answers back with a stiff right hand that Michael Cole calls “sounding like a puck hitting a board”. Like a shark smelling blood; Bliss retaliates with body shots and drives Bayley’s face into the turnbuckle, all-the-while talking smack to the champion. Bliss pounds away at Bayley in the corner before attempting a one-count.

She tries to slow the action down by applying a headlock on Bayley; but the Raw Women’s champion manages to escape, she sends Bliss into the ropes but instead, Bayley gets shoved into the middle rope. The challenger gets back-to-back one-count pinfall attempts. Bliss shows off her bitter demeanor; as she drives her knee into the back of Bayley’s head against the ropes until the official breaks it up at the count of four, she answers back with a stiff kick before getting a two-count. Bliss steps on her opponent’s hair and arrogantly counts along with the official to punish Bayley, and you guessed it…another one-count. The hometown hero tries to make it to her feet but, the vicious challenger drops her down again.

Bliss now drives her foot into Bayley’s neck while yanking on her ponytail to inflict more punishment. She mocks the women’s champion while taking her back down, she applies a chin lock to weaken her opponent. Bayley starts feeding off the crowd once more; rolls out of the attack, but Bliss lands a clothesline to end the rally. Bayley rolls to the bottom rope; but that won’t stop the vindictive ‘Goddess’ as she stands on top of Bayley, while simultaneously ramping her skull into the mat and kicks her to the outside.

Bliss is so dangerous, every move she executes is calculated and designed for the sole purpose of dissecting her opponents. She meets the champion on the outside and viciously slams her head into the ring apron, all-the-while taunting the crowd. She takes her time getting back in before the ten-count, and Bayley executes a ring rope Stunner and Bliss is out. The champion is rallying now; delivering cross body blocks to Bliss, before planting her headfirst into the turnbuckle. The champ is on fire as lands two clotheslines, and elbow attacks to the challenger.

Bayley drives Alexa Bliss into the turnbuckle and runs her shoulder square into the ribs, she drops Bliss with a picture-perfect Side Suplex…and a long two-count. Bayley ascends to the top rope; to land a spinning elbow to the challenger, she sets up for the Bayley-to-Belly but Bliss counters and drives Bayley headfirst into the middle turnbuckle. The official is checking on the champion after that nasty collision, which allows Bliss to step right over her and climb to the top rope. Bayley meets her up there; attempts a risky Bayley-to-Belly but, Bliss counters and lands a Sunset Flip Powerbomb and both women are down.

Bliss brings Bayley up to her feet and asks her “why don’t you ever give up” more trash-talk, then throws her down to the mat headfirst. Bliss goes for Insult to Injury; (Standing moonsault double knee drop) but Bayley evades it and lands a stiff running knee to her face. The champion wastes no time; climbing up top to land a beautiful Bayley Elbow Drop, Bliss, however, kicks out at two, leaving Bayley and the crowd in shock. Bayley picks up a dead weight Bliss and gets slapped in return. Bayley snaps and drives Alexa Bliss back into the corner; she goes for another Sunset Flip Powerbomb but, the champion outsmarts her and sits on top to make a cover. Once Bliss kicks out the momentum drives Bayley’s skull straight into the ring post.

The finish comes when Alexa Bliss tells her “to give up” once more; Bayley rolls her up in a small package but Bliss kicks out, she lands a wicked looking DDT to get the three-count and cement her name in the record books as the new Raw Women’s Champion. The crowd gives a mixed reaction to the new champ. Alexa Bliss is now the first women in history to capture both the SmackDown Live Women’s Championship and the Raw Women’s Championship.

Winner: Alexa Bliss

Credit: ESPN

Alexa Bliss and Bayley are set to clash again next Sunday as Bliss challenges Bayley for the SmackDown Live Women’s Championship at WWE Stomping Grounds. If their next encounter is anything like their previous two, then the WWE Universe is in store for a real treat.

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