The Young Bucks Appear In Matt Hardy’s “Free The Delete”

The Young Bucks are undoubtedly one of the most talented tag teams on the planet today. These real-life brothers have graced the ring at promotions such as NJPW, Ring of Honor, AAA, and currently, AEW. Trained by Ron Rivera, Rudos Dojo and Marty Jannetty they are extremely busy and in high demand. It is clear that ALL EYES are on The Young Bucks. Among the many eyes on The Bucks is the UNKILLABLE Matt Hardy, whose contract with WWE recently expired, and, at the time of my writing, is a free agent.

Free-agent or not, Matt Hardy is half of one of the most recognizable tag teams in history, the Hardy Boyz. Matt has been thirsting for creative control over his character and is hot to find a company that will allow him to continue his genius.

Hardy has an online series called “Free the DELETE”, and it’s very existence highlights his frustrations in not being able to bring that creativity to screens across the world. In the most recent episode, (Episode 10, link attached), as it is coming to a close, we see The Young Bucks approach the Hardy Compound in an SUV. Matt says “Bucks of Youth…I KNEW YOU’D COME!”

Over the series, Matt talks about another being within him and prepares for his end. He sets his affairs in order and casts a line out…What does all this mean? One thing is certain, we will not be seeing Matt in WWE any time soon. But, where WILL he appear again?

Online theories about Matt’s future abound, but there is one I find credible over all others. If this deep, projected via podcast relationship between Matt Hardy and The Young Bucks’ relationship is as it seems, can we assume we will see Matt Hardy on AEW tonight, March 4th from Denver, CO?

Originally written by Kelley Jacobi